Working Events 2008
Results Working Assessments 18th May  

Eager Participants Awaiting the start

Clumber Competitors

Field Spaniel Competitors

A Totally 'Stressed Out' Participant

A Leisurely Lunch Break - Welsh Springer Spaniel Style

Overall Winner - Sandy White
with Fiergen Silver Lady

Class Winners (From L - R)
Debbie Hargreaves - Kazval Country File - Winner Novice
Sandy White - Fiergen Silver Lady -

Winner Open, Best Hunter & Best In Tests
Chris Page - Micklemess Blachefleur -
Winner Puppy
Catherine Jackson - Torcello Truly Scrumptious - Winner Special Beginners


All Placed Dogs

Report Training Day
5th April 2008
A Trainee's Comment

Steve Pick Welcomes Trainees to His Home 'Ty Llon'

Trainers and Trainees

Ready For The 'Off'

Group Of Attractive Trainees
(The Owners Are Not Bad Either)

Trainer Derek Dean - Teaching Obedience

Trainer Julie Revill - Teaching Steadiness

Trainer Sandy White - Teaching Retrieving

Trainer Julie Shawyer - Teaching Hunting


Photographs Courtesy Of Andrew Cameron and Howard Hills-Page

Paul Shawyer And 'Helpers' Who Ensured The Day Ran To Time