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OK Alfie, when I tap my clipboard on the dashboard, please come to a calm and controlled emergency stop

Photo courtesy Tim Jennings

SEWSSC Funday 1994

From Left to right
BP - Sofren Bronwyn
Judge - Linda Jackson
BIS - Julita Roxanne
BOS - Solva Lensky

Di Renny's 70th Birthday

Wilson - I'm Great At Gardening !

Bang Goes Another Pot Plant !! 


 We do agility too  

Taxi To Runway One Niner, Cleared For Take Off.

 Welshies can fly too !!!

Start training young 


 How about this for a Bird Dog !!


 Racing Welshie

Photo courtesy Nick Ridley Photography

"A Room With A View"

Photo Courtesy Denise Fageruik

Fed Up Welshie !!!

That's Right Mum, You Sit On The Floor I'll Sleep On MY Chair 

That's Better Mum. I can see Now 

Definitely Suits Me Better Than You Dad !!

Picture Courtesy Ralph Wright



 "Morgan" Lovin The Beach

Picture Courtesy Maxine Field

Glad you are out there and I am in here

Picture Courtesy Jan Meade

 Bournemouth 1996
BBQ And Walk In The New Forest

Picture Courtesy Julie Revill

Bournemouth 2000
Ocknell Site

Picture Courtesy Julie Revill


Bournemouth 2000 - Ocknell
Some of The People AndDogs Attending

Picture Courtesy Julie Revill

 Inaugural Meeting Of The SEWSSC Camping &Caravanning Club-Aug1996

Picture Courtesy Julie Revill