2016 Events
  The AGM Puppy Party  

All Sat Still - For One Moment !!

Hazy Image Of Puppies Having A Great Time !!!

I am sure I Saw The Sausage Go Under This Cup .....

Queueing For Sausages From Hon. Sec. !


We Are Enjoying Meeting All These Friends ....

  The Autumn Walk Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright

Great Turn Out

Our Leader George

We Smell Water

Quite A Surprise For The Bargees - So Many Red & White Dogs

Nine Dogs And One Duck - Unfair !!!

A Nice Cool Down

Lovely Woodland

Part Way Through

Even A Two Legged Welshie Can Win A Race !!!

Refreshment Time


Tail End Ruth!

  Bournemouth Camping Week Photos Courtesy Julie Revill & Ralph Wright

Part Of The Site - Mainly Caravans

Part Of The Site - Mostly Tents

Thief Of Cheesey Whatsits - Forever So Named

Doggy Bingo

Meal Out At Our 'Local'

Ralph Being Sandra's Carer

Were We Boring You Charles !

One Photographer Photographed !

Wheelchair Horse Shoes

Ever Get The Feeling That You Are Being Watched

Foal And Dog Stand Off !!

Show Dogs ? Really !!

Rehearsing For Ben Hur

Some People Will Do Anything To Get Attention

Western Dress For The Supper

The Supper Buffet

The Last Supper

The Supper

The Supper

The Supper

The Supper

The Supper

Group Shot Of The Motley Crew

Reduced Numbers For The Safari Breakfast

  The Summer BBQ Photos Courtesy Julie Revill & Ralph Wright

Bacon Butties For All On Arrival

Very Much Into The 'Royal' Theme

The Fantastic Raffle

Trimming Demonstration

Having A Go At 'Rally O'

Club Supplies Team

Preparing For A Gundog Demonstration

Shelter Was Provided Though Not Much Needed Thankfully

Dancing With Dogs Demonstration

A Scurry Competitor

Food Preparation Area

Cakes On Union Jack Cake Stands

Catering Manager Escapes The Kitchen Temporarily

VERY Special Visitor Arrives With Corgi And 'Court'

Winner Of Best Garden Party Hat

Tea Is Served

Tea Is Served

Tea Is Served

Tea Is Served

One Of The Well Filled Classes At The Fun Show

Another Of The Fun Show Classes

Class Winner

Class Winner

Class Winner

Class Winner

Class Winner

Class Winner

Winners Of 'Welshie Most Like A Corgi'

'Egg' And Spoon Race

Biscuit Catching Competition


A Big Thank You To Our Host Steve.