Judge:  Jane Hopkins, Brandhaven House, Long Thurlow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffok IP31 3JF (Affix:  Zamberlan)(email:  zamberlanwss@hotmail.com)











I was pleased with the quality of the bitch exhibits and, although there is still room for improvement generally in movement, the overall standard was good.  One thing I did note was the variety in eye shape which varied from round and prominent to some very small eyes giving a hard expression.  There were only a small number with typical Welsh Springer heads with correct proportions and stop which is a real shame as this is one of the breed’s most endearing features.






Minor Puppy (4)


1          Knowles’ Menstonia Misty Dreams, beautiful b puppy, correctly proportioned, already with feminine head and pleasing expression.  Good ribbing and rise over loin.  Happy, sound movement.  Very promising. BPIS


2                    Wakeman’s Sherdrew Kirby Lonsdale, pleasing p with good length of neck and dark eye, preferred the head and front angulation of 1.


3                    Graham’s Nylirum New Tales



Puppy (6)


1          Frost’s Bushwacker Atomic Kitten, nice outline standing with good angulation and length of neck.  Pleasing expression with dark eye.  Moved OK, but needs to strengthen in hind movement.


2          Knowles’ Menstonia Memories Past, substantial bitch with good bone and substance, moved well with correct rise over loin.  Preferred proportions and head properties of 1.  Needs time.


3          Janes’ Coedybrain Nellie


Junior (10,1)


1          Carr’s Cerysan Take a Chance at Gemill, beautiful quality bitch with amazing outline.  Good neck blending cleanly over correctly angulated shoulders.  Lovely to find such a pleasing head, depth of body and tailset.  This correct angulation and proportions just had to mean sound movement and I was not disappointed.  Used her tail which was the icing on the cake – very well presented – well done!  RCC and RBIS


2          Jones’ Pennylock Queen Lizzy, good substance and pleasing outline with correct rise over loin.  Would prefer slightly longer muzzle, but liked the stop which is lacking on so many.  Moved well.


3          Caldwell’s Cerysan Purely by Chance



Special Yearling (3)


1          Wetsteyn’s Jayne Our Loyal Welsh, nicely proportioned b with good angulation front and rear.  Liked the rise over loin and tailset, but would prefer slightly more stop.  Moved ok.


2          Jackson’s Torcello Truly Scrumptious, this one needs time to mature, would benefit from more coat.  Happy, sound movement.


3          White’s Fiergen Private Dancer



Maiden (2)


1          Knowles’ M Memories Past


2          Michie’s Tobermyn Dawn Chorus, not as mature as 1.  Has all the essentials, but not ready yet.  Extremely happy and outgoing.  Would prefer tighter feet.



Novice (8,1)


1          Caldwell’s Cerysan Purely by Chance, pleasing outline and proportions, with good neck and well set shoulders.  Nice head and expression.  Correct tailset.  Needs more coat and feathering at present, but this must come.  Moved OK.


2          Wetsteyn’s Cari Terwyn Our Loyal Welsh, lighter in bone and substance than 1, but good depth of body and good coat.  Preferred topline and head properties of 1.


3          Morgan & Roberts’ Cwrt Afon Llona



Graduate (6,1)


Not a lot to choose between 1 & 2


1          Wort’s Ranwolf Hjordis, good standing, pleased in neck, head and expression.  Good angulation front and rear with correct depth and ribbing.  Moved OK.  Would prefer tighter feet.


2          Reeder’s Highclare Darcee Bussell, smaller b with lovely head and dark eye, moved well and pleased overall, but lost out on hind angulation to 1.


3          Frost’s Menstonia Musetta



Post Graduate (11,1)


1          Caldwell’s Cerysan Alexa, very pretty and appealing b with lots to like.  Good substance and ribbing, but retaining femininity.  Lovely neck and angulation with kind expression.  Happy sound mover.  Markings do not help her, but taking this into account I found her extremely well proportioned.  Promising.


2          Bryant’s Thurbry Hedd a Hope, did not help herself standing, but once settled displayed pleasing type. Good body and substance with kind expression and correct head properties.  Moved OK.


3          Westeyn’s Jayne Our Loyal Welsh



Mid-Limit (7,2)


1          Knowles’ Menstonia Misty Memories, not overdone in any respect, typy b with everything in the right proportion.  Pleased in head and expression.  Moved OK coming and going.


2          Knowles’ Menstonia Madonna, another b with good bone and substance, shorter in neck than 1 and not quite as balanced, also preferred head of 1.


3          Bell & Palmer’s Glanhafon Glesni JW



Limit (9)


1          Alliston, Davidson & Well’s Batruth Northern Crown, very nearly my RCC winner, but let herself down when moving for the challenge.  Beautiful type of WSS, admired her balanced outline and happy, sound movement.  Presented a wonderful picture standing and had all the qualities of a true Welshie.  In good coat and condition with lovely bone and depth of body.  She has all the essentials to beat the best if she can only sustain her enthusiasm and movement in the ring.


2          Knowles’ M. Misty Memories


3          Janes’ Coedybrain Glynis



Open (10,1)


Two really lovely Welsh Springers.


1          Tully’s Sh Ch Highclare Queens Logic, beautiful typy and sound bitch in the best of coats and sparkling condition.  Lovely head and expression.  Well bodied and well-muscled with lovely length of neck flowing into correctly placed shoulders.  Good depth of body and lovely front and rear angulation.  Happy and sound both coming and going.  Presented to perfection and on tip-top form.  BCC and with the agreement of my fellow judge, BIS


2          Frost’s Highclare Scrabble of Bushwacker, another really nice b with lots to like.  Almost identical in outline to 1, but not in quite such good coat.  Preferred the verve and showmanship of 1, but very difficult choice.


3          Duncan’s Ir Sh Ch Redfrith Foreign Affair JW



Veteran (6)


1          Barkley’s Parkmist Miss Temptation, excelled in driving movement and really flew around the ring.  This seven year old pleased in head and substance.  Very happy b with lots to like.


2          Baker’s Anibesco Starlight Express, compact b, not quite the angulation of 1, but good substance and depth of body.  Moved well and happily.


3          Poulsen’s Cwrt Afon Nesta



Special Beginners (5)


1          Wort’s R Hjordis


2          Tanner & Crowther’s Tannamoor Anwen, feminine b with neat outline, good depth of body and kind expression.


3          Wren’s Glenbrows Playtime at Gwynmarren



Good Citizen Scheme (5)


1          Frost’s Menstonia Musetta – well angulated bitch with best of heads and correct rise over loin.


2.         Buckwell’s M. Love in a Mist For Killena – neat outline and kind expression


3.         Jackson’s Amanshe Star Bright



Special Working (3)


1.         Bell & Palmer’s Glanhafon Gwennol – as usual from this kennel, good body and substance with lovely dense coat. Compact and workmanlike


2.         Dean’s Kazval Castaway to Pasondela – appealingtype with long strong neck, well muscled and moved with drive.


3.         White’s Fiergen Private Dancer  





Judge:   Jane Hopkins