The Rally at Bournemouth this year was once again very successful, with around 17 units attending at the highest point.  We were at a new venue this year and had a large area on a huge field, no facilities at all, except for Water & Waste disposal!  Those in tents had it hard, especially as the weather tried to move them on by gusting to Storm Force 9 (according to forecasts), I can vouch for this wind as our awning tried to come down at one point and I was hanging onto one of the poles that had separated itself from the caravan, shouting for my husband to come and sort it out before it collapsed completely.  The rain also made its appearance fairly frequently, in fact the only really good days were the first two and there were only a few of us there at that time – come earlier next year!!


Some felt that this venue was not as friendly as the previous one as we were more spread out – this can easily be changed for next year, now we know how it works.  Many ‘campers’ were happy with it however, particularly as we had the big Barn for our Supper Party on the Saturday night when a Barn Dance was held – and great fun had by all. See photos!


Sandra Blackford must once again be thanked for her sterling efforts in finding this venue, when our former one let us down, and £5 per night, per unit, was fantastic value I believe.  Certainly we will be there again next year and cannot wait to hear what Sandra has decided will be the ‘theme’ – why not come along next year and join us, caravans are the best, but tents are catered for as long as you bring your own ‘Porta Potty’ – surely the weather cannot be as unkind to us again (or can it?)  It never seems to stop the enjoyment, awnings are used for a variety of games in the afternoons/evenings and the last night’s Fish and Chip supper was just great.


Do not miss it in 2009 – see you there


Julie Revill

Hon. Secretary