South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Championship Show


12th October 2014


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Dogs Critique


        I was honoured to be asked to judge dogs at the Club’s show and would like to thank the committee for their hospitality and my stewards who did an excellent job.


Minor Puppy ( 2) 1. Gills’ Stagarth Don’t Stop Me Now at Brenros, compact, balanced, well boned dog with strong masculine head, good feet and front, well muscled for age, moved soundly 2. Green’s Eurion Jasper, of different type and rangier than 1, nice head and front ,well presented, moved well


Puppy (6) 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Trademark, nice type, well made and balanced ,  pleasing outline, good front and feet, beautifully presented, BPD & BPIS 2. Hankins’ Haltonian Romeo with Woodelrond, of heavier type than 1, typical head, well boned and compact, moved OK once he settled 3. Starkey’s Mynthurst Silver Spirit


Junior  (5) 1. Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm ( AI) , pleasing head and expression, good  lay of shoulder, well ribbed, in lovely coat and condition, moved soundly

2. Salt’s Islanza Double Dutch, not as mature as 1, good overall type throughout with lots to like, needs time to come together, shown in lovely condition, moved well

3. Reynold’s Benoveor Crime Wave Des Vauriennes ( Imp NLD)



Yearling ( 4, 1) 1. Harmsen’s Wild Chase Des Vauriennes JW Bel JCH, masculine head, good front and feet, slightly longer cast, well muscled throughout, moved well

2. Goodman’s Tobermyn King of Hearts, nice type overall, typical head, good lay of shoulders, moved soundly once he settled and co-operated with his handler. 3. Bond’s Hillpark Golden Successor


Maiden ( 4) 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Trademark, 2. Hankins’ Haltonian Romeo with Woodelrond, 3. Tew’s Pamick’s Believe You Can


Novice (5 ) 1. Harrison’s Glenbrows Trademark, 2. Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm ( AI), 3. Hankins’ Haltonian Romeo with Woodelrond


Graduate ( 6) 1. Frost & Troth’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Topaz JW, of sound type and construction, good front and spring of rib, well developed body, strong hindquarters , moved with plenty of drive, , 2. Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm ( AI),

3. Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star


Post Graduate ( 7,1) 1. Butler-Holley & Holley’s Shandwick Promise, quality dog with a lovely happy temperament, correctly proportioned head, nice dark eye, good front with cat-like feet, well sprung ribs, correct topline, strong hindquarters with deep second thighs which he uses to good effect on the move, shown in lovely coat and condition C.C  Pleased to see him go BIS on the referees decision. 2. Frost & Troth’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Topaz JW, 3. Philipson’s Menstonia Marksman



Mid Limit ( 4, 1) 1. Cocking & Barnaby’s Bushwacker Captain Courageous at Ruskinite, nice overall type, good head and expression, cat-like feet, well bodied and muscled throughout, moved well 2. Allen’s Pacey Acer at Pauletaire, good overall type and construction, would prefer a more masculine head, beautifully presented and handled, 3. Goodman’s Tobermyn King of Hearts


Limit ( 4,1) 1. Duncan’s Redfrith Jack of Diamonds, nicely made dog, well up to size, typical head, good front and lay of shoulder, good spring of rib, correct topline, well angulated hind quarters, moved well with plenty of drive, just needs a little more coat to complete the picture Res C.C. 2. Wright’s Amblelight Alioth, of different type to 1, nice head and expression, well constructed throughout, shown in good coat and condition 3. Blackford’s Amblelight Saiph


Open ( 9) Strong class and unfortunately some nice dogs went cardless on the day

 1. Caldwell & McDowell’s Sh Ch Gemill Back to the Future for Cerysan JW ShCM, good overall type, has all the essentials in the right place, correctly proportioned head, good front and feet, well sprung ribs, good strong hindquarters, presented in lovely coat and condition and moved with plenty of drive 2. Tew’s Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW, of different type to 1 and well up to size, strong masculine head, good front,

cat-like feet, correct lay of shoulder, well muscled hindquarters, moved with drive 3.Harrison’s Glenbrows Rainman


Veteran ( 3) 1. Cemis’ Sh Ch Taimere’s Turnabout for Collinsmoore JW, pleasing outline, typical head and expression, well made throughout, at 12 years old unfortunately now showing his age on the move 2. White’s Fiergen Break Dancer, nice overall type and construction, well muscled throughout, would prefer slightly more angulation on the rear, which affected his movement 3. Wren’s Gwynmarren Winter Storm JW


