On 30th September 2018 Peter and I went to Hylands House having organised a walk from there for this day, the sun was shining and it was pleasantly warm for September.  It was with some trepidation that we entered the Café area as we were early and were not at all sure that many would turn up for the walk, we need not have worried, two were already there with their Welshies and within a short space of time the area filled up with a mass of red and white dogs, plus a couple planning to add a Welshie to their household in the near future! A later count made it 23 dogs and two puppies who came along for the socialisation but waited in the cars for us to return, being a bit too far for their little legs. Also our ‘old lady’ was not well enough to do the walk but thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone in the Café beforehand and for lunch afterwards.


      We set up a photo before starting out, the beautiful Hylands House providing a lovely backdrop to the group of Welshies – see the gallery of photos – we set off into the parkland with husband Peter leading the way and myself bringing up the rear to ensure we did not lose anyone 2 or 4 legged on the way round.  There were different areas that we had planned, so that dogs could be off lead as much as possible (and for as long as the owners felt was safe!)  some open parkland and then into the woods, taking the pathway that actually goes all round the very large park – we only did a small part of it in the one and half hours that we walked, interspersing with some stops for rest, photos, and for the dogs to enjoy the water in the ditches which was clean until they went into it!  One of our number managing to find the really muddy pond that we had hoped no one would find – there is always one!


      Back at the Café alongside the house which thoughtfully provides an outside area where dogs are welcome and we took over again, enjoying some snack lunches and drinks, here we were joined by our President, Doreen Bowen, whose granddaughter and her two sons had brought to see us all – great to see you Doreen.   I do know that at least one couple visited the beautiful lake behind the house, but believe it was more to wash their dog than to see the view!!


      We do hope that all those who attended enjoyed themselves, and that they and perhaps others, will join us on our next Club Walk, details of which will appear on our website in good time and be circulated to our membership.