Working Events 2016
  Selection Of Photos From Training Days On 11th June, 24th September and 1st October Photos Courtesy Ralph Wright, Catherine Jackson and Wendy Buckwell

The Beautiful Venue

Almost There

Happy Retrieve

Water Retrieve - About To Be Mugged

Great Concentration On The Trainer

Owner Helps Dog To Retrieve

Good Retrieve To Hand

Retrieving From The Pen With Trainer Mark Bott

Duck Herding Lessons At No Extra Cost

Phillipa Simpson Training Steadiness

Scurry Winners With Trainer

Some Trainees Waiting Their Turn


Trainees And Trainers

Results Working Assessments 15th May

Photographs Courtesy Ralph Wright

Our Sponsors and Vice President

Charles Dixon, Organiser

Judges and Organiser

The Exhibitors


Some Of The Competitors

Exhibitors "In Waiting"

Part Of The American Cocker Contingent


Some Of The Clumber Contingent


The Sessex Contingent Who Did Very Well

Part Of The Welshie Contingent

Hunting Up The Meadow

The Judge Explains What He Requires

The Open Was Run In The Beautiful Woodland

The Gallery In The Woodland

A Nice Retrieve To Hand

The Overall Winner

Relaxing After Its All Over

Winners And Judges