May I take this opportunity to thank the Committee for making me feel most welcome, and to the exhibitors for accepting my decisions.   An extremely well run show with a lovely atmosphere, made it a truly memorable day.


Class 1 Veteran Dog (3,1)

1st Barkley, SH CH Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM
7 Yrs male,  Still every bit a champion, Lovely Welsh head with soft kind expression, strongly made without exaggeration, excellent neck and shoulders, good ribs and fore chest, tight cat like feet, moved with a great stride around my ring, pleased to award him BVIS.

2nd Morphy, SH CH Sherdrew Echo Point, 13 ½ yrs male, lovely old boy and worthy champion, one I have great affection for, beautiful head and eye, lovely body properties, not quite the substance of 1, long reachy neck, great legs and feet, lovely angulation, sound and happy movement not quite the presence of my winner today.

Class 2 Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st Wright, Taihang Hawthorn,
7 mths male, exuberant puppy, slightly narrow in foreface for me, however a kind expression, well-padded feet, strong bone, slightly proud of his tail, moved with confidence.

Class 3 Puppy Dog (2)

1st Wren, Llon Lewis at Gwynmarren,
11mths male, Lovely headed male with kind eyes, won his place on the move for me, presenting a more balanced outline than 2,  long reachy neck and well placed shoulders, good ribs and firm top line, nice legs and feet, very sound happy movement, loved this young boy pleased to award him  BPD & BPIS.

2nd Wright, Taihang Hawthorn.

Class 4 Junior Dog (0)

Class 5 Special Yearling Dog (3)

1st Mercer, Amblelight Cassiopeia,
21mths male, Lovely shaped head, with good expression, short coupled male, scored over 2 in depth and width of chest, great bone and cat like feet, good top line, moved well.

2nd Tayler, Julita Rhyne,
18mths male heavier in build than 1, liked his head & Eye, good legs and feet, croup a little steep, moved well when he settled.

3rd Nowak, Killena Enterprize.



Class 6 Novice Dog (5)

!st Mercer, Amblelight Cassiopeia.

2nd Tayler, Julita Rhyne.

3rd Nowak, Killena Enterprize.

Class 7 Graduate Dog (3)

1st Bennett, Helgen Romeo The Lover,
2yrs male, good head with soft expression, good shoulders and well sprung ribs, good depth of chest where he scored over 2,tight feet, good top line and tail carriage, moved well.

2nd Gough, Julita Rukester,
2 ½ years male, lovely head and expression, kind eyes, good overall shape and balance, just needs to fill his frame a little more.

3rd Barkley, Cherryheath’s Mr Mojito.

Class 8 Post Graduate Dog (4,2)

1st Woodhams, Glynell Jiffy,
3 yrs male,  lovely head and dark eyes which scored him over 2, cobby male with good ribs, nice bend of stifle and short hocks, good bone and feet, moved soundly.

2nd Green, Eurion Jasper,
4 yrs male, found him slightly plainer in head than I prefer, however lovely ribs and top line, good angulation, moved well, needs hair off from everywhere to be appreciated.

Class 9 Limit Dog (7,6)

1st Caldwell & McDowell, Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan
4yrs male, This male really surprised me!  His head is balanced with a lovely expression, lovely crest of neck and fine well placed shoulders, great spring of rib & short loin, strongly made front and rear assembly, good cat like feet with thick pads, short thick hocks, really sound purposeful mover, which he used to absolute advantage over his rivals here today BD & RBIS.

2nd Blackford, Ambelight Galatea, 
4 yrs male, Lovely Headed male with a soft expression, lost out to 1 in shoulder line, lovely cat like feet, good top line and tail carriage, good rear assembly, moved well.

3rd Wren, Llon Derwendar at Gwynmarren.

Class 10 Open Dog (3,1)

1st Hankins, Haltonian Romeo with Woodelrond,
5yrs male, Good head and eye, good overall balance, neat feet, scored over 2 in top line and shoulder line, moved well.

2nd Pick & Chisholm, Llon Ddraig Goch,
5 years male, Balanced head with soft expression, larger & longer in hock than my winner, good spring of rib, moved soundly.

Class 11 Special Beginners Dog

1st Bennett, Helgen Romeo the Lover.

