South East Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Open Show - 26th January 2014


Veteran Dog (3 0a)

1st  P.Wren’s Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW, 7yrs.  Very happy masculine dog, well presented with flat coat and keeping his colour. Correct bite and dark eye. Moved enthusiastically.

2nd Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Calaf, 11yrs.  Well proportioned throughout, kind eye, compact body with well sprung ribs. Moved well for age.

3rd White’s Fiergen Break Dancer


Minor Puppy Dog (2 0a)

1st Philip’s Slapestones Nijinsky, Compact dog, head of proportionate length to muzzle. Good reach of neck, neat feet. A little erratic on move.

2nd W.Buckwell’s Killena Tumbaa, Well boned puppy with good depth of chest, moved happily holding topline.


Puppy Dog (6 1a)

1st Duncan’s Redfrith Jack of Diamonds, Caught my attention on entering the ring, well developed head showing soft spaniel expression. Plenty of bone with neat feet. Good reach of neck and lay of shoulders, excellent rear angulation enabling him to move with push and drive. Delighted to award him BP in Show

2nd Lucket-Roynon’s Solva Vasil, Happy masculine looking puppy with a compact body and good depth to chest, well sprung ribs, lovely flat coat, just needs to move a bit faster

3rd Salt’s Islanza Spot That Duck


Junior Dog (2 0a)

1st Johnstone’s Glenbrows Paper Money For Gilpeta JW, Shown in excellent condition, kind dark eye, correct bite, lovely head with chiselling under eye. Good angulation both front and rear enabling him to move with drive

2nd Lucket-Roynon’s Solva Vasil


Special Yearling Dog (3 0a)

1st Woodhams’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy, Plenty of coat, head balanced with a soft expression, well muscled with ample bone and good depth of chest, topline and tail carriage held well on move.

2nd Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star, Slighter build than 1, good spring of rib, neat catlike feet, excellent rear angulation enabled him to move well

3rd Gough’s Amanshe Golden Thunder Head


Novice Dog (5 1a)

1st Duncan’s Redfrith Jack of Diamonds

2nd Lucket-Roynon’s Solva Vasil

3rd Woodhams’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy


Graduate Dog (2 1a)

1st Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Giorgio, Another happy boy from this kennel with a soft gentle expression, head balanced and well chiselled below eye, good depth to chest, compact body with lovely rich red coat, moved with drive holding topline


Post Graduate Dog (3 1a)

1st Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Giorgio

2nd Stone’s Stedigan Pipers Piping, Up to size, in good condition, strong and muscular. Well boned with moderate bend of stifle, moved well showing  the correct topline.


Limit Dog (3 0a)

1st  Dias-Ballantyne’s Redfrith Hot Fudge, Well presented, head nicely proportioned with dark eye showing a soft expression, correct bite, ears set low, compact body, good spring of rib. Well developed hind quarters enabled him to move easily with drive.

2nd Wright’s Amblelight Alioth, A merry dog of slightly smaller build but plenty of bone.  Compact body, well muscled with neat, tight feet. Held topline on move.

3rd Yacob’s Ferndel Amren For Laithmoor


Open Dog ( 5 2a)

1st Tew’s Pammicks Dazzling Boy JW, Very masculine dog well up to size, flat coat of rich red and white. Head balanced with slight dome and defined stop, plenty of chiselling beneath a dark eye, good depth to muzzle, correct bite. Well laid back shoulders and spring of rib, deep second thighs with hocks well let down. So balanced enabling movement with plenty of push and drive whilst holding topline on move. BD, RBIS, BOS

2nd Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM, Unlucky to meet 1 today,  Very happy, well proportioned throughout,  masculine head with soft expression. Good reach of neck set on well placed shoulders. Plenty of ribbing and good depth to chest, well boned with neat feet. Correct bend of stifle moved with drive. RBD

3rd Carr’s Gemill Prince of Theives


Special Beginners Dog (7 1a)

1st Woodhams’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy

2nd Yacob’s Ferndel Amren For Laithmoor,  Mature head with kind gentle expression, good reach of neck, compact body with spring of rib, moved well.

3rd Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog (2 0a)

1st Wright’s Amblelight Alioth

2nd Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star


Veteran Bitch (6 2a)

1st Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance, 7 yrs. Not showing her age, a very feminine bitch of correct size. Soft spaniel expression from a kind dark eye, mouth sound. Compact body giving slight rise over loin, good reach of upper arm from well laid back shoulder, well muscled throughout holding correct topline on move. In lovely condition. Well deserved BV in Show.

2nd R. Buckwell’s Killena Addicted To Love, 7 yrs. Another very pretty, merry bitch in good coat. Good reach of neck, nice spring of ribs, compact body with enough bone, moved well.

3rd E. Wren’s Glenbrows Playtime At Gwynmarren


Minor Puppy Bitch (2 1a)

1st W. Buckwell’s Killena Sarafina, Very demure puppy with balanced head and gentle eye. Lovely rich colour, good reach of neck, well boned and compact body.


