South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club 16.10.2016

Thank you to the members of the club the electing me to judge.  I was blessed with good hospitality, sportsmanship and two excellent stewards in Ruth Waller and Charles Dixon. It was lovely to be amongst Welshie folk again and  be reminded what a friendly bunch of people and their dogs are. The show had a good atmosphere, which in no small way is down to a strong committee. Thank you for bringing your lovely dogs for me to judge. Thank you also to the club for their memento gift of a glass bowl engraved with the club's logo, which I believe is based on the front cover of The Essential Welsh Springer Spaniel by my dear friend John Phillips and features my foundation bitch Byrony of Banlieue and her son Ch Northey Woodpecker.



Judged by Christine McDonald (Northey)



1.         Janes’ CWMBEILI GWILYM, just a baby at just 6 months.  Delightful temperament.  Correct bite, as were all the entry.   Skull a little narrow for me.  Plenty of bone. Quarters well angulated fore and aft. Very happy and sound moving for one so young.  Very much a puppy in puppy coat.


PUPPY DOG (3 1abs)

1.         Worth’s SARABANDE MAN IN THE MIRROR (AI) (Best Puppy Dog & BPIS)

Really liked the look of this  dog. Lovely  expression from his well-shaped eyes and chiselling of foreface. Good muzzle with moderate stop  and well-shaped back skull leading to arched neck and smooth shoulders.  Clean throat and good in front with tight feet. Compact body, good topline and well set on tail. Moved soundly and happily with well carried tail. Could be a shade more masculine. Reminded me of Sh Ch Dalati Cymro of Tamaritz, whom I used at stud to get Ch Northey Stormcloud's sire)  BPD and with agreement of co-judge Christine Knowles (Menstonia) Best Puppy in show.


2.         Harrison’s GLENBROWS LEGACY (AI), strong, merry and active dog of a different style being overall more generous in substance and coat.  A shade long in loin and preferred balance of head of winner.


JUNIOR DOG  (7 2abs)

1.         Harrison’s GLENBROWS PICTURE ME NOW JW (Dog CC  RBIS & BOS)

Impressive young dog of 17 months.  Strong, merry and active with a super outgoing temperament that he showed off free standing and on the move by wagging his tail enthusiastically. Well proportioned head with kind expression, strong neck  set into decent shoulders and upper arm. Neat elbows. Good development of brisket and plenty of heart and lung room.  Immaculate front and excellent bone with well-padded feet.   Angulation of rear matched good forequarters with width of second thighs and good low set hocks. Very sound on the move with good reach and drive. Pleased to award him the CC, which I understand is his second.  CC, RBIS and BOS

2.         Rees’ TYPICA FLASH HARRY, Very nice dog of excellent type.  Good head,  forechest and depth of body.  Good ribbing with plenty of heart and lung room. Sound movement.

3.         Woodham’s GLYNELL JIFFY


YEARLING DOG (11 2abs)

1.         Ellis’ SHANNARA TOTAL ECLIPSE, a good type of medium-sized well-balanced strong, merry active dog. Liked his head proportions and kind eye expression.  A tad short of neck and stacked could be a bit hunched over the shoulders, but good on the move and free standing naturally.  Deep chest,, excellent ribbing and strong over loin.  A shade haphazard with his front moving.

2.         Blackford’s AMBLELIGHT GALATEA, very nice make and shape.  Very sound on the move.  Just preferred development of ribbing and body of winner. 

3.         Rees’ TYPICA FLASH HARRY, very good trio of dogs


MAIDEN DOG (3 1abs)


2.         Harrison’s GLENBROWS LEGACY (AI)


NOVICE DOG (4 1abs)


2.         Harrison’s GLENBROWS LEGACY (AI)

3.         Green’s EURION JASPER



1.         Caldwell& McDowell’s BOWDONIA ONLY THE BRAVE FOR CERYSAN, love the type, well balanced dog with good head, eye and expression.  Excellent ribbing and body.  Great outline, strong loin with good spaniel 'bum' and well set on of tail. Didn't move out so well in the challenge but CC material on another day.  Well worth  moving up a class or two and campaigning.

