2018 Events
  Autumn Walk Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright

Meeting Of Welshie Friends

'Official' Picture Before The Start

........ And Off We Go

Off Into The Wilds Of Highlands Park

Free Running Over The Open Parkland.....

... And Into The Woods With Our Intrepid Leader, Peter, In Front

Julie And Tasha, The Organisers

Woodland Photo Opportunity - Sort Of !

That WAS A Clean Ditch...

One Had To Find The Muddy Pond Of Course

Lunch At The Highlands House Cafe

Our President, Doreen Bowen, Joined Us At The Cafe


Our Photographer, Thanks Ralph

  Fun Day Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright

Bacon Butties On Arrival For All

Our Visitors Start To Arrive

More Visitors

The Chairman Welcomes Everybody

Awaiting The Start Of Proceedings

Rosettes For Everything

Club Supplies

Grooming Demonstration

Beginning The Day

Novice Handlers 'Having A Go' And Doing Well

Best Novice Handlers

Winning Handlers Who Have Never Shown Before

Baby Puppy Winners

Puppy Winner

Yearling Winners

Open Winners

Veteran Winners

Best In Show And Best Puppy

Egg (Sorry, Golf Ball) & Spoon Race

Sausage Race

Sausage Race Winners

Lunch Is Served

The Scurry

One Of The Teams Trying Out Working Their Dogs


Another Working Team

A Big Thank You To Steve For The Loan Of His Lovely Home