Special Beginners ( 7, 1) 1. Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star, pleasing outline and type, well put together, with good spring of rib, strong hindquarters, once settled he moved well 2. Woodhams Tobermyn Minstrel Boy, nicely proportioned throughout, well ribbed body, shown in good condition, moved soundly 3. Osborne’s Islanza Lets Go Dutch


Special Working ( 2) 1. Evan’s Coedybrain Ryan Ar Nantlle sound dog, typical head and expression, deep chest with well sprung ribs, strong well muscled hindquarters with deep second thighs, moved with drive 2. Stone’s Stedigan Pipers Piping, of different type to 1 and slightly longer cast, nice head and expression, well muscled throughout, strode out well on the move.


Good Citizen ( 3) 1. Cocking & Barnaby’s Bushwacker Thriller, compact, well made dog presenting a nice outline, good front and feet, well sprung ribs, deep forechest, well developed body with well angulated hindquarters, moved soundly

2.  Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star 3. 2. Woodhams Tobermyn Minstrel Boy,



Wendy Buckwell


Bitches Critique


I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge bitches and for their excellent hospitality throughout the day.


I was pleased with my overall winners however feel that some points need attention,  a number of bitches where too fine and  lacked bone and substance, I found a lot with little or no depth in fore chest,  movement  especially the rear, was varied, quite a few moving close behind lacking strength in muscle  and drive.  


Minor Puppy 4 (1)

1.    Shooting Star Des Vauriennes, 6 month old baby of lovely type and balance for age. Feminine head with plenty of work between the eyes. Good neck & shoulder in a deep well ribbed body with plenty bone. Strong well developed rear with good angulation. Moved soundly with drive and enthusiasm. BPB

2.    Stargarth A Kind of Magic, pleasing overall type & balanced body with good bone, a little heavy over the shoulders. Good coat & condition moved well.

3.    Amanshe Romance in Paris Avec Bichere.

Puppy 3

1.    Shooting Star Des Vauriennes

2.    Stargarth A Kind Of Magic

3.    Amanshe Romance in Paris Avec Bichere

Junior 8 (1) Strong class of promising young bitches

1.    Bushwacker Gregory’s Girl At Highclare, promising young bitch with a lovely flowing outline, pleasing head with dark eye. Good neck, shoulders & front assembly with depth of forchest. Well ribbed body with good well muscled hindquarters. Moved soundly with drive, maturity and coat will complete the picture.

2.    Coedybrain Nia At Cwmbeili, another lovely bitch of good overall construction and balance, not quite as developed in rib as 1 but very similar qualities one to watch. Moved soundly with drive.

3.    Glenbrows Memoir

Yearling 5

1.    Lyndfil Zazu JW,  Nice headed bitch with good eye. Pleasing neck & shoulder, balanced body with good spring of rib,  adequate rear angulation but would like more strength in rear movement. Shown in good coat & condition.

2.    Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan,  nicely made bitch who was 4th in the strong junior class. Pleasing overall type and construction, good outline and moved well just needs maturity.

3.    Islanza Speechless Duck (Ai)

Maiden 3

1.    Glenbrows Memoir,  another nicely made bitch with good head, well developed body with exceptionally good hind movement. Presented a balanced outline. Moved and shown  very well by her young handler to get the best out of her.

2.    Stargarth A Kind of Magic

3.    Hillpark Princess Aurora

Novice 5

1.    Bushwaker Gregory’s Girl at Highclare

2.    Glenbrows Memoir

3.    Sarabande River Breeze ( Ai)

Graduate 4

1.    Bowdonia Time To Dream,  lovely bitch of good type and balance, pleasing head, good bone, legs & feet. Balanced body with depth and spring of rib. Well developed hindquarters . Moved soundly.

2.    Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond, pleasing balance and construction,  presented a good outline, just preferred neck & should & head of 1. Moved well.

3.    Rosolly You’ve Got The Love.

Post Grad 9 (1)

1.    Menstonia Minty of Haslemount JW, Quality bitch of lovely type and balance, pleasing head, good neck & shoulders in a deep well constructed body with plenty spring of rib and strength in hindquarters. Presented a good outline both standing and on the move, which she does soundly with drive. Shown in good coat & condition, an easy winner in this class and close up for top honours. Res CC.

