It was a pleasure to judge at a show with such a good atmosphere and to hear people clapping for fellow exhibitors, there were some lovely dogs and I really enjoyed my day.




PUPPY (5) 

1.   Batey's, Ammblelight Centauri - Very attractive baby, still needs to tighten in front but liked him for type and soundness, good bone and excellent feet.

2.   Smith's, Amblelight Mercury - Litter brother, very similar with a lovely head, not as forward as winner, still has to body up as he is rather narrow throughout.

3.   White's, Fiergen Break Dancer



1.   Renouf & Montague's, Ranwolf Delling - Super dog, liked his size and build, so handsome with kind expressive eye, good head and face proportions, strong neck into good shoulders, sturdy body , good bone and feet, perfect tail placement and carriage, pleased to give him BIS , A very popular decision .

2.   Ovey's, Goldsprings Final Chance - Very immature lad but with a lot to like, needs far more time.

3.   Renny & Duncan's, Redfrith Dutch Master.



1.   Renouf & Montague's, Ranwolf Delling [Repeat]

2.   Ovey's, Goldsprings Final Choice [ Repeat]



1.   Bateys, Amblelight Centauri [Repeat]

2.   Renny & Duncan's, Redfrith Dutch Master - Rather too heavy and overdone for me for his age.

3.   Hinkley's, Pamicks Allsorts



1.   Pigeon's, Norlington Rhythm 'N'Blues - Very erratic on the move making it hard to access, rather out at elbow and would prefer tighter feet, good bone and a lovely nature.



1.   Tew's, Pamicks Sign Of The Times - A good sized dog with very good movement, well boned and with super feet, a bit plain in head and would like more expression, but overall a well put together lad with a lot to like, RBD




1.   Barnes, Barhi Crouching Tiger- A good natured dog, for me a bit long cast and rather heavy, coat not his fortune, moved the best in the class.

2.   Gardner's, Julita Royal Recruit - Lovely head and expression, well constructed with ample bone and good feet, moved soundly .

3]   Bodle & Briscoe's, Highclare Improvisation


OPEN (3)

1.   Troth's, Taimeres Turn About For Collinsmoore - Appealing head and expression with a good eye shape, well off for bone and strong, tight feet, rather wide in front but moved soundly with style.

2.   Duncan's, Redfrith Chianti - A nice type of dog, moved ok, but difficult to asses with so much coat flapping around his hocks, carried his tail far to high.

3.   Wren's, Saanu Copper Beach At Gwynmarren



1.   Buckwell’s, Killena Dance Into The Light - Lovely old man, good shape and size with super feet, moved well for his age.

2]   Wright's, Amblelight Redshift - Very nice head and expression, a bit long cast, moved ok.

3]   Gill's, Brenros Drop Dead Gorgeous



1.   Batey's,Amblelight Centuri [Repeat]

2.   Smith's ,Amblelight Mercury[Repeat]

3.   Ovey's, Goldsprings Final Chance






1.   Duncan's, Redfrith Foreign Affair - Lovely type baby with all the essentials, super head, well ribbed strong body and with good muscle to thighs, well angulated without extreme, moved so sound on good legs and feet. A star for the future, RBB and BPIS

2.   Jackson's, Ardenia Angel Baye - Another lovely baby, not so appealing in head as winner or as steady moving but still showing great promise.



1.   Duncan's, Redfrith Foreign Affair[Repeat]

2.   Richardson's, Glenbrows Paper Chase - A super baby, so very feminine, well constructed throughout, good bone and excellent feet, just very raw at the moment.

3.   Butcher's, Dismagic Dion Fortune




1.   Tully's, Highclare Miss Motivator - Just beat her sister on movement, both so alike with lovely heads, gentle expressive eyes, well put together, such good types, both need to strengthen in hind quarters, plenty of time on their side.

2.   Reeder's,Highclare Darcy Bussell - Same comments as winner

3.   GiII's,Cwrt Afon Eos At Brenros



1.   Ordish's, Goldsprings Final Fling - Very raw youngster of nice type, with kind eye nice proportions, excellent feet

2.   Aspital & Metianu's, Phentina Blue Ette - Not the best of movers, ample bone, needs a lot of time



1.   Caldwell's, Cerysan Alexa - Two lovely girls with such great appeal, so feminine , with good proportions to head and foreface, ample neck into good shoulders, well made and of good size, very sound movement.

2.   Barkley's, Parkmist Miss Flirtatious - Similar comments to winner

3.   Wren's, Glenbrows Playtime At Gwynmarren



1.   Carr's, Highclare lotto At Gemill - Very pretty, elegant lady of good size, all the essentials, so well put together, moved well with good action,    BB & RBIS

2.   Tew's , Pamicks End Of A Dream - Good bitch, slightly heavier all through than winner, not quite as good moving

3.   Bond’s, Cerilan Charisma.



1.   Larmer's, Gydamist Gala - Sound and happy mover on good legs and feet, would prefer a more feminine expression

2.   Alliston, Davidson & Wells, Batruth Northern Crown- Solid lady, good proportions, not so good moving as winner

3.   Carr's, Highclare Shining Through At Gemill


OPEN (6)

1.   Tully's,SH.CH.Highclare Queens logic- lovely girl, so appealing in head, elegant neck into good shoulders, well bodied, good bone and feet, would have preferred less length to loin, such a sound and positive mover.

2.   Caldwell's, Highclare Spring To Action For Cerysan - Superb lady, just my type , correct in all departments, so very appealing and balanced, thought she would be my winner as soon as she came into the ring, so disappointed when she refused to move

3.   Blackford's, Amblelight Diona



1.   Barkley's,Parkmist Miss Temptation JW - Lovely type of oldie, kind, expressive eye, still showing the youngsters how to move soundly with an ever wagging tail

2.   Jackson's, Amanshe Star Bright- Another lovely old lady with a good shape, moved ok

3.   Blackford's,Ambelight Eridani



1.   Butcher's, Dismagic Dion Fortune- Just a baby, very erratic on the move but sound

2.   Glenbrows Playtime At Gwynmarren - Lovely type for size and balance, moved well.

3.   Aspital& Metianu's, Phentina Blue Ette



1.   Tully's,CH.Highclare Energizer - Very sound mover with well set tail used to advantage, cobby well made lady throughout, with good bone and feet.

2.   Dean's, Kazval Castaway To Pasondela - Feminine head, well constructed sound mover, would prefer less length to back



1.   Richardson’s, Glenbrows Paper Chase [ Repeat from puppy]

2.   Smith's ,Amblelight Mercury[ Repeat from puppy dog]



1.   Barkley's, SH.CH.Parkmist Mr. Frisk - Lovely old boy, very well made, still has what it takes

2.   Aspital & Metianu's, Phentina Blue Ette- Daughter of winner, good type, moving very well

3.   Jackson's, Catjack Babouska



Barkley's, -SH.CH.Parkmist Mr.Jinks & SH.CH.Parkmist Mr.Frisk - Just like book ends, moving like professionals.