2.         Rees’ TYPICA FLASH HARRY

3.         Green’s EURION JASPER




, Impressive in scope and reach of stride covering a lot of ground effortlessly.  Long, strong neck with clean throat.  Excellent front and well laid shoulders Generous angulation fore and aft with deep second thighs. In beautiful coat and well handled. 

2.         Starkey’s MYNTHURST SILVER SPIRIT, good type of dog, liked his typical topline  with  strong, loin and good back end with well set on tail. On the large size for me.


3.         Isherwood’s AMBLELIGHT TRAPEZIUM STAR


MID LIMIT DOG (5 2abs)

1.         Woodham’s TOBERMYN MINSTREL BOY, good type, well ribbed with deep chest. Strong over loin with good spaniel 'bum' and well set tail. Fit and well muscled. Excellent feet.  Went well around the ring with reach and drive and well enough coming and going, though slightly close in hocks. 


2.         Reynolds’ KAMUNTING CAST AWAY TO BENOVEOR JW, another nice dog with well-developed body. A shade more upright in fore and aft quarters, but balanced and moved particularly well coming and going, 'though not as long in stride as the winner.



LIMIT DOG (6 2abs)

1.         Graham’s TAIMERE’S TWISTER ROUND NYLIRAM JW, good type of dog of traditional style. Just the right size.  Liked him for overall balance and proportions, good topline with well-muscled loin and good tail set. Medium length, strong neck.  Good brisket and deep body with plenty of room for heart and lungs and short strong coupling. Well muscled and moved very soundly in profile and viewed from front and rear.  Between coats or could have gone higher.

2.         Woodham’s TOBERMYN MINSTREL BOY

3.         Philipson’s MENSTONIA MARKSMAN ShCM


OPEN DOG (4 1abs)

1.         Harrison’s SH CH GLENBROWS TRADEMARK JW (Dog Reserve CC), A more glamorous style than last class winner and so impressive with his gleaming, long coat and presentation.  It reminds me of the time back in the '70s/'80s when the Dalati style hit the rings and judges needed to be open-minded on what they were used to seeing  in the Tregwillym dogs, for example to keep the gene pool open and numbers on an even keel. Times change and there is more choice of diet, conditioning and trimming skills. There is no doubt a spectacular presentation does attract the eye.   But, it is the inspection under the coat that matters.  This dog is as well made as he is attractive. He has a well-proportioned head, strong long neck set into good shoulders and length of upper arms. Super bone, parallel front legs with well-padded feet accentuated by short nails and good trimming. Good brisket and deep chest with ribs carried well back and good angulation fore and aft. Good turn of stifle and low to ground hocks.  Dense rich red, although I wouldn't want it any darker. Moved  accurately with good footfall, but preferred his kennel mate with a merry, active demeanour, wagging  tail carriage and more moderate feathering RCC.

 2.        Reynolds’ GLENBROWS BAND OF BROTHERS FOR BENOVEOR JW ShCM, good type, not dissimilar to winner, just a shade longer in loin and not as accurate in front movement.



VETERAN DOG (7 3abs)

1.         Green’s TWYSOG GELERT, Well proportioned dog of good type. Good head, neck shoulders and length of upper arm. Good handful of forechest and capacious ribs, Good length of body and set on of tail. A shade long hock to heel. Handled to make the best of him.

2.         Walton’s  AM CH COLE CREEK HAWK EYE AT HILLPARK (IMP USA), really nice dog.  Good type throughout and went well.

3.         Wright’s AMBLELIGHT ALIOTH




2.         Isherwood’s AMBLELIGHT TRAPEZIUM STAR, Nice boy, didn't move to advantage. unplaced in Post Graduate

3.         Brown’s BOWDONIA OZZIE



1.         Stone’s STEDIGAN PIPERS PIPING, good type and outline. proportionate head properties.  Strong neck and clean in throat.  Good rump and tail set and carriage. I would prefer more length of upper arm.  Sound away, but lacked reach in profile.




1.           Barkley’s SH CH CHERRYHEATH’S MR MISCHIEF JW ShCM, such a genuine sound, merry active Welsh Springer of traditional style.  Excellent type of head, well balanced fore and aft proportions. Strong neck and  good brisket. Strong over correct skeleton and muscle to create slightly arched loin. Strong in front which was his downfall moving towards me, and his coat colour is faded but a good sort in my book.

