2013 Events
Report Bournemouth Rally Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright and Julie Revill

Setting Up 'Camp'

Another View Of The Camp

Howling Gales Do NOT Help

New Campers This Year

Our Thanks To Steve Who Provides Our Marquee

The 2013 'Wren Estate'

Relaxing Is Such Hard Work

Preparing to Raise The Marquee

Learning To 'Do' The Tunnel

Perhaps The Tallest Hat

The 'Mini' Agility Course

Welshie Outing

The Photographer Photographed

The 'Stars' of The Hollywood Theme Night

Supper Is Served By The Hollywood Ladies

The Supper Was Well Supported This Year

Quiz Night

Star Gazing - Where Are Those Meteorites ......

A VERY Serious Game Of Scrabble

'Where's My Breakfast'

Al Fresco Breakfast

Al Fresco Breakfast

Captions Please.....

Fish And Chip Night

Dinner At The Pub - One Group

Dinner At The Pub - The Other Group

Even Our 'Mr Fixits' Get Caught Out Sometimes

  Gundog Training Day Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright

Signing In

Bacon Butties Come Next

Steve Explains The Format For The Day

Fastest Recall Being Organised By Celia

Rally O In The Woods

Competitor In The Scurry

Keeping Your Dog At Heel Whilst Carrying A Tray

The oldest Welshie At 14 Years

One Of The Younger Visitors

LOVE Knows No Boundaries !

Let's Just Pretend I Am A Welshie

What Do You Want Me To Do Dad ?

Our Dedicated Supplies Team

Something Tickles Our Vice President, Maggie And Bill

A Welcome Break For Lunch

Chris Page Explains Training Of ESS & WSS

Demo Of ESS Working By Chris Hines

Julie And Her Welshie Showing WSS Training

The Trainers For The Afternoon

Awaiting The Start Of Training

One Group Listening Intently To The Trainer

........And Another Group

........And Another

..........And Another

David Blinks & His ESS Who Did A Display During The Afternoon

One Happy Participant Receives Her Prize

All Participants And Trainers


Everyone Who Attended The Day

Spring Walk Photos Courtesy  Andrew Southgate

Group Picture 

Off We Go !!! 

George, Who Organises This Walk 

One Of Our 'Other' Friends 

Our Other Little Visitor 

 Flying Welshie

On.........And On We Go 

..........And On 

............And On 

Bit Stretched Out Now 

Let's Do A Head Count From 'On High' 

Let Everyone Catch Up 

Let's Stop - Just For A Moment 


Sometimes You Just Need A Helping Hand


George's Idea Of A Level Walk

........And Down That Hill We Go

Made It Down

Yes, I Found The Lovely BLACK Mud


Almost Home Now