2012 Events
Report Bournemouth Rally Week Photos Courtesy of Ralph Wrtight, Julie Revill and Peter Revill

One Side Of The Rally Field

The Other Side Of The Field - "Wren City" !!!

Putting Up The Marquee

The Olympic Themed Supper


The Theme Was "Olympics" Can't Can't You Guess

Enjoying The Supper


No Comment !!

Origami Competition With Napkins


Even The Dog Is Laughing

Proud "Mum" With Findlay Who Gained His First CC

Walkies !

More Walkies

And More Walkies !

Interesting Advert For The Business

Lady Of The Manor

Now That Is What I Call A Breakfast

Tucking In To The 'Safari Breakfast'


We Get Together Most Evenings - With Booze !!

Trying Out Bob's Wheelchair For Size





Fish And Chip Supper





There's Always ONE !! - Poor Ralph





Watching The Closing Ceremony Of The Olympics

The Wonderful 'Cauldron' At The Olympics





Sandra & Bob Celebrate Their Golden Wedding Due October 2012






'CHEERS' Bob & Sandra




Report 25th Anniversary Weekend

Photographs Courtesy Of :
Julie Revill, Carina Arvidsson and
Ralph Wright


Decorated Hall In Honour Of Our Swedish Judge

Rosettes And Cups For The Anniversary Show

The Club Supplies

Presentation To BIS From Di Renny

Emma's Sale Of Dog Treats In Aid Of Rescue And Rehoming

Sit Down Luncheon

Superb Desserts Supplied By Janey Sutherland

Desserts Served By Their Creator Janey

Toast To The Club And The Queeen

Presentation To Our Photographer Di Renny

There are times When Size Does Matter


Pudding At The Barbeque

Some Of The Attendees

More Of The Attendees

DON'T Mess With The Secretary !!


'Signing In' For Training

Viewing The 25 years photographic Records

'Rallyo' Fun Obedience Training

Handling Training

Working Training

Trimming Demonstration

The Club Supplies Stall

Lunch Time

Our President, Doreen Bowen, with her son

ServingThe Wine

The Anniversary Cake Made By Janey Sutherland

Chairman Steve Pick and The President Cut The Cake

Toast To The Club & Queen

The Youngest Visitor Shows How To Get Attention

Dancing With Dogs

Dogs And People Collect For The Kennel Parade

Baby Puppy Walk - Judge Jackie Larmer

Bryn & Jack- BPIS & BIS with Judge Jackie Larmer

Fancy Dress

Racing With Dogs

The Scurry

Not Too Young To Have A Go At The Scurry

Winner Of The Scurry In 10.8 Seconds - Tasha

Winner of 'Guess The Weight Of The Golden Retriever' - Spot On Correct

  Some Of The Doggy Attendees    


That's Yur Lot !!!



Report Spring Walk Photos Courtesy Julie&Peter Revill & Ralph Wright

Ready For The 'Off'

A 'Family' Get Together

Our Leader 'George' Gets Us All Prepared

Off We Go !!

Off Lead Most Of The Way - Great Fun

A Short Rest

More Open Ground Here

Getting More Spread Out Now

One Dog - Two Heads

Yay.....We've reached that luverly mud !!!

I'se Coming.....Wait For Me

Our Intrepid Photographer - Ralph

Nature Does Some Very Odd Things

Mud, Mud Glorious Mud !!

Relax - Time For Tea