2.         Green’s EURION JASPER, nice dog at one with his handler.  He had received some minor awards in previous classes, and pleased to award him a second here.  Very well done to the 7 dogs in this class for gaining your Good Citizen Certificate. 



5.         Wright’s AMBLELIGHT SOLAR FLARE


For BIS,  my co-judge Christine Knowles (Menstonia) and I agreed on the Bitch, TAIMERE'S TAKE THE BISCUIT principally due to maturity of body and muscle tone agreeing that the CC winning junior dog was ok for his age, he needed time to develop to optimum.  RBIS went to the dog in favour of the bitch RCC, a major deciding factor being quality of feet. We awarded Best Puppy in Show to the dog , Worth’s SARABANDE MAN IN THE MIRROR (AI), who beat his litter sister Sarabande Eternity at Slapestones (AI), whom I also admired but we both felt she was looking a little tired in the challenge. 

Christine McDonald (Northey)



Judged By Christine Knowles (Menstonia)


 It is always an honour to be invited to judge a breed club championship show and I thank the Committee for their hospitality and my two hard working stewards for their assistance. I had a lovely entry of bitches to go over. One worry seemed to be how close behind the movement was especially in the lower classes,  our lovely breed should not be over exaggerated anywhere  needing  good second thigh, muscled quarters  and short hocks to drive from behind to cover the ground. Something to consider, not just the picture of a dog standing, as you will be breeding from your bitches for the future of our breed.  On the whole temperament was good and happy on the move. A few had tails down and looked worried but the younger ones were probably over awed by the occasion and will be fine with more miles under their belts. I was pleased with my placings and in some classes of  quality there were not enough cards.


MPB,  2. 1 Cwmbeili  Madlen, just 6 months old, nice all round, super  bone, gd feet, gd spring rib, nice feet , gd 2nd thigh, moved happily  2 Sarabande Defying Gravity (ai), nice all round puppy but this one needs time but the outline is already there, gd neck shoulder, nice head, nice rib and depth, gd coat


PB, (8) 6.  1 Sarabande Eternity at Slapestones (ai), lovely all round puppy and showed well, tail wagging. Gd head with lovely neck shoulder, gd depth body with gd 2nd thigh, gd coat colour, nice all round  2 Glenbrows Liberty (ai) another lovely puppy with gd neck shoulder, has depth body and short coupled, just  needs to come out of herself  3 Glenbrows Loyalty to Beneover (ai)


JB, (5) 3.  1 Cherryheaths Miss Velocity JW, nice typey welsh, lovely head, eye, gd neck and shoulder, gd bone, nice depth and gd spring rib, gd 2nd thigh, moved happy with drive   2 Jacranella Symphony, nice all round, nice head gd depth muzzle, lovely reach neck to compact body with nice depth, gd feet , nice coat 3 Martinryall Great How


YB, (6) 5. This was a nice class all of quality  1 Taimere’s Two Step, nice all round, nice head kind eye  gd depth muzzle, gd neck, nice depth body slightly long cast, gd 2nd thigh, lovely feet, happy and moving well  2 Ambika Tranquil Spirit for Benmorbry,  nice bitch, lovely and typey, gd neck and shoulder, lovely depth body, gd quarters and 2nd thigh, good coat, happy on move 3 Jacranella Serenade


MB, (6) 4.  1 Llawen Lady Our Loyal Welsh, nice all round, gd neck shoulder, gd depth body and nice rib, gd 2nd thigh just needs coat to complete picture 2 Glenbrows Loyalty to Beneover, 3rd in nice puppy class, nice head gd neck shoulder,   good bone, nice depth gd brisket 3 Sarabande Defying Gravity (ai)


NB, (8) 7.  1 Sarabande Eternity at Slapestones (ai) 2 Jacranella Sonata, really nice all round and  typey, nice head,  lovely bone and gd feet,  gd depth body and spring rib, short coupled, lovely 2nd thigh, just needs to get her act together and enjoy it  3 Glenbrows Liberty (ai)


GB, 1.  Stagarth a Kind of Magic, nice all round, gd type, nice neck, shoulder, gd bone good deep body and spring rib,


