Around 12 noon on 3rd May 2009 some 33 Welsh Springers shattered the peace of the cricket green at Hartley Wintney, amazement was on every face as more and more arrived to take part in our Walk. Ruth Waller lead the walk,  with the invaluable help of Richard and Ralph Wright from the Committee who was ‘Tail End Charlie’ and kept us all in line – literally!


After the obligatory Group photo, we all moved off, with the oldest (14 years) and the youngest (4 months) taking a slightly shortened route, the rest of us meandered through woodland, open ground, swamps and fields that this year (luckily) did not have the usual bovines to avoid,  with the wonderful (for the dogs) slime bath, which most of them took advantage of !  Later followed by the lovely clear stream in which they cavorted and cleaned themselves to the consternation of the nearby horses who had obviously not seen so many dogs in one place at one time!


We did not lose anyone this year, although one dog was kindly rounded up by some riders to rejoin the group, and we ended tired and happy at the Church Hall where Thelma and helpers had organised tea, which was very welcome to all and with which we enjoyed a wonderful array of cakes provided by  participants . I was highly amused to hear that Ralph saw the wonderful looking ‘fudge cake’ and just had to try a piece, only to find that it was a liver cake provided by one owner for her dog whose first birthday it was!! He told me that it did in fact taste OK – we will take your word for that Ralph.


Thanks have to go to Thelma and helpers, Ruth and Richard , Ralph and all those who provided photos so that we could have a good collection for the website.  Autumn Walk? – yes I think we may go again, even though it is a very long way from Essex for a dog walk, but I heard that we did have one visitor from Dorset – now that IS dedication to walking your dog!!


Julie Revill

Hon: Secretary