South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club Championship  Show 18th October 2015


First, I would like to thank the committee of SEWSSC for inviting me to judge males at this well run show. Also big thank you to my efficient ringstewards! This was my third time giving tickets in the UK and I am very grateful for this opportunity in my own breed. I consider it a great honour. I truly enjoyed judging the dogs.


MINOR PUPPY DOG (6, 1 abs)

1st Tubbs’ Slapestones Tidal Wave for Alsutu,  6 months on the day, very much a baby but shows a lot of promise. Lovely type, very balanced all over, with a correct head and bone, excels in proportions and with correct balanced angulation. Moved well with nice reach and drive. Best male puppy


2nd Ellis’ Shannara Total Eclipse, another lovely puppy, masculine, strong body with correct proportions, pleasing head and expression, well angulated quarters, moved well going around, needs to tighten still a bit in his movements

3rd McCann’s Slapestones Tidal Force


PUPPY DOG (9, 2 abs)

1st  Tubbs’ Slapestones Tidal Wave for Alsutu

2nd Caldwell’s & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan,  lovely type of a puppy with a nice head and expression, needs to still fill in the front, well angulated front and rear, lovely carriage on the move, very promising, beautiful coat

3rd Shannara Total Eclipse


JUNIOR DOG (3, 0 abs)

1st Reynolds’ Kamunting Cast Away to Benoevor,  Strong, masculine male, with a nice head and expression, enough body for his age, right amount of bone, good topline and balanced angulation, beautiful coat and condition, moved well with enough reach and drive.

2nd Caldwell’s & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan

3rd Ward’s & Thomas’ Redfirth Piece of Cake


YEARLING DOG (6, 1 abs)

1st Reynolds’ Kamunting Cast Away to Benoevor

2nd Starkey’s Mynthurst Silver Spirit, masculine male with correct bone, well proportioned body, good angulations, reasonable forechest, moved well with enough reach and drive

3rd Ward’s& Thomas’ Redfirth Piece of Cake


MAIDEN DOG (2, 0 abs)

1st Caldwell’s & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan

2nd Wards’s & Thomas’ Redfirth Piece of Cake, 13 months, with a nice head and expression, enough body for his age, well off for bone, good proportions in body, would have liked to see better topline, moved well with enough reach


NOVICE DOG (4, 2 abs)

1st Green’s Eurion Jasper, 19 months, still quite raw, needing maturity, well proportioned body, good head, would like to see better angulations. Needs time, a bit proud of his tail on the move

2nd Buckwell’s Killena Dancing In The Dark, 12 months old of nice type, enough body for his age with correct depth, right amount of bone, lovely coat, would have liked to see him happier in the ring


GRADUATE DOG (4, 0 abs)

1st Reynold’s Kamunting Cast Away To Benoveor

2nd Woodham’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy, strong masculine male with excellent bone, nice head and expression, well bodied, balanced angulation, a bit long in loin, moved well with correct reach and drive, a bit high tail carriage

3rd Starkey’s Mynthurst Silver Spirit



1st Worth’s Sarabrande Perfect Storm (AI) ShCM,  2 years, shown in lovely condition, good head and expression, one of the best forechests today, correct amount of bone, balanced angulations, moved with enough reach and drive, plenty of coat

2nd Woodham’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy

3rd Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star


MID LIMIT DOG (2, 1 abs)

1st Frost’s Cochnaids Cartier Topaz JW ShCM, strong, compact male of nice type, correct amount of bone, enough body, balanced angulation, moved happily around the ring with enough reach and drive


LIMIT DOG (6, 2 abs)

1st Allen’s Pacey Acer at Pauletaire, stood out the moment he entered the ring, very attractive all over, lovely type, beautiful head and expression, correct proportions in the body, well angulated,  giving a very nice outline standing, excellent coat, moved very well  from the side with lovely tailcarriage,  though a bit narrow behind, well handled. ResCC

2nd Phillipson’s Menstonia Marksman, Another lovely dog, well put together, very nice head and expression, very nice proportions in body, beautiful neck, good front, moved well around the ring

3rd Rackett’s Islanza Spotless Duck


OPEN DOG (5, 1 abs)

1st Thirlwell’s SH CH Ferndel Aeron Magregor, Masculine male of excellent breedtype, good head and expression, well put together, good forechest, well bodied, good depth to the chest, balanced angulations, moved very well with a lovely tailcarriage. Pleased to award him CC and later on BIS.

