Working Events 2015
Critiques Working Assessments 17th May

Photographs Courtesy Ralph Wright

Charles giving instructions before the 'off'

All Competitors

Judge gives advice in Special Beginners

Retrieve to hand in Puppy

A nice retrieve in Novice

Open Winner

Open winner showing how it should be done

Judges discussing the marking of Open

Another nice retrieve

Welshie looking lovingly at owner !

One of the Sussex Spaniels

Pensive Sussex owner

Good to see American Cockers working

Charles diligently enters the marks on the laptop

Some of the competitors and spectators

The 'boozy' raffle

Winner Special Beginners and Puppy

Winner Novice

Winner of Open and Best In Test

Winner of Best Non WSS

Working Sec. and judges Fiona Stevenson & Julie Revill


From left to right:-
Winner of Sp Beginners and Puppy - Ottaway's Glenbrows Momento
Winner of Novice - Page's Micklemess Sunny Dawn
Judges - Julie Revill & Fiona Stevenson
Winner of Open, Best Hunter and Best in Test- White's Fiergen Private Dancer