2017 Events
Report The Funday Photos Courtesy Tim Jennings

Knit One Purl One !!!

How To Groom Your Pet

Getting There !!

Demonstrating How To Stand A Dog For Show

Demonstrating How To Move Your Dog

How Not To Do It Perhaps ! Naughty Pup

Now You Have A Go.....

Putting Into Practice

Certainly Learnt A Lot

And Another Good Recruit

One Of Pam's Well Filled Fun Classes

And We Have Our Winners

Biscuit Catching Competition, Keen Contestant

Can You Spot The Biscuit ?

The Sausage Eating Race

The Golf Ball And Spoon Race

Let's Play

Two Sweet Little Heads

The Scurry

Obedience Training

Listening Carefully To Instructions

That's Some Fast Recall

Basic Gundog Training

Y A W N I'm Bored.....

The Outrun

Look How Clever I am, I Found It......

Our Youngest Visitor At The End Of A Long Day