SEWSSC Open Show 26th May 2008


I would like to thank everyone that turned out to the show in what can only be described as horrible conditions to try to keep our breed clean and dry.

For  my class winners I was looking for, wherever possible, what I considered to be typical Welsh Springer Spaniels with heads showing stop and chiselling below the eye and soft and kind expressions together with sound and happy movement.

I found several suspect mouths and one monorchid dog and felt that the bitch classes were stronger than the dogs overall.


Puppy Dog (1)

1. Wright’s Amblelight Ara

Very obviously a dog, pleasing head, up to size and well coated for age, moved happily on tight feet, good angulation front and rear.


Junior Dog (6, 1abs)

1.      Tully’s Highclare Tycoon

Compact youngster, only just out of puppy. Correct topline maintained on move, good angulation front and rear, liked his head, kind eye, well coated, moved very happily on excellent feet.
2.  Enderby’s Tobermyn Dawn Raider

Have always liked this boy, very obviously a male without any coarseness or exaggerations, good bone, excellent shape: compact and with very typical topline, rich red coat. Preferred feet of 1.
3.  Irvine’s Buskwacker Chilli Pepper

Special Yearling Dog (4)

1.  Enderby’s Tobermyn Dawn Raider

2nd in Junior
2.  Wren’s Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW
Larger mould than 1, very mature both in body and coat, well boned, pleasing head obviously a dog, good angulation, moved well although tested owner at times.

3.  Thomas’ Bowdonia Special Effects

Novice Dog (4)

1.  Tully’s Highclare Tycoon

1st in Junior
2.  Kerr’s Julita Radley

Good shape: compact and short coupled, loved his head and expression, well laid shoulders and good hind angulation, very happy on the move, excellent tight feet.
3.  Thomas’ Bowdonia Romance of Puccini

Graduate Dog (8)

1.  Batey’s Amblelight Centuri

Well boned, slightly longer than 2, mature, well coated young dog, very pleasing head, good hind angulation,  moved very happily with drive and purpose
2.  Enderby’s Tobermyn Dawn Raider

2nd in Junior
3.  Wren’s Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW


Post Graduate Dog (2abs)


Limit Dog (4, 2abs)

1        Renouf & Montague’s Ranwolf Delling

Really liked this dog on the stand, masculine head, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and good hind angulation, straight front, nicely sprung ribs, full tail, shown in immaculate condition. Just wish that he was happier on the move.

2          Pigeon’s Norlington Rhythm n Blues
Compact with masculine head,  good bone, well laid shoulders and good hind angulation, well sprung ribs, moved happily and with purpose on good feet.


Open Dog (4)

1.  Barnes’ Barhi Crouching Tiger ShCM

Dog that I have judge before now fully mature excellent over all type, handsome head with good stop and chiselling below the eye, soft and kind expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders and good hind angulation allowing straight and free movement on good feet. As a criticism: would benefit from less coat. BD, RBIS and BOS
2.  Duncan’s Ir Sh Ch Redfrith Chianti JW

Has masculinity, quality and substance all in the correct proportions. Pleasing head, well moulded with good eye and expression, clean neck and shoulders, excellent legs and feet, well sprung ribs, Strongly constructed hindquarters and muscles. Sound, free mover presented in superb coat and condition. Preferred topline of 1 when on the move. RBD
3.  Wren’s  Saanu Copper Beech at Gwynmarren JW

Veteran Dog (2abs)


Special Beginners Dog (5, 1abs)

1          Batey’s Amblelight Centuri

       1st in Graduate
2.   Enderby’s Tobermyn Dawn Raider

 2nd in Junior
3.   Irvine’s  Bushwacker Chilli Pepper


Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Dog (2, 1abs)

1.  Evans’  Bwgan Llwyd

4th in yearling class. Honest dog in all areas. Pleasing head, well bodied,  good hind angulation, tight feet, free, happy and sound mover. Another that would benefit from having less coat, especially leg feathering.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1.  Morgan & Roberts’  Cwrt Afon Hafina

Just 6 months, well bodied for age, feminine head of correct proportions, good muzzle and ear set. good neck and shoulders, strong well boned forelegs, good spring of rib, slightly longer than 2nd in class, strong over loin with good tail set, moved around the ring happily. BP

2.        Buckwell’s Killena Lady in Red
Similar age to winner, again: well bodied and coated for age, short coupled, good angulation front and rear, preferred topline of 1 on the move.



Puppy Bitch (2, 1abs)

1.  Moffatt’s  Amblelight Nashira
Very feminine 11 month old bitch at her first show,  pretty head, very steady and happy mover, good hind angulation and best of feet, needs more time and body.

