SEWSSC Working Assessments May 15th 2016

Sponsored By Masters Dog Food


The SEWSSC's Spring Working Assessment for Spaniels (excluding ESS & Cockers) was held on 15 May 2016 at Ashmere Farm, Sole Street, Meopham, Kent  DA13 0XT by kind permission of Mr David Stapleton.

The event was generously sponsored by Masters Dog Foods who supplied a 15Kg bag for each of our class winners.

There were 41 entries from 39 dogs entered, comprising 8 American Cockers, 9 Clumbers, 5 Sussex and 17 Welsh (sadly there were again no Fields competing this year).

Judges were Alan Hender (2887) and Sue Hender (Wirewolf) assisted by Andy

Where there was a tie with overall points, placings were determined by Hunting marks.


Special Beginner Judged by Andy (Marks out of 100); 8 Entries:


1st   Tywysog Gelert (WSS) - Emma Green

2nd  Sabisabi Pawnee Puff Of Smoke (American Cocker) - Michaela Gale

3rd   Eurion Jasper (WSS) - Emma Green

4th   Creeaark Fantastica (Clumber) - Izzie Hirst


Puppy Judged by Sue Hender (Marks out of 75); 8 Entries:


1st    Deanway Summer Storm (Sussex) - Ann Moon

2nd  Jackpotstud Super Model (Clumber) - Claire Knowles

3rd   Mymmsbrook Mimosa (WSS) - Ann Lyon

4th   Sabisabi Cherokee Awinita (American Cocker) - Denise Kirton



Novice Judged by Alan & Sue Hender (Marks out of 75); 18 Entries, 16 Runners:


1st   Stedigan Coming Up Roses (WSS) - Penny Cole

2nd  Fiergen Steamy Windows (WSS) - Sandy White

3rd  Catjack Dearieme (WSS) - Mrs C Jackson

4th   Amblelight Rose (WSS) - Maddy Bowman



Open Judged by Alan Hender (Marks out of 100); 7 Entries, 5 Runners.


1st    Fiergen City Limits (WSS) - Gill Cooper

2nd   Trevallisse Eye Of The Storm (Sussex) - Ann Moon

3rd    Bushwacker Hotspot of Mymmsbrook (WSS) - Ann Lyon

4th    Fiergen Steamy Windows (WSS) - Sandy White



Best Hunter overall - Jackpotstud Super Model (Clumber) - Claire Knowles

Best Non-WSS -        Trevallisse Eye Of The Storm (Sussex) - Ann Moon

Best In Tests overall - Fiergen City Limits (WSS) - Gill Cooper