Working Events 2013
Results Working Assessments 19th May

Photographs Courtesy Ralph Wright
& Julie Revill

Working Secretary Explains the Format For The Day 

Judges Sandy & Mary discuss 'Tactics' 

GeorgeColeman,Who Finds Our Land, Being 'Mugged'  

Preparing For The Off 

Some Of The Competitors In Novice 

More Competitors 

.....And Again 

Nice Retrieve In Puppy 

I Never Do ANYTHING Wrong 

Come On Mum, Let's Get Going



 'I'm Going To Win, Just You Watch'

Raring To Go 

Prefer Cuddles To This Working Lark 

A Little Grey But Still Keen 

Yawn... Let's Get On With It 

Yup I'm A Clumber. Want To Make Something Of It ? 

 Who Cares About Winning - I'm Just Cute

Sorting Out The Final Morning Marks


Lunch !!

Yummy !!

Caterer Extraordinaire Sharon, Taking A Break  

BOO !!

Various Books And Pictures For Sale

Waiting For The Open.Where Are The
Competitors ?

Our Intrepid Photographer - Ralph Wright

Nice Retrieve To Hand

Over To You Mum

I'm Coming..........

.....And I Can See YOU Too...

Retrieving In The Bluebells

Nice Sussex Retrieve

Judges In Deep Discussion After The Open Test

Winners Of The Three Tests

All Placed Competitors


All Competitors