South Eastern Welsh Springer Club Open Show

Bank Holiday Monday, 30th May 2011                                                     

I thoroughly enjoyed judging your Welshies. I was pleased with my principal winners, however the overall depth of quality was somewhat lacking in the males. I hope you all had a lovely day and wish you all the success in the future.

                                                                           Best in show was: Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW, Reserve Best in show was: Sh Ch Shandwick Kristoffer at Sarabande Sh CM and Best Puppy in show was: Bowdonia Star Catcher. Reserve best Dog: Mr. Charlie Boy ,Reserve best Bitch: Julita Rezanella.

VD (6) 1 Mrs. M & Miss K M Duncan’s Ir Sh Ch Redfrith Chianti JW, Handsome male,7 year,compact balanced,typical head lovely shoulders and topline moved with drive. In excellent condition. 2 Mr.&Mrs. J Knox’s  Parkmist Master Plan, 8 year, I like his head and soft expression, excellent front and topline, good bone. He could have had better feet. 3 Mrs. P Wren’s Saanu Copper Beech at Gwynmarren JW ShCM, 10 year old correct angles with bone and substance, moved well.

PD (2) 1 Mr. S R & Mrs. J M Bruce’s Martinryall Milton Hill, Lovely head, soft expression . Would like a longer and better lay of his upperarms. Moved well. 2 Mrs. J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Galaud, correct topline but too long in loin. Would improve with straighter legs and better feet

JD (2) 1 Mrs. W A Buckwell’s Killena Song for Guy, happy youngster, a tad long in loin correct angulation, moved well.  2 Mr. A, Mrs. M & Mrs. E Ballantyne, Dias & Dias –Ballantyne’s Redfrith Hot Fudge, could have had a better front and topline , a bit long in loin, happy temperament, good coat and condition.

SYD (2) 1 Mrs. W A Buckwell’s Killena Song for Guy 2 Mr. A, Mrs.M & Mrs. E Ballantyne, Dias & Dias-Ballantyne’s Redfritch Hot Fudge

ND (2) 1 Mr. R E & Mrs. S A Wright’s Amblelight Alioth, compact dog could have had more depth and ribbing, not so fortunate with his feet. 2 Mrs. J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Galaud

GD (3) 1 Mrs.J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Oberon, typical male, compact and very good bone, weak feet. 2 Mrs. W A Buckwell’s Killena Song for Guy 3 Ballantyne’s Redfritch Hot Fudge

PGD (6) 1 Mrs. E & Mr. J Craig’s Mr. Charlie Boy,masculine head,soft expression,good bone, neck and shoulders, good coat and condition, went with drive. RBD 2 Mrs. B R Gills’s Brenros Take me right round JW, good head, alert expression, excellent angulation and body proportions, needs to rib up.  3 Mr.&Mrs.C Ridge’s Saanu Northern Lights

LD (5) 1 Mr. J & Mrs.S White’s Fiergen Break Dancer, typical head lovely topline,good neck, bone. I would lke to see a better lay back of upperarm. Nice catfeet. Firm muscles. Moved with drive. 2  Mr.C J Smith’s Amblelight Mercury, good body proportions, adequate forehand,excellent ribbing . 3 Mr.& Mrs. M L Tew’s Pamicks Dazzling Boy JW

OD (3) 1 Mr. N & Mrs. A Worth’s Sh Ch Shandwick Kristoffer at Sarabande Sh CM,Lovely clean outline, balanced head with soft expression, correct angulation fore and aft, moved with reach and drive. Well presented in immaculate coat and condition. BD 2 Mrs. A V Tester’s Avilt Neferusobek , correct head shape, with a bit round eyes. Nice body proportions and good angulation. Coat a bit wavy today.3 Mrs. A E Summers ‘s Hillrobin Hamblet.

SBD (2) 1 Mr.R E & Mrs.S A  Wright’s  Amblelight Alioth. 2 Mr. G & Mrs. S P Batey’s Amblelight Centauri.

GCDSD (4) 1 Mr.R E & Mrs.S A Wright’s Amblelight Alioth. 2 Mr.J & Mrs. S White’s Fiergen Break Dancer. 3 Mr. A & Mrs. S Tubb’s Parkmist Master Dancer for Alsutu, excellent type. Smaller frame, went with drive.

