I would like to thank the Committee for their invitation to judge and to congratulate them on a well run show with a welcoming and sociable atmosphere; my two stewards for doing such a good job keeping the ring flowing so well, and of course the exhibitors for giving me a lovely entry of quality Welsh - I really enjoyed the day, thank you all.


Veteran (3)

1 Gills' Brenros Take Me Right Round JW Handsome, eyecatching dog, carrying his years lightly. Well proportioned head, kind expression, well balanced throughout and shown in lovely coat and condition. Moved soundly, using his well set on tail to advantage. 2 Wright's Amblelight Alioth Substantial dog of good type with appealing soft expression. Well angulated behind which showed in his positive rear movement.3 White's Fiergan Break Dancer

Minor Puppy (3, 1a)

1 Rees' Typica Flash Harry Lovely puppy, has type, quality and substance. Lovely head, dark expressive eye and well defined stop. Has good angulation all through and carries himself with an assurance which belies his youth. BPD and BPIS2 Buckwell's Killena Kion At a less balanced stage of development than 1 and less mature. Appealing head, soft expression, will move more positively when he tightens up.

Puppy Dog (5)

1 Sutherland's Janranella Solo another promising puppy, well proportioned head, nice depth of chest, clean legs and well padded feet. good angles front and rear, allowing him to move with drive.2 Ellis' Shannara Total Eclipse, close up to 1 and lots to like, well balanced throughout and elegant in profile. Moved with enthusiasm and obviously enjoyed himself enormously!3 McCann's Slapestones Tidal Force

Junior (7)

1 Caldwell and McDowell's Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan Liked this well presented mature youngster very much, he is well made throughout with good angulation and well developed hindquarters which enabled him to move with purpose and drive2 Rees' Hudolus Rhys Henllys at Typica Different type to 1 and at a more rangy stage, but also a quality puppy. Liked the proportions of his head, reach of neck and front assembly. moved steadily once settled.3 Monday's Ambika Spirit of Adventure

Special Yearling (7, 1a)

1 Rees' Hudolus Rhys Henllys at Typica. 2 Green's Eurion Jasper Another nice young boy. attractive head, clean over the neck and shoulders, moved with enthusiasm holding his topline.3 Wright's Amblelight Solar Flare


Novice (4)

1 Rees' Hudolus Rhys Henllys at Typica. 2 Tubb's Slapestones Tidal Wave for Alsutu Giving away a lot in maturity in this class, this puppy has a nicely proportioned head and looks well stacked but needs to tighten in front to move more accurately, which will come with time. 3 Wright's Amblelight Solar Flare

Graduate (8, 1a)

1. Woodham's Tobermyn Minstrel Boy This boy has a lovely head with good depth of muzzle, a topline which flows smoothly from head to tail, well bodied with enough spring of rib and good hind angulation allowing him to move freely and accurately, just carries his tail a little high. 2 Gill's Don't Stop Me Now at Brenros Slightly stronger in head than 1, this well presented dog presents an attractive picture. He is well angulated throughout and well muscled, just a little loose in front movement. 3 Starkey's Mynthurst Silver Spirit

Post Graduate (3)

1 Tew's Pamicks Believe You can JW Handsome young dog with a well shaped head and expressive eye, clean in outline with nice reach of neck into good shoulders, good depth of chest, moved well, driving from well angulated hindquarters. 2 Woodham's Tobermyn Minstrel Boy 3 Isherwood's Amblelight Trapezium Star

Limit (4)

1 and 2 of different types but I liked both of them enormously - 1 Worth's Sarabande Perfect Storm ShCM, This beautifully presented young dog is just coming into his own and is full of type and quality. He has a beautifully proportioned head and is well constructed throughout, without exaggeration, which enabled him to move around the ring with style and drive. Pleased to award him BD and BIS - and to see that he is the sire of my BPIS. 2 Allen's Pacey Acer at Pauletaire I found this boy very pleasing to the eye with his elegant outline and soft melting expression, he presented a balanced picture and moved with drive and enthusiasm. 3 Stone's Stedigan Pipers Piping

Open (2, 1a)

1 Thomas' Redfrith Piece of Cake Standing alone here, this boy was unplaced in his previous classes. His exuberant personality was reflected in his behaviour which made life difficult for his young handler, but , to her credit, she persevered.