Puppy Bitch (4 1a)

1st Salt’s Islanza Hit The Spot (AI), Shown in good condition, well muscled and presented, correct size. Head balanced with soft expression, good reach of neck, deep chest and well sprung ribs, plenty of bone. BPB

2nd Walton’s Hillpark Princess Aurora, More immature than 1, happy temperament, dark eye, well placed shoulders, moved well

3rd Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Venus


Junior Bitch (5 1a)

1st Greenway’s Ferndel Story Time, Happy bitch with feminine head, kind eye, correct bite. Well boned, good depth of chest and well placed shoulders, nice spring of rib. Shown in good condition.

2nd Nowak’s Catjack Diva, Not so outgoing as 1, dark eye with a soft spaniel expression, balanced, neat feet, moved ok

3rd  Walton’s Hillpark Princess Aurora


Special Yearling Bitch (7 1a)

1st Thomas’s Bowdonia Moment To Shine, Very pretty head and showing a soft melting expression. Balanced throughout, plenty of bone, good depth of chest and well sprung ribs. Excellent rear angulation with hocks well let down, moved with drive.

2nd Davidson, Wells, & Gray’s, Amanshe Golden Lotus With Benchmark, Plenty of substance but feminine, very happy. good bone, compact body, neat feet, flat coat, moved well.

3rd Woodward & Thomas’s Bowdonia Time To Dream.


Novice Bitch (6 2a)

1st Ellis’s Glenbrows Fascination with Shannara, Kind dark eye, scissor bite, slight chiselling under eye. Good reach of neck neatly set into sloping shoulders. Rise over loin gives correct topline and enough feathering completes the picture. Moved well holding topline.

2nd Greenway’s Ferndel Story Time,

3rd Roland-Shrubb’s Ypagneul Coco At Bichere


Graduate Bitch (8 0a)

1st E. Wren’s Ferndel Eostre At Gwynmarren, Well balanced and proportioned throughout, very pretty head, compact body with well sprung ribs, well angulated, plenty of bone, lovely rich red coat, moved with plenty of drive.

2nd Madeley’s Barhi Flaming Star, A soft melting spaniel expression from a kind dark eye. Good depth of muzzle. Deep chest, well sprung ribs, enough bone, moved well.

3rd Watson’s Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark.


Post Graduate Bitch (9 2a)

1st Tew’s Pamicks Tilly Trotting JW, Stood out in class. Very happy, balanced head of correct proportions, good depth to muzzle, ears set low, eyes dark and full of expression. Up to size compact body with strong neck set into well laid back shoulders. Good depth of second thigh and hocks well let down. Moved happily and with push and drive. Rich red coat, shown in lovely condition. RBB

2nd Jennings & Donovan’s Gemill Electra, Lovely outline, very feminine bitch. Soft expression, good bone, neat feet, well placed shoulders and depth of chest. Plenty muscle and rear angulation enabled her to move with drive holding topline.

3rd Jones’s Pennylock Sioned At Trosley


Limit Bitch (2 0a)

1st Thomas’s Bowdonia Star Catcher JW Well balanced throughout, plenty of bone, nice depth of chest, good angulations front and rear, compact with slight rise over loin, correct tail carriage on move. Moved with drive.

2nd Carr’s Gemill Primevail, Heavier built than 1, well bodied with good spring of rib, neat feet, rich red coat, moved ok


Open Bitch (6 0a)

1st Thomas’s Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW,  A true Welsh Springer, balanced throughout, plenty of substance but not overdone. Typical welsh head with sweetest expression, slight dome with defined stop, kind dark eye, well chiselled underneath, good depth to muzzle. Good reach of neck and clean throat neatly set into well laid back shoulders, balanced with upper arm length. Compact body with depth to chest and spring of ribs, slight rise over loin, leading to neatly set tail, giving correct topline. Moderate bend of stifle and hocks well let down, enabled her to move soundly with plenty of push and drive. Deserved BIS

2nd Michie’s Tobermyn Dawn Chorus, Very pretty bitch shown in excellent condition, well muscled and in good coat, rich red colour. Soft spaniel expression from a dark eye, head in proportion, ears set low. Shoulders laid back giving good upper arm reach. Compact body and well sprung ribs. Well angulated behind moved well with reach and drive holding topline.

3rd Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Miss Chief JW


Special Beginners Bitch (4 0a)

1st Madeley’s Barhi Flaming Star

2nd Watson’s Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark, Compact bitch with a happy temperament and balanced head, kind eye. Lovely rich red colour. Rise over loin, held topline and moved ok

3rd Greenway’s Ferndel Story Time


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch (11 1a)

1st E. Wren’s Ferndel Eostre At Gwynmarren,

2nd Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance

3rd Davidson, Wells, & Gray Amanshe Golden Lotus With Benchmark


Special Working Dog or Bitch (3 0a)

1st  Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance

2nd Stone’s Stedigan Pipers Piping

3rd White’s Fiergen Steamy Windows


Special New Members Dog or Bitch (4 2a)

1st Woodhams’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy

2nd Roland-Shrubb’s Ypagneul Coco At Bichere


Brace (5 0a)

1st Miss S Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Well matched masculine and feminine pair moved steady together.

2nd W. Buckwell’s Killena Well matched, moved happy together

3rd Mrs L Smith Cherryheath’s



Judge:  Diane Monday