VB (5) 1 Mrs. A Caldwell’s Highclare Spring to Action for Cerysan, almost 11 year old in good condition, nicely constructed, loved her sweet expression. 2 Miss E Wren’s Glenbrows Playtime at Gwynmarren, 7 years, happy girl,good ribbing, ample bone, lovely coat. 3 Mrs. J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Columbine

MPB (1) 1 Ms. M Thomas’s Bowdonia Star Catcher,loved her head proportions, well angulated with excellent ribbing,very good bone, in good coat and a happy temperament. BPIS

PB (2) 1 Ms. M Thomas’s Bowdonia Star Catcher 2 Mrs. J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Guiletta, this puppy needs to grow on a bit. I would prefer a better head and expression. Too short in foreface to my taste.

JB (2) 1 Mrs. S Starkey’s Redfrith You Know Me at Mynthurst, beautiful head with a sweet expression, balanced outline, easy fluid movement. 2 Mr. & Mrs. A, T & D Ritchie’s Slapestones Smooth, not as feminine a head as 1, in excellent coat and condition, would like her to have a short coupled loin.

SYB (2) 1 Mr. N & Mrs. A Worth’s Shandwick Premiere Rose at Sarabande JW, nice compact bitch with good head and expression. Her feet are not her fortune and moving with loose pasterns. 2 Mr.& Mrs.  A Ritchie’s Slapestones Smooth.

NB (1) 1 Mrs.J M Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Guiletta.

GB (5) 1 Mrs. A Caldwell’s Cerysan Pocahontas, lovely head and expression. Excellent angulation fore and aft , needs to fill out. 2  Mrs. S D Jones’s Pennylock Sioned at Trosley, compact, happy bitch, nice topline and very good ribs and angulation, prefer better catfeet.  3 Mrs. J Charles’s Menstonia Iolanthe of Stagarth.

PGB (4) 1 Mr. & Mrs. Sutherland’s Julita Rezanella, lovely outline, nice head with sweet expression, excellent angulation, good bone and ribbing, driving from short hocks. RBB 2 Mr. & Mrs. A Ritchies Slapestones Smooth 3 Mrs. J Woodward’s Bowdonia Chasing Dreams, not strong in back when moving.

LB (5) 1 Ms. F Barnes’s Islemoor Ruby Tuesday with Barhi Sh CM, typical Welshie in outline, very good layback of shoulder, excellent forechest, short hocks, strong positive gait. 2 Mr. J & Mrs. S White’s Fiergen Private Dancer, lovely straight front, firm muscles in good coat and condition. 3 Mrs. A Caldwell’s Cerysan Purely by Chance

OB (2) 1 Ms. M Thomas’s Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW, beautiful, feminine head and sweet expression, excellent balance, topline and ribbing, good bone and feet, movement with effortless gait, my star of the day. BB and BIS 2 Mr. & Mrs. M L Tew’s Pamicks Miss Holly Hocks JW Sh CM, loved her head and expression, put together correctly with good bone and well presented. Would like her to have better feet.

SBB (2) 1 Mrs. J Woodward’s Bowdonia Chasing Dreams. 2 Mrs. J Charles’s Menstonia Iolanthe of Stagarth, could have a better topline, happy temperament.

GCDSB (4) 1 Mrs. A Caldwell’s Cerysan Alexa, lovely 7 year old with excellent bone and angulation, nice coat.  2 Miss S Barkley’s Parkmist Miss Flirtatious, liked her topline, bone ribbing and good catfeet, left her best coat home. 3 Mr. C V & Mrs. F S L Dixon’s Menstonia Fair Chance.

SWD/B (2) 1 Mr. J & Mrs. S White’s Fiergen Private Dancer 2 Miss S Barkley’s Cheryheath’s Miss Chief JW, liked her outline but could have a stronger back.

Brace (2)1 Miss S Barkley, today retiring. Lovely pair of brother (14) and sister (12) very much alike in balance and movement, a credit to the owner. 2 Mrs. A Caldwell , mother and daughter. Beautiful heads with soft expression.

Ludy Helling