2nd Mercer, Ambleight Cassiopeia.

3rd Tayler Julita Rhyne.

Class 12 Good Citizen Dog Scheme (6)

1st Smith, Isfryn Peeping Tom,
2yrs docked male, loved his head & expression, short coupled dog, in hard condition, well ribbed, lovely legs and feet, short hocks, moderately angulated well-muscled hind quarters which he used to an advantage here, very sound purposeful mover with an ever wagging tail! Pleased to award him RBD.

2nd Bennett, Helgen Romeo the Lover.

3rd Hankins, Haltonian Romeo with Woodelrond.

Class 13 Veteran Bitch (4,1)

1st Caldwell, Cerysan Pocahontas,
10 yrs female, Ultra Feminine bitch, loved her body properties, sweet head dark eyes, lovely reachy neck and fine shoulder placement which won her the class, good ribs, straight legs and tight feet, moved soundly, in lovely coat & condition.

2nd Barkley, Cherryheath Miss Chief JW,
Substantial bitch, Lovely head and eyes, up to size for me, however lovely ribs, good bone and feet, excellent tail carriage on the move, at one with handler.

3rd Watson, Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark.

Class 14 Minor Puppy Bitch (0)

Class 15 Puppy Bitch (2,1)

1st Primmer, Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears,
10mths bitch, stood alone here, Very dark slightly built puppy, needs time, pretty head with dark eyes, good shoulders and topline, nicely angulated, moved well BPB.

Class 16 Junior Bitch 1,0)

Class 17 Special Yearling Bitch (6,1)

1st Waller, Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow JW,
22mths docked bitch, Caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, beautiful headed bitch with melting expression, nothing exaggerated about her, lovely neck and fine sloping shoulders, excellent front and rear assembly, good width of second thigh, straight bone and neat cat like feet, great ribs, moved so well around my ring wagging her tail, lovely driving action, she earnt her class win, she continued to impress me later, pleased to award her BB & BIS.

2nd Cooper, Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia,
22mths docked bitch, litter sister to 1, not quite the head of my winner, beautiful make and shape, lovely angles, many attributes apply as to 1, moved well.

3rd Fersusson, Taihamg Scherezade at Teaselwood.

Class 18 Novice Bitch (4,2)

1st Roland-Shrubb, Birchere Painted Lady,
2 yrs bitch, Good head, lovely ears, nice bone & feet, nicely balanced bitch, moved with good width behind, scored over 2 on feet and overall balance.

2nd Jackson, Catjack Everpreciousone,
22mth bitch, larger than my winner & full of life! Good head, little upright in shoulder for me, however lovely rear angulation and tail carriage, moved very enthusiastically wagging her tail, lovely to see.

Class 19 Graduate Bitch (3)

1st Cooper, Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia.

2nd Caldwell, Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan,
2 yrs bitch, lost out to 1 on shoulder line, nice headed bitch sweet expression, great cat like feet, lovely ribs, moved well, slightly proud of her tail today.

3rd Barkley, Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW.

Class 20 Post Graduate Bitch (7,1)

1st Woodward, Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood (AI),
3yrs, Dark red bitch, Pleasing head, although a little plainer than I prefer, beautiful shoulders and topline, nicely angulated rear, lovely side profile stacked, which scored her over 2, moved very well, would just prefer a little more width all though.

2nd Jones, Julita Roumers at Trosley,
2 yrs bitch, lovely headed bitch as always from this kennel, needs a little more depth of chest, good feet and bone, lovely topline and tailset, lovely short hocks moved  well with good width behind.

3rd Hankins, Haletonian Juliet with Woodelrond.

Class 21 Limit Bitch (3,1)

1st Roland-Shrubb, Ypagneul Coco at Bichere,
6 yrs bich, lots to like about this mature bitch, lovely head with kind eyes, superb front and rear assembly creating a balanced picture, lovely ribs and chest, short hocks, scored over 2 in quarters, moved very well, really well handled.

2nd Watson, Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark,
7 ½ yrs bitch , 3rd in Veteran, Although heavier in head than I would prefer for a bitch still a nice shape with lovely dark eyes,  Good shoulder placement and lovely ribs, good feet, moved well with a lovely happy disposition.

