2010 Events

Bournemouth Camping

13th - 22nd August


Our Super New Rally Field

Sandra Who Organises The Whole Week For Us

You Can Walk For Miles From This Site


Anyone For Croquet ??

Mini Agility

More Agility

Nice Mover - The Dog I Mean !

Ball And Spoon Race - ooooooops

Recall Race - A Very Close Run Thing

Relay Race

Spectators At The Races

The Donkey Rescuers

One of Many Walks On The Common

How Did SHE Stay So Clean ??

The Youngest Campers (The Pups We Mean)

And The Oldest 14.5 years with (tired) Owner Craig


Some Gazebos Are Difficult To Put Up

Setting Up For The Supper

Balloon Girls

Pay Up Or Else !!!

Supper Is Served By Some Very Odd People

Tiger and Clown At The Supper

Supper With A Circus Theme

Pretty Masks !

Ringmaster X 2 & Clown

WARNING Do Not Get Shot From A Cannon

Profiteroles Made In The Caravan By Janey

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Pick Up Thy Gazebo And Walk

Examining Pat's Ground For Gundog Training


Gundog Training Group

  Training Day - 6th June  

The Welcome

Your Secretary Knows Her Place !!!

Our Illustrious Catering Manager

Trying Agility

Obedience Class

Trimming Workshop

A Good Retrieve At Gundog Training

A Tired Trainee

.....And The Babies Came Too

Top Gundogs

Oldest Trainee - 14 Years Young

Enjoying The Shade


More Of Those Who Attended



Report Spring Walk - 1st May

All Photos courtesy of Ralph Wright and
Julie Revill

Before We Begin

The First Rest

George Who Organised The Walk

Welshies Heading Down The Punchbowl

Some Of The Intrepid Walkers

Another Wee Rest !

We Meet Other Residents

We Are Being Watched !

A Cooling Dip In The Stream

Now It's Getting Steeper

......... And Steeper .......

Now We Are Really Climbing

Nearly Home

Odd One Out - Labradoodle

Filthy But Happy

A Welcome Cuppa At The End