South of England Welsh Springer Spaniel Ch Show 22 October 2023


Dog Critique


Firstly, I would like to thank the Committee for their invitation to judge dogs at this show – I felt honoured to be asked, and thoroughly enjoyed my day at this friendly and well run show. My stewards were exceptional and kept the ring  [and me!]  in good order – thank you both. This was a quality entry and it was a privilege to judge your lovely dogs who were, without exception, well presented and demonstrating the kindly temperament required of this breed. I was a little concerned to find several level bites and felt that although hind movement was better than when I last judged, front movement was not as good. I was delighted with the quality of my final lineup and my principal winners.


MPD 3(1a)

1 Harrison Glenbrows Casanova - Eyecatching  61/2 month old, presented in gleaming coat and condition and thoroughly enjoying himself. He has an attractive, well proportioned head with a lovely dark mischievous eye, good reach of neck set cleanly into his shoulders, well ribbed back and short in the loin. As you would expect, he needs to