Class 22 Open Bitch (2)

1st Thomas, Bowdonia Anastasia JW,
Beautiful bitch from any angle, with loads to like about her, head a little heavier than ideal, lovely dark eyes, beautiful balanced outline, well off for bone and best of feet, lovely angles fore and aft, moved very well. Pleased to award her RBB.

2nd Woodward, Hinxwood Fire and Ice,
Another lovely bitch, scored over 1 in head, but not quite the presence of one on the move, however she is extremely sound.  Beautiful head and eye, lovely bone and cat like feet, good spring of rib and short loin, will watch this bitch with interest as she matures.

Class 23 Special Beginners Bitch (2)

1st Cooper, Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia.

2nd Hankins, Halitonian Juliet with Woodelrond,
2yrs bitch, Lovely sized bitch, 3rd in Post Grad,  would prefer a little more work to the head, good bone and neat feet, enough ribs, good side profile, moved ok.

Class 24 Good Citizen Dog Scheme (8)

1st Caldwell, Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan,
5 yrs bitch, Good shaped head, slightly heavier than ideal, good bone and neat feet, good spring of rib, short thick hocks moved well with good width behind.

2nd Ferguson, Taihang Sherezade at Teaselwood,
22 mths young bitch 3rd in junior, needs time to body up and fill her frame, nice head lovely expression, nicely angulated with straight bone and tight feet, moved soundly.

3rd Watson, Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark.

Class 25 Special Working Dog/Bitch (1)

1st Smith, Isfryn Peeping Tom JW.

2nd Cooper, Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia.

3rd Groot, NL/CIE Isfryn On The Spot.

Class 26 Special New Members

1st Baldrey, LLon Llanharran Lleuci,
11 mths bitch, still a raw baby, needs to body up and fill her frame, lovely head and dark eyes, good feet, longer in loin than ideal, however moved soundly fore & aft, covering the ground well, lovely happy tail action, confident little baby, just needs time.

Class 27 Brace (4,1)

1st Woodhams,
Very well matched pair, matching expressions, similar body properties, moved to advantage today, at one with handler, very positive controlled movement together, lovely to watch.

2nd Roland-Shrubb,
lovely pair again, well matched, not quite the presence of pair 1 on the move.

3rd Wright.


Special Classes

Firstly, may I thank the Committee for inviting me to judge their Special Classes. I very much enjoyed the experience and thank the exhibitors for providing me such a good entry in both numbers and quality and allowing me the privilege of evaluating their dogs.


Junior: (2,1)
1st  Wright’s Taihang Hawthorn
Seven month, outgoing, well boned dog of good size for age. Nice masculine head of good proportion, low set ear and kind eye giving the correct melting expression so typical of the breed. Deep rich red coat and stood on lovely tight feet. He certainly met the breed standard for being ‘Merry’.


PG: (12,0)  
1st Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey at Gilstonia  
2nd Waller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow
Very difficult to split these litter sisters, they are so similar. Both are lovely compact bitches with substance, but at the same time remaining feminine. Excellent leg to body length proportion, short coupled with good topline held on the move, with slight rise over the loin. Correct angulation front and rear, nice low tail set and both shown in tip-top muscular condition, with a well defined second thigh. For me on the day I felt the first placed dog had tighter feet and a marginally more feminine head.


Open:  (10,1)
1st Thomas’s Bowdonia Anastasia
It is no secret that I have admired this bitch from the ringside and she did not disappoint when I had the opportunity to go over her. Again, a bitch of substance, but still remaining feminine. Balanced in profile, well angulated with good reach of neck leading into well placed shoulders. Great bone, super depth of brisket and spring of rib. Nice deep red coat and lovely tight feet. She really drove out from the rear on the move. I’m sure her third ticket cannot be far away.
2nd Woodward’s Hinxwood Fire and Ice
A very feminine, eye catching, more broken coated bitch. The prettiest of heads, chiselling under the eyes, with correct eye colour and shape, and well-set ears. Finer in type than the 1st placed bitch and longer in loin.  Good length of neck into well-laid back shoulders. Moderate bend of stifle. Level topline, held on the move, strode out with drive and reach.