2014 Events
Report  The Autumn Walk Photos Courtesy Ralph & Sylvana Wright

Group Picture

Someone Tell Us Which Way To Go

The Oldest Walker -- Magic Not Sue !!

Single File

Quite A Climb

Fantastic View

Nearly At The Top

Phew !! Made It

A Rest With Mum

A Short Break

Some Of The Group

More Of The Group

A Rest In The Shade


On We Go

Lovely Countryside

On The 'Home Run'

Just A Great Photo

Time For Tea


Walk Completed

   Bournemouth Rally Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright and Julie Revill

Happy Campers

Caravan Purchased On Way To Site. Such Dedication !!!

Awnings CAN Be Complicated To Put Up

Believe Argos Make Bigger Gazebos !!!

Down With The Old And Up With The New

Amblelight Outing

Bowdonia Outing

Bath Time ..........

Beautiful Campsite Rainbow

The Latest Wet Weather Outfit

Welshie Pyjamas

One Dog Celebrated  A GREAT Day At Paignton With Friends

The Morning After !!!

A Seance Possibly

They Certainly Scrub Up Well

Not Looking So Bad Either - Black Tie Evening

The Photographer 'Caught'

Cocktails Before Supper............

....................And Canapes

The Wonderful Supper

Some Of The 'Guests' At The Supper

More Revellers At The Supper

Wonderful Entertainment

Did You Know She Had A Different Pet Before Welshies !

Singing For Her Supper

Fish And Chip Night - Yumeeeeeeee

Dinner At Our 'Local'

The Annual Safari Breakfast


Coffee In The Sun


Report Midsummer Tea Party Photos Courtesy Tim Jennings and Ralph Wright

Bacon Butties On Arrival

First Arrivals Taking A Look At The Supplies Stall

Grooming Demonstration

Having A Go At Rally O

A Round In The Egg And Spoon Race

Another Well Filled Class

Start Of One Of The Sausage Races

Catch The Biscuit..... Where Did That Go......

Baby Puppies Have An Outing

More Happy Welshies Look For Their Treat From The Judge

Poser !!!

Another Poser...........

And A Third ..........

What A Cute Face

A Tiring Day In The Sun

The Oldies Enjoy It Too

Queuing Up For The 'Tea'

Massive Choice Of Sandwiches

Scones, Jam, Cream And Strawberries - Yum...

Choice Of Yummy Cakes

Enjoying Tea 'Al Fresco'

So, I'm Not A Welshie - Wanna Make Something Of It ...........

Steve, Our Host, Thanks Our Judge .... Bill Bunce

Steve Thanks Angelika Who Organised The

Rally O


The End(s) !!!!!