2nd Reynold’s Glenbrows Band of Brothers For Benoveor JW ShCM, another lovely male, elegant,  yet strong,  well developed body, excellent bone, balanced angulations, moved well, shown in lovely condition,

3rd Caldwell’s SH CH Gemill Back To the Future For Cerysan JW ShCM


VETERAN DOG (5, 0 abs)

1st Wright’s Amblelight Alioth, stylish veteran, quite a nice head, correct proportions, good topline, well angulated, moved with correct reach and drive

2nd Nicoll’s Amblelight Suhail at Antreth, litterbrother to the winner, strong masculine male,correct amount of bone, deep well developed body, moved well with enough reach and drive

3rd Walton’s & Coffin’s AM CH Cole Creek Hawk Eye at Hillpark (IMP USA)




1st Woodham’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy

2nd Isherwood’s Amblelight Trapezium Star, nice type of a dog, pleasing head, correct bone, good proportions in body, enough angulations, enough reach and drive on the move

3rd Wards’s & Thomas’ Redfirth Piece of Cake



1st Evans’ Coedybrain Ryanar Nantlle,  Good honest dog, pleasing head, very good proportions, well developed body, good angulations, would like to see more animation on the move and better tail carriage



1st SH CH Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief JW ShCM, Lovely type, good proportions, lovely head and expression, excellent topline, correct amount of bone, moderately angulated fore & aft, moved and showed well

2nd Phillipson’s Menstonia Marksman

3rd Wright’s Amblelight Alioth



Marjo Jaakkola (Finland)



I would like to thank the committee for their invitation to judge today. Also to my stewards who were efficient & the way they kept the classes flowing.

I had an excellent day & was pleased with my entry both quality & quantity. In agreement with my co- judge Marjo jaakkola we chose.

BIS Sh Ch Ferndel Aeron Magregor  A pleasure to judge this dog again, Masculine head with soft expression good reach of neck & well laid shoulders deep chest strong quarters presented in good condition strides out well on the move.

RBIS & BOS Menstonia Minty At Haslemount

BP Bowdonia Seraphina

BV Sh Ch Hillrobin Galaxy At Slapestones


MP  (7,1a) 1st Jackson’s Benton Pillow Talk at Ardinia (imp fin)

Lovely baby, pretty head of nice proportions everything in the right place won this class on her sound steady movement.

2nd Barkley’s Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity Another quality puppy sweet head straight front well angulated quarters at her first show & enjoying her day.

3rd Bond’s Amblelight Lunar Sparkle

P (5,1a) 1st Burchmore & Hagger Bowdonia Bedazzled Nicely balanced youngster pleasing head & expression good neck into well laid shoulders. Just flows on the move.

2nd Thomas Bowdonia Anastasia Built on bigger lines lovely shoulders & quarters not moving with the same flow as winner.

3rd Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony

J (3,1a)1st  Burchmore & Hagger Bowdonia  Bedazzled

2nd Smith’s Channangle Kathrine Jenkins Feminine head good bone well balanced body lacking in confidence on the move.

Y (3,1a) 1st Roland-Shrubb Amanshe Romance In Paris Avec Bichere Pleasing head & expression good neck into well laid shoulders held her top line on the move.

2nd Charles Stagarth A Kind Of Magic Stronger bitch although, pleasing shape & outline. Not in her best coat today.

M (3,1a) 1st Thomas Bowdonia  Anastasia

2nd Charles Stagerth Kind of magic

N (3,1a) 1st Thomas Bowdonia Seraphina What a beautiful puppy feminine head soft expression dark eye lovely neck & shoulders would not change anything about her moved with great style & drive. BPIS

2nd Whiteman’s Bowdonia Carman Another nice bitch good front construction & hind angulation in good coat moving well.


G (3) 1st Lancett Coedybrain Nia At Cwmbeli In lovely coat & condition pretty head straight front good width of quarter moving steady.

2nd Caldwell Bowdonia Bellissima For Cerysan Different type, pleasing head & expression with clean neck & shoulders not as balanced a one.

