Working Dog Events and Results

SEWSSC Working Assessment 23rd May at Meopham, Kent

Held at Broomfield Farm, Meopham by kind permission of Mr John Tobbutt.

A Few words from the Judge:

"When I decided to accept the invitation to judge the SEWSSC Assessment Test I hoped to see the dogs working in natural surroundings. As always it was a joy for the eyes and I would like to thank the Officers and Committee of the club for giving me the opportunity. I liked the ground where the test was held and the weather was just fine.

Puppies were obedient and most showed a real pattern, no one was gun shy.

Novice test had a surprise for the best dog - a rabbit.

In the Open test the standard was good and I enjoyed most runs. I thought I perceived a tendency in the dogs to be too obedient and that is not in favour of natural hunting. One older dog was bored with retrieves, perhaps because there were only dummies and no game. The one thing I missed was a water test.

Thanks to the helpers who threw the dummies.

There was a super lunch and after the test, a drink in a friendly atmosphere.

Good luck to the handlers."

-Judge: Ludy Helling (Gayfeathers) From Holland.

1. Coedmawr Rhosyn at Isfryn - Tina Smith (WSS)
2. Oldholban's Golden Memory at Megram - M Preston (Sussex) Best Sussex
3. Micklemess Joie de Vivre - Chris Page (Clumber)
4. Micklemess Jezzabelle - Carol Page (Clumber)

1. Kazval Castaway to Pasondela - Derek Dean (WSS)
2. Sh Ch Parkmist Mr Frisk JW - Sharon Barkley (WSS)
3. Ir Sh Ch Highclare Exclusive at Redfrith - Carl Ducan (WSS)
4. Megran Amelia - M Preston (Sussex)

1. Amiro Baccanal - Ann Morgan (WSS) Best in Test and Best WSS
2. Red of Brock - Paul Steadman (WSS) and Best Hunter
3. Highclare Fully Charged at Isfryn - Tina Smith (WSS)
4. Julita Rustic Ramble - Julie Revill (WSS)

Best Clumber - Greencourt Love from Mist to Micklemess - Carol Page
Best Field - Mishules Seven of Nine - Shula Shipden.