Although the J.H.G. has not been able to meet together in person since Covid struck early in 2020 we have still been available for any matters that needed to be dealt with.  A meeting was arranged by conference call to discuss the only issue requiring a meeting and this was a case of fitting that had been reported.  As all the required documentation from the owner and the vet was available it was agreed that the details should be published in Newsletters and the WSSC Yearbook.

Can we please remind you that by notifying us of any health issues it is helping the health of the breed.  We especially would like to know of any fitting dogs as soon as they are diagnosed to enable samples to be collected and stored. Samples were formerly stored at The A.H.T. but are now being stored at Cambridge University who have taken on the research work to produce a D.N.A. test so that no dog will ever need to suffer again.  We need your help as the more samples that we can submit the nearer we get to a test so please help us to help the breed.

The same with Glaucoma, we gave a large sum of money towards research for closed angle glaucoma and the hope that a test will be available in the not too distant future.  That distance can be shortened with the inclusion of every sample that we can donate. Please contact us as soon as your dog is diagnosed so that we can send a mouth swab kit to you for inclusion in this project.

Please contact:
Arlene Tester  (Secretary WSS JHG)
email: arlene.tester@            tel: 01954 780820
or one of the JHG Delegates listed on all four breed club websites.