3rd Whiteman’s Bowdonia Carman

PG(14,1a) 1st Frost’s Cochnaid’s Cartier Diamond Lovely class, smart bitch pleasing head dark eye good bone short coupled holding her top line moved soundly but would like her to move with more enthusiasm.

2nd Greenway Ferndel Scarlet Pretty feminine bitch who needs to mature. Everything in the right place with a lovely head & expression, moved well.

3rd Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm

ML (8) 1st Fairhall & Millard Ferndel Fairy Tale at Rubylea This was the best class of the day with so many good bitches to choose from. Eye catching bitch pleasing head & expression strong neck well angulated shoulders & quarters, correct top line with slight rise over loin sound on the move using her tail.

2nd Hobbs Quentof’s Royal Tomatin Quality young bitch with the best of heads & expression excellent front assembly, good spring of ribs lovely width of quarters just not the coat of one move well.

3rd Madeley Barhi Flaming Star at Maytag

L 1st (8,1a) Reynolds Slapestone Hepburn For Benovor Smart looking bitch in beautiful coat, pretty head lovely neck & shoulders strong quarters moved with drive.

2nd Blackford’s Amblelight Sunglow Surprised with this bitch not a big girl well constructed feminine head melting expression moved freely.

3rd Jones Pennylock Sioned at Trosley

O (5 1a) Leary’s Menstonia Minty at Haslemount My star of the day this bitch is so well balanced feminine head dark eye lovely neck & shoulders straight front short coupled strong quarters in excellent coat & condition moving with a free & easy stride nice merry tail carriage pleased to award her CC her 3rd & RBIS BOS.

2nd Thomas SH CH Bowdonia Moment to Shine loved her head so pretty well put together strong bone tight feet, a little longer in body in good condition striding out well.

3rd Thirlwell Ferndel SH CH ferndel Folly

V (3) 1st Richie SH CH Hillrobin Galaxy at Slapestone What a lovely girl at 9 years great neck & shoulders strong bone tight feet well angulated quarters moved with such drive really enjoys showing BV

2nd Monday Hillrobin Brockanfield Among Ambika now 7 years & looking good after her litter feminine head well balanced in good coat moving on a smooth happy stride.

3rd Caldwell Cerysan Purely By Chance

SB (6) 1st Burchmore & Hagger Bowdonia Bedazzled

2nd Charles Stagarth A Kind of Magic

3rd Smith Channangel Kathrine Jenkins

SW (3) 1st CH Julita Rezanella of Jacranella Excellent out line reachy neck & shoulders good front & bone good spring of ribs nice rear angulation moved ok

2nd Barkley Cherryheath Miss Chief Typical in head & expression good spring of ribs short coupled just a bit over weight especially on her shoulders.

3rd White Fiergen Steamy Windows

G Citizen (5) 1st Richie SH CH Slapestone Mouna gave her a 1st in puppy last time I judged her she has now matured into a lovely bitch super head well laid shoulders great bone & feet well bodied strong quarters which she used on the move powering round the ring RCC.

2nd Woodward & Thomas Bowdonia Time to Dream also placed her well as a puppy. Well off for bone. Lovely out line with good neck & shoulders well angulated quarters balanced head just carrying too much weight on her shoulders today.

3rd Greenway Ferndel Scarlet


Judge Pam Tew




1st Mrs A Caldwell

2nd Miss Sharon Barkley

3rd Mr & Mrs DJ Rowland Shrubb

Res Mrs J R & Mr C Sutherland

VHC Mrs J R & Mr C Sutherland




1st:  Barkley's Sh Ch Cherryheath's Mr Mischief, lovely masculine head with kind expression, good reach of neck, well bodied and has matured nicely, correct topline, with nicely angulated hindquarters, moved and showed himself off well.  Pleased to see his Sire win BIS.


2nd: Blackford's Amblelight Sunglow 3yr old bitch whom I have not seen before, absolutely loved her beautiful feminine head and soft expression, good reach of neck and lay of shoulders, straight front and nice feet, ribs well sprung, tail well set, good hind angulation, moved well, very close decision between these 2.


3rd: Thomas's Bowdonia Seraphina


Res: Frost's Cochnaid Cartiers Diamond


VHC: Primmer's Amanshe Golden Revelation


Judge Mrs J Exall