We met up at the Stable Café at Hylands House, in Hylands Park, Chelmsford at 10am, and by 10.30am we had sixteen welsh springers ready for the outing, aged between 8.5 months and 14 years – Adele and Harry arriving just in time for the customary photo in front of the house, having got lost en route!


We walked for around an hour or so, and the dogs found a wonderful muddy pool to have a romp in and to ensure that all cars were nicely muddied before going home. At one stage we could see a couple heading towards us with a Golden Cross running in front, he rushed forward up the hill but as he crested the rise he saw this ‘charge’ of Welsh springers coming towards him, he face was a picture! He looked back at his owners as if to say – hey look at THIS – then came to join us and we had enormous difficulty in getting him to return to his owners, Julie having to catch him and put him on a lead to get him to leave the throng!


The weather was kind to us for the whole time but as we got back to cars the rain began to come down and by the time we were having lunch in the Café, it was pouring down – good timing !!


It was great to see so many Welshies all together and Hylands Park is extremely ‘dog friendly’ even allowing dogs into the Café – well in the outside area at least - however we felt that perhaps 17 were just a few too many to take in with us!!


A lovely day and we were asked when the next one would be before people left!