Special Beginners (7)

1 Woodham's Tobermyn Minstrel Boy 2 Isherwood's Amblelight Trapezium Star - nicely proportioned dog with nothing overdone, moved well, but lacked the enthusiasm of 1. 3 Wright's Amblelight Solar Flare



Good Citizens Dog Scheme (4)

1 Barkley's Sh Ch Cherryheath Mr Mischief ShCM Lovely headed dog, well balanced throughout and his delightful character shines through. In profile he flows from head to tail and he moves out soundly with a free ground covering stride. Pleased to award him RBD. 2 Caldwell and McDowell's Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan. 3 Wright's Amblelight Alioth


Veteran (7, 1a)

1. Thomas ' Sh Ch Bowdonia Sweet Dreams JW Really fell for this lovely girl, beautifully proportioned, sweetest of heads and expression, lovely reach of neck, correct topline, positive driving movement using her well set on tail all the time. Could not ignore her in the challenge and pleased to award her BV, BB and RBIS 2. .Abbott's Norlington Nectar JW Another beautiful bitch, well off for bone, good depth of chest and well ribbed. Moved soundly. 3. Dixon's Menstonia Fair Chance

Minor Puppy - no entries

Puppy (5, 1a)

1 Barkley's Cherryheath Miss Velocity - striking, feminine puppy, correct head with dark eye, balanced outline, good reach of neck into well laid shoulders, well angulated in front and behind, presented in gleaming coat. Moved soundly with drive. BPB 2 Sutherland's Jacranella Solo Out of a smaller mould, this pretty puppy is well boned, has good depth throughout, and carries herself well on the move 3 Hawley's Sorrel Berry Maternal Love

Junior (4)

1 Thomas and Upton Bowdonia Seraphina liked the elegance of this young lady, which she combines with substance and type. Flows from her pretty head to her well set tail, stands on good legs and neat feet. Moved out with purpose and drive and won here on her more positive hind movement today. Considered her in the challenge - her day will come. 2. Thomas' Bowdonia Anastasia - another beautifully put together bitch, very similar to 1, I was splitting hairs between them. Not surprised to find that they are sisters, they share many attributes. 3. Sutherland's Jacranella Serenade

Special Yearling (3,1a) - as Junior

Novice (3)

1. Whiteman's Bowdonia Carman - mature, substantial bitch of good type, shown in good coat and condition, won here on movement 2. Bowman's Amblelight Rose - pretty head and soft expression, less mature than 1 and had left her coat at home 3. Walton and Coffin's Hillpark Princess Aurora

Graduate (7,2a)

1. Caldwell's Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan. Attractive young bitch with a pretty, feminine head and lovely dakk eye. Well proportioned throughout and well muscled, enabling her to move with accuracy and assurance, holding her topline 2. Charles' Stagarth A Kind of Magic Nice type of bitch, with good substance and depth, moderately angled throughout and moved soundly 3. Whiteman's Bowdonia Carman

Post Graduate (5, 2a)

1. Lancett's Coedybrain Nia at Cwmbeili This young lady has a very attractive head, with soft expression enhanced by her correct ear placement. She has good bone, stands on neat feet and her well developed hindquarters and correct angulation contributed to her sound movement. 2. Watson's Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark Different type to 1, balanced head, good reach of neck, nice depth throughout. Would have preferred more positive movement. 3. White's Fiergan Steamy Windows

Limit (4, 1a)

1. Tew's Pamicks Tilly Trotting - out of a bigger mould this bitch has substance and depth while retaining her femininity. She has a well shaped head, soft expression, lovely reach of neck, strong through the loin and plenty of hind angulation. Moved freely and accurately 2. Primmer's Amanshe Golden revelation Another typy bitch with an appealing head and expression, shown in good coat and condition, just a little erratic in hind movement. 3. Jones' Pennylock Sioned at Trosley

Open (1)

1. Thomas' Sh Ch Bowdonia Moment to Shine - another beautiful bitch from this kennel, sweet head and clean flowing outline. Straight front, well bodied, strong over the loin with well developed hindquarters. Stylish mover

Special Beginners (6,1a)

1. Ellis' Glenbrows Fascination with Shannara Elegant bitch who stood out in this class. Feminine head with good depth of muzzle, reachy neck and flowing topline. Shown in good coat and carrying just the right amount of conditioning. 2. Charles' Stagarth A Kind of Magic 3. Bowman's Amblelight Rose

Good Citizens Dog Scheme (4, 1a)

1. Woodward & 2. Thomas' Bowdonia Time to Dream Typy well balanced bitch, good straight front, clean legs, neat feet. Good depth throughout and moved with enthusiasm and accuracy. 2. Caldwell's Cerysan Pocahontas Soundly constructed bitch, not wearing her best clothes, but this meant her sound construction was clearly visible. Did not move with the assurance of 1 today. 3. Watson's Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

Special Working Dog/Bitch

1. Sutherland's Ch Julita Rezanella of Jacranella A beautiful, feminine bitch and the touches of silver on her head only accentuate the sweetness of her expression. So soundly constructed, she flows from head to tail and carried herself with assurance on the move. Although she was pressed hard in the challenge, her quality could not be denied. RBB 2. Barkley's Cherryheath Miss Chief JW Substantial girl, strong bone and well made throughtout. Today her movement was not as positive in front as 1. 2. Stone's Stedigan Pipers Piping


Special New Members (3, 1a)

1. Burchmore & Hagger's Bowdonia Bedazzled Pretty baby, just out of puppy and needs time to come together and tighten up. Nice outline when stacked, well bodied and presented in good order. 2. McCann's Slapestones Tidal Force - at a different stage of development to 1, this rangy boy has good substance and depth but was more erratic on the move.