PGB, (5) 4.  1 Nyliram Miss Joules JW, nice all round, nice head neck, gd feet, nice depth body, gd brisket, short  coupled, showed well   2 Amanshe Golden Revelation, different type but nice all the same, nice head  & neck, gd depth, gd 2nd thigh, gd feet  3 Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark


MLB, 5. 1 Ypagneul Coco at Bichere, what a super typey welshie, really nice all round, lovely head and kind eye, gd front, nice feet, lovely rib and brisket, super muscled quarters,  gd 2nd thigh and  gd short hocks moved well driving from behind covering the ground. Res CC unfortunately tiring by the end of the day and joint judging  2 Glenbrows Memoir nice all round lovely head and eye, nice neck shoulder, gd feet, gd depth body, short coupled, gd coat  3 Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan

LB, 5 Super class of quality exhibits all round.  1 Taimere’s  Takes the Biscuit JW, another typey welsh good all round, Lovely head kind eye, super  neck onto gd shoulders, gd front, bone and gd feet, good spring rib and depth, well  muscled quarters gd 2nd thigh with short hocks, good coat, moved super with enthusiasm, drive and power. Pleased to award her the CC. Still showing super  at the end of the day to be awarded Best In Show with the agreement of my co judge.  2 Ypagneul  Coco at Bichere 3 Bowdonia Seraphina JW


OB, (8) 7 Another nice quality class 1 Sh Ch Bowdonia Moment to Shine, lovely all round bitch, slightly bigger frame, gd head eye, nice neck, gd bone, deep body gd spring rib, nice coat, gd strong quarters, short hocks, driving movement won her the class   2 SH CH Glenbrows Tribute to Weslave JW, nice all round, gd head, eye, gd neck and shoulder, nice bone and depth body  3 SH CH Slapestones Mouna JW


VB, 4.  1 Ch Julita Rezanella of Jacranella, lovely typey welsh,  gd head eye, gd neck shoulder, deep chest, good quarters & 2nd thigh on good feet, nice all round and happy to be out showing. Still showing at end of day to be awarded Best Veteran in Show in agreement with my co judge 2 SH CH Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW, another lovely one, gd head, eye and neck, gd depth body, rear and 2nd thigh moving with drive  3 Julita Revelation at Amanshe


SBB, 3.  1 Ypagneul Coco at Bichere 2 Stagarth a Kind of Magic Ceryspring Seven Sisters


SWB, 2.  1 Isfryn Hocus Pocus JW, super typey welsh, lovely neck and shoulders, gd depth body short coupled,  gd spring rib. Strong muscled quarters moving with drive and an ever wagging tail 2 Fiergen Steamy Windows different type but nice with gd depth body, gd rib, nice head and neck, good feet, good muscle moved well  


GCB, 3.  1 Slapestones Heart (ai), lovely all round welshie, gd bone, depth body and rib, nice head and neck, muscled quarters gd 2nd thigh, moved well  2 Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark, nice welsh, nice head neck, gd depth body on nice feet  3 Rosolly You’ve Got the Love


Christine Knowles – Menstonia



Brace (6 entries, 3 absent) 1st Sutherland’s Brace. A beautifully matched pair, who I see are bred from the same sire & dam. They scored in heads of correct proportions with soft, alert and intelligent expressions. Ideal height and correct toplines, both carrying tails well. Precise, co-ordinated movement. Put down to perfection. 2nd Blackord’s Brace. Pleasing heads and intelligent expressions. Ample neck and sound throughout. Efficient movement, keeping toplines on the move. Not quite as tidy as winners in harness, but still a lovely pair. 3rd Primmer’s Brace

Breeders Stakes (5,0a) 1st Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony.  Superb bitch with pretty head and correct earset. Soft expression from dark, lustrous eyes. Ample neck leading to correct shoulders. Nothing overdone. Correct topline with slight rise over loin. On the move, displayed co-ordination and drive on super tight feet. Immaculate coat and condition. 2nd Thomas’s Bowdonia Anastasia JW.  Pleasing in head and eye, with gentle yet alert expression. Slightly longer cast than winner, but still very pleasing in outline. Sound throughout with good bone and muscle tone. Excellent tail carriage and put down to perfection. 3rd Blackford’s Amblelight Galatea.