2008 Events
  Autumn Walk  

Group Photo

Preparing To Leave

Ruth Gives Instructions

Ruth Leads The Group Off

Head 'Em Up, Move 'Em Out !!!

We're Coming !!!

Open Terrain

Some Narrower Areas

Super Views

Through The Meadows

A Well Earned Rest For All

Viewing The Church

Moving On Again


Photographs By Courtesy Ralph Wright




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Happy And Tired Welshies !


A Few Of The 17 Units

We Keep Our Own "Repairers" aka Ray Monday and Peter Revill otherwise known as Bodg'it And Scarpa

Works Sign

Bob Collects The Supper Cash

A Group Of 'Revellers' At The Supper Evening

Supper Is Served !!

Charles The 'Caller'

So This Is What Breeders Get Up To In Their Spare Time

More Dancers


Gordon & Sandy Celebrate Their Ruby Wedding

Sandra (Organiser) and Karen (Her Daughter)

We Had The Odd Drink Too

Intrepid Walkers

Wet Dogs On The Ferry

Fish & Chips - We Eat WELL Here !!!


Photographs Courtesy Of Julie Revill And Ralph Wright





Last Night Fish & Chip Supper

Fun Day

Some of the Many Cars


Bacon Butties For All


Entries Being Taken For Fun
Show And Two Quizzes

Steve Pick (Host) Welcomes
Our Judge Alisha Duce

Many Passed Their Bronze Good
Citizens Test

Nails Were Clipped And Dogs
Trimmed -- For A Price !!

Raffle Table With Hon Treasurer
In Charge

Olympic Rings Game

Lucky Sweetie Dip

Guess The Weights

A Well Filled Class In The Fun Show

Could You Pick Out Your Own Dog
By Just It's Paw ??

Veteran Winners - And Some
Nice Dogs Too

Winner Of Fancy Dress
- Olympic Theme

Your Hon Secretary Loses The Plot !
She Stated This Was A
"Red Legged Terrier - Legally Docked"

Class For Other Than WSS
Please Note The "British Bulldog"
In the Centre - A Much Maligned
And Rare Breed !!

Super Steward

Celebrations All Round

Best Of The Day


Everyone Enjoyed The Sun
And Good Food


Spring Walk


The Collection Point

A Lovely Muddy Wallow !!!

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Nearly Home Now