South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club

Open Show

25th January 2009


Firstly I would like to thank the Committee for a lovely day and for making me most welcome, and to my three stewards for their hard work and care.  I was pleased with my entry and had only 5 absentees.  The quality of the bitches outshone the dogs today, but was pleased to notice that in the younger classes there was improvement in bone, size and substance.




Veteran 7 (1 ab)


1st     Janes  Sh.Ch. Coedybrain Dafydd – 8 year old who still retains his lovely colour.  He has good bone and substance. Nice head and expression and a well balanced dog.  Moved happily and with drive.   BD and BOSIS

2nd    Tubbs  Parkmist Master Dancer for Alsutu – 7 year old. Nice head with a lovely dark eye. Neat feet, good stifle – thought him to be a little wide in front on the move.

3rd   Wren’s  Saanu Copper Beech at Gwynmarren


Minor Puppy  2

1st   Evans  Coedybrain Ryan - 8 months and very promising.  Nice size with good bone, good shoulders, topline, front and feet, thought him a little long in hock.   Moved well.

2nd  Giess’s  Zeoh Zanziba Zinadan -  Also 8 months but not as mature as 1st, has a good front and neat feet.  Moved OK

Puppy                       )

Junior                       )           No entries

Special Yearling     )

Novice  3

1st  Kerr’s  Julita Radley 

2nd  Dean’s  Menstonia Mist Chance over Pasondela 

Not much to separate 1st and 2nd and were different types. Both had nice heads and expression but both were wide in front on the move – 1st was better in topline, bone and size.

3rd  Giess   Zeoah Zanziba Zinadan

Graduate  4

1st  Batey’s   Amblelight Centauri

2nd  Evans  Bwgan Llwyd

Two very different types.  1st needs more neck and feel that better trimming would help, he has a lovely head and expression, good shoulders, mouth and topline, and again better trimming of the feet would help to enhance them, moved OK. 

2nd  Nice neck and shoulders, topline could be a little better, he is a nice sized dog with good bone, again moved OK.

3rd  Smith’s   Amblelight Mercury

Post Graduate  3

1st Thomas’s  Bowdonia Special Effects  -  Nicely put together with a good head and expression, good front, correct topline, tends to turn his back feet outward and again would like neater feet.

2nd  Julita Radley

3rd  Blackford’s  Amblelight Eris Surprise

Limit  4

1st   Knox’s  Parkmist Master Plan  Although a little small for me he is well balanced with good bone, pleasing head, kind eye and good depth of muzzle.  A happy and correct mover.  RBD

2nd Jones  Pennylock Quin JW   Have given this dog BP previously and I still like him, he has a good body, bone and correct topline, moved well but I preferred the head and expression of 1st.

3rd Wren’s  Gwynmarren Winter Storm

Open  1 (1)

Special Beginners  4

1st   Amblelight Centauri

2nd   Bushwacker Chilli Pepper at Broomwalk

3rd   Julita Radley



Good Citizen  3

1st   Barkley’s  Sh.Ch. Parkmist Mr Frisk  -  Can still move very well at 12 years and has the best of fronts.  Lovely head and expression. Coat has now lost its colour but this does not detract from his quality.

2nd   Parkmist Master Dancer for Alsutu

3rd  Melladomina Make Haste for Alsutu



Veteran   5 (1)

1st   Tully’s   Ch. Highclare Energizer  -  A great ambassador for our Breed, she is hard to fault, just love her type and her quality and not forgetting her wonderful character.  BVIS

2nd   Dean’s   Kazval Castaway to Pasondela.  A lovely quality bitch and so unlucky to meet 1st.  She has a good front, lovely head and expression and moved so well using her strong quarters.

3rd Caldwell’s Highclare Spring into Action for Cerysan

Minor Puppy   6 (2)

1st  Jones  Pennylock Ruby Red  -  A lovely substantial but feminine puppy.  Correct topline, nice neck and good shoulders, moved very well.

2nd   Tully’s  Highclare Celebrity   Very different from 1st but is a quality puppy, not as mature as 1st but 3 months is a long time in young puppies.  Personally would like her a little bigger.

3rd Williams   Highclare All Gold at Guillym

Puppy   3

1st   Rees’s   Trebettyn Nia at Typica  -  A lovely 9 month puppy.  Good bone, she has a nice head and eye in lovely coat and condition has a good length of upper arm, good neck and shoulders and correct topline, feet need to be a little tighter.

2nd   Davidson & Wells   Pamicks Miss Understood at Benchmark -  Another promising puppy and good bone, neck, shoulders and topline OK.  Has better feet that 1st at present but is not quite so feminine.

3rd Hamerton’s   Torcello Tiger Belle

Junior   3

1st   Barkley’s   Cherryheath’s Miss Chief  -  How well this young lady has come on, liked her head and expression, good bone, pleasing outline, good shoulders.  Moved very well.

2nd   Thomas’s   Bowdonia Tu Tu Tango  -  Quite a nice young bitch – very happy and outgoing, good angulation front and rear, nice coat and condition – topline could be a little better and was a little wide in front on the move.

3rd Smith’s Cherryheath’s Miss Hustle

Special Yearling   5

1st   Thomas’s  Sherdrew in Your Dreams  -  10 months old and very mature, she is so feminine has good bone and substance,  Beautiful neat feet.  Good shoulders, topline and good angulation both fore and aft. In good coat and condition.  Moved extremely well, she should have a bright future and will follow her progress.  BPIS

2nd   Cherryheath’s Miss Chief

3rd   Wakeman’s  Sherdrew in Your Dreams

Novice   3

1st   Risley’s   Slapstones Born to Shine  -  4th in Special Yearling.  Her young handler did a very good job and got the best out of her, has a pretty head and dark eye.  Moved OK

2nd   Wren’s  Gwynmarren Summer Solstice

3rd   Cherryheath’s Miss Hustle

Graduate   4

1st  Janes   Coedybrain Nellie  -  Thought this was a lovely bitch, gorgeous head and expression, good neck and shoulders, correct topline, lovely bone and super feet.  Liked her a lot.

2nd Caldwell’s   Cerysan Purely By Chance -  Different type to 1st but a nice bitch.  Good topline and tailset, not quite the angulation of 1st and moved a little wide in front.

3rd Cheryheath’s Miss Chief

Post Graduate   6

1st Frost’s   Bushwacker Atomic Kitten  -  This young lady has come on since her puppy days and (sorry) have to use the old clique “caught my eye as she came into the ring”  Beautiful head and expression, her body proportions are just right, she has the correct topline, great fore and aft angulation, lovely neat, tight feet, moved correctly.  RBB and RBIS

2nd Carr’s   Cerysan Take a Chance at Gemill.  -  A young lady I admire, everything in the right place but I thought she was carrying a little too much weight today.

3rd   Menstonia Fair Chance

Limit   4

1st Tew’s  Pamicks Miss Holly Hocks  -  A bitch I have always admired, she is up to size but is well put together, good head, eye, shoulders and front, have seen her looking better, moved OK

2nd Caldwell’s   Cerysan Alexa   -  Have given this bitch BOB before and still admire her but she was carrying too much weight today

3rd   Barkley’s   Parkmist Miss Flirtatious

Open   2

1st  Rees’s  Sh.Ch. Coedybrain Carys at Typica  BB and BIS

2nd   Frost’s   Highclare Scrabble at Bushwacker

I just loved both these bitches even though they were of different types, I found it a hard decision to separate them, they both have their different but good qualities, finally felt that 1st’s movement was freer.

Special Beginners   2

1st   Slapstones Born to Shine

2nd   Cherryheath’s Miss Hustle

Good Citizen   2

1st   Cherryheath’s Miss Chief

2nd   Menstonia Fair Chance

Special Working   2  (1 w/d)

1st   Pennylock Quinn

Special New Members  1

1st   Torcello Tiger Belle

Brace  3  (1 w/d)

1st   Barkley’s -  Such a well matched pair and moved completely in unison

2nd  Tubb’s  -   Another nice pair but not as together as 1st on the move


Di Renny