Junior Bitch (6, 1abs)

1.  Tew’s Pamicks Miss Holly Hocks

17 month old very mature looking bitch, well grown with plenty of substance but no mistaking that she is feminine, quality head, good stop and chiselling below the eye, soft and kind expression, clean neck that flows into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, short coupled, well developed hindquarters, strong, short hocks, tight well padded feet, moved well. RBB

2.  Risley’s Slapestones Born to Shine

Very pleasing, feminine head, dark eye, neat ears, lovely shape, good reach of neck, good spring of rib, correct rise over loin, neat feet. moved happily, wagging full tail around the ring.
3.  Frost’s  Bushwacker Atomic Kitten

Special Yearling Bitch (2)

1.  Tew’s Pamicks Chasing a Dream

Well balanced, short coupled, mature looking bitch, good bone, pleasing head, well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, moved happily round the ring.
2.  Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance
feminine head, with kind eye and expression, good reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, short coupled, nice feet, hindquarters well angulated, moved well. Not the bone or body of 1 at present.


Graduate Bitch (6, 1abs)

1. Tew’s Pamicks Miss Holly Hocks.

1st in Junior
2. Morgan & Robert’s Cwrt Afon Llona
Caught my eye on the stand, my notes say: ‘very typical’. Lovely type,
feminine well chiseled head, with kind eye and expression, good reach of neck set into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs, short coupled, nice feet, hindquarters well angulated, not as happy as 1 on the move.

3.  Caldwell’s Cerysan Purely by Chance

Post Graduate Bitch (4, 1abs)

1.  Tew’s Pamicks Miss Holly Hocks

1st in Junior
2.  Carr’s  Cerysan Take a Chance at Gemill

Lovely head, eye and expression, well laid shoulders, compact body, good ribs, correct rise over loin both on the stand and on the move, happy on the move, well carried tail. Lost out to 1 on bone and maturity.

3.  Jackson’s Torcello Truly Scrumptious:


Limit Bitch (7, 2abs)

1.  Alliston, Davidson & Wells’ Batruth Northern Crown
loved her breed type, her feminine lines from nose to tail, super head, kind expression, well laid shoulders, good length of neck, well boned, good spring of rib, well developed hindquarters and second thigh, gave her owner a hard time on the stand but flowed around the ring with drive on well padded feet, keeping her shape. Unfortunately she lost this true drive in the final challenge.

2.  Eade’s Menstonia Meant to Remember

Very close to 1 and much still applies. Lovely compact typy shape,  dark eye, good neck and shoulder, ribs well sprung, correct topline, strong hindquarters, nice feet, shown in good coat and condtion, Just preferred the head and movement of 1.
3.  Caldwell’s  Cerysan Alexa

Open Bitch (4, 1abs)

1.  Duncan’s Ir Sh Ch Redfrith Foreign Affair JW

Quality throughout this mature bitch, well grown with plenty of substance, feminine head, with good stop and chiselling below the eye, soft and kind expression, well laid shoulders, good ribs, strong hindquarters, in excellent coat and condition, moved very well on tight well padded feet. BB and BIS
2.  Frost’s Highclare Scrabble of Bushwacker

Different type, pretty head, excellent reach of neck and good, sloping shoulders, well boned and  ribbed, strong over loin and in hindquarters, moved happily with drive round the ring. Preferred head and overall shape of 1

3. Jackson’s Catjack Baboushka:


Veteran Bitch (4)

1. Tully’s Ch Highclare Energizer

Judged this bitch in 2002, hard to imagine when on the move that she is now a veteran. Compact and typy bitch lovely example of the breed, well bodied and well-muscled with lovely length of neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders, excellent front and rear angulation, in good coat, her age just starting to show in her feet and with a few grey hairs around her face.

2.  Blackford’s Amblelight Diona
Slightly larger mould than 1, pleasing head
with kind expression, lovely neck and angulation, good substance and ribbing, well coated, just greying around the muzzle, happy sound mover.

3.  Isherwood’s Phentina Star of Sirius

Special Beginners Bitch (3, 1abs)

1.  Risley’s Slapestones Born to Shine

2nd in Junior
2.  Isherwood’s Phentina Star of Sirius

Veteran bitch, nice head with dark eye, short coupled, good rear angulation, well bodied. Moved OK but out-moved by younger bitch.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme, Bitch (5, 1abs)

1.  Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance

2nd in Special yearling
2.  Jackson’s Catjack Baboushka
6 ½ year old bitch, g
ood head and eye, just greying, compact shape, good shoulders, good front and bend of stifle, well bodied, lovely feet,

3.  Jackson’s Torcello Truly Scrumptious

Special Working Dog or Bitch (2abs)


Brace (2, 1abs)

1.      Frost's

Stood alone but made to work for this class. Well matched pair, similar size and shape. Moved well     together


Judge: Sharon Barkley (Cherryheath)