Brace Dog/Bitch (5, 1a)

1. Caldwell's beautifully matched mother and daughter pair. like peas in a pod, they moved together in unison with each other and their handler. 2. Barkley's well matched mother/son brace, close up to I. 3. Sutherland's


Paddy Catling (Judge)


S.E.W.S.S.C . 24th January 2016.


Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge The Special Award classes at the January Open Show. I would also like to thank the amazing ladies in the kitchen for my very tasty lunch ! The presentation and condition of the quality dogs shown under me were a credit to their owners who deserve to be congratulated. It was a great pleasure for me to handle dogs that I have admired from the ringside.


Special Junior Dog or Bitch.

1.    Barkleys : Cherryheaths Miss Velocity . A very sound nine month old bitch, well balanced throughout, delightful feminine head of correct proportions, intelligent soft eyes. Super depth to chest and good spring of rib. Nice strong forequarters, legs straight and of a good length with nice tight feet. Topline level leading to strong well angulated hindquarters. Pleased to see her moving with ease and drive around the ring maintaining her topline and enjoying herself.

2.    Thomas : Bowdonia Anastasia . Another superb girl of thirteen months. Looked so well balanced when standing and was a joy to go over, so well made, super muscle tone, good depth to chest and nice straight front with moderate angulation, lovely level topline, strong muscular hindquarters, moderate angulation, nice turn of stifle, cat like feet. This girl sailed around the ring moving freely and with purpose.

3.    Thomas and Upton : Bowdonia Seraphina.


Special Post Graduate Dog or Bitch.

1.    Mr & Mrs Tew : Pamlicks Believe you Can. Two year old sound boy in good hard condition, very masculine, yet not coarse in any way. Very confident in himself and with his owner. Well proportioned male head, moderate stop, softest of expressions ( so calm ) to eyes. Head set on to long strong neck flowing into a well made body. Good lay shoulders, good angulation of forequarters, super depth to chest combined with a good spring of rib. Hindquarters were muscular with firm inner thighs, good turn of stifle. Liked him a lot, again movement was a joy to watch, lovely parallel action, no hesitation whatsoever driving around the ring.

2.    Caldwells : Bowdonia Bellissima for Cerysan. Beautifully presented ultra feminine bitch of two years old. There was no mistaking her gender looking at her standing. So well balanced and so sound. Lovely proportions to her head, good ear placement and also she had a nice stop emphasising those melting eyes and foreskull. Elegant neck set on to firm shoulders, correct angulations fore and aft. Very sound body formation with good muscle tone, firm sound hindquarters. Excelled in top line, very fluid action whilst moving maintaining topline. Lovely elegant girl.

3.    Mr & Mrs Woodhams : Tobermyn Minstrel Boy.


Special Open Dog or Bitch.

I had a dog and bitch in this class that I have admired for some time, both had

qualities par excellence, it was a difficult decision choosing the ultimate first place.

1.            Barkleys : Sh Ch Cherryheaths Mr Mischief. Four and a half year old boy that I have admired for some time, so it was a joy for me to have this opportunity to get my hands on him! Very masculine mature dog. In profile, his outline is so well balanced and symmetrical. Delightful nature ( such a ladies man), sound as a bell, great muscle tone throughout his body. Very male head, yet his eyes having that soft melting Welshie expression, good ear placement, head set on to a strong neck which in turn flowed into a good body. Terrific depth of chest, super forequarters, good bone to limbs and neat feet. Body topline correct, very strong muscular hindquarters, stood firmly (four square). It was on the move that this boy excelled with a super parallel action with terrific power and drive storming around the ring , with enthusiasm.

2.            Thomas : Sh Ch Bowdonia Moment to Shine. A quality three and a half year old girl of substance. Aptly named, exuded elegance. Looked stunning in profile whilst standing, so well put together, everything flowed so well from nose to tail tip. Going over her she is a lovely built bitch. Good proportions to that feminine head, delightful nature conveyed through those soft eyes. Strong body with depth and spring to rib cage, short coupled, good angulation and muscle tone to hindquarters. Nice turn of stifle. Another fine mover, travelling with ease, covering the floor with parallel strides so effortlessly

3.            Buckwells : Killena Tumbaa




Carol Greenway - Judge