2.    Rosolly You’ve Got The Love, Pleasing type and balance, well constructed throughout would just prefer a little more strength in head and substance.  Shown in good coat moved soundly.

3.    Barhi Flaming Star

Mid Limit 3

1.    Bushwacker Hot Gossip , Feminine headed bitch of good outline and type,  balanced throughout  would prefer more spring in rib for age and needs to develop in coat. Moved soundly.

2.    Pamicks Tilly Trotting, bigger made bitch with loads of substance. Well developed body with plenty of angulation both ends. Moved well shown in good coat.

3.    Solva Guiletta

Limit 9 (1)

1.    Slapestones Mouna, Quality bitch with lovely substance and bone, she flows from a pleasant head through good neck & shoulder, well constructed body with excellent spring of rib to strong well developed quarters. Shown and presented in 1st class coat & condition.  When asked to move she covers the ground soundly and effortlessly.  CC

2.    Bowdonia Moment To Shine, another nicely constructed bitch of good type and balance, just a shade stronger all over. Presents a good outline and moved soundly.

3.    Amberlight Sunglow.

Open 6

1.    Sh.Ch.Shandwick Premier Rose,  worthy champion of pleasing overall qualities and construction. Well developed body with good quarters, shown in excellent coat & condition. Moved well

2.    Bowdonia Star Catcher JW.  Another nicely made bitch with pleasing outline and construction.  Good bone & substance, deep well made body with well angulated hindquarters. Moved soundly.

3.    Typica Country Maid.

Veteran 5

1.    Tobermyn Dawn Chorus,  Feminine head, balanced body with depth, good front assembly and well angulated hindquarters. Presented a balanced outline, moved soundly and in good coat & condition. BVIS.

2.    Menstonia Fair Chance, another of pleasing type and construction shown in good coat & condition for age, moved soundly with drive.

3.    Ned.Ch. Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh.

Special Beginners 7

1.    Barhi Flaming Star, mature bitch with a balanced outline, good bone. Well ribbed  body with good quarters. Moved well.

2.    Glenbrows Fascination with Shannara,  Bigger made bitch with lovely outline and bone, would prefer more depth of forchest. . Shown in good condition moved ok.

3.    Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark.

Sp Working. 2

1. Menstonia Fair Chance.

2.    Fiergen Steamy Windows, tall rangy bitch needing to develop in rib, good bone balanced outline, moved ok.

Good Citizens 5

1.    Cherryheath Miss Chief JW, Mature bitch of pleasing type and construction. Feminine head, well developed body with plenty rear angulation. Moved well.

2.    Norlington Nectar JW ShCM,  another of pleasing type and balance. Deep well ribbed body with good quarters. Shown in good coat moved ok., presented a good outline.

3.    Rosolly You’ve Got The Love.

John Thirlwell





 As Referee I was asked to make the final decision for Best in Show. This I found in Butler-Holley’s Shandwick Promise. A stylish dog who oozed quality and charm. Just the right size for me. He presented a delightful picture of breed type combined with strength and athleticism. Masculine head with nothing overdone. Kindest of keen expressions. Compact body and best of fronts. Well developed rear assembly and plenty of muscletone. He moved with drive and purpose and made a stunning picture overall. Reserve Best in Show was Richie’s Slapstones Mouna JW. A delightfully ultra feminine lady with much to like about her. She presents a picture of glamour combined with style and breed type. Balanced throughout with lovely body shape and strong quarters. Sound steady driving action on the move. Presented in beautiful coat and condition. Brace. 1st Barclay’s Cherryheath mother & son combination. Beautifully matched pair. Superb in head and body with correct outline and rise over loin. Plenty of substance, bone and muscle. Precise co-ordinated movement. Sound throughout. 2nd Blackford’s Amberlight duo. Pleasing pair with delightful attitude. Smaller in make than winners. Sound movers but not quite as outgoing. Special Breeders. 1st Barclay’s trio of stylish sound movers. Pleasing in head shape and plenty of rib and muscle. Well developed rear assembly enabling them to drive round the ring covering the ground with ease. Presented in immaculate coats and condition.