Welsh Springer Joint Health Group    

Secretary Of The Joint Health Group Arlene Tester 01954 780820 E-Mail arlene.tester@mailfence.com

The Joint Health Group (JHT) was formed in 1994, made up of Delegates from all four Clubs in the UK, the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club, the Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of South Wales, The Northern Welsh Springer
Spaniel Club, and of course the South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club. The JHT meets at present, three times a year, to discuss any health matters within our breed and the delegates then report back to their
Committees. The three conditions that are being looked at in depth at present are Epilepsy, Glaucoma and Hip Dysplasia, and the fact sheets on these conditions are available here for you to view.

The JHG is looking at the incidence of Primary Epilepsy in the breed. The Group is working with the Animal Health Trust (AHT) towards the possible development of a DNA test for the condition. Blood samples are
being collected to try to identify a marker for the genes involved. Samples from complete litters are particularly useful. Cathryn Mellersh has provided a report on this condition and the AHT have agreed to store
blood samples without charge in order to assist the research.

Glaucoma has been studied by Dr Keith Barnett and Mrs Beverley Cottrell in the past and so the Group sought their help again to investigate the problem. Testing sessions have been arranged over recent years at the WSSC Open Show held in November, a gonioscopy lens having been purchased by the JHG for Mrs Cottrell to use in these sessions. DNA samples are also being collected at the AHT from dogs that develop Primary Glaucoma.

Hip Dysplasia - Dr Malcolm Willis wrote a report on this condition in 2000. The breed average at that time being 19. Dr Jeff Sampson provided the Joint Health Group with a '5 year Rolling Mean' recently which showed that our average score is reducing year by year. The JHG continue to monitor the condition but have recently requested that ALL X-rays are sent up for scoring, as only sending the 'good' ones gives a false average.

After each meetiung of the JHG a Health Report is produced which will in future (as from 2013) appear on this Website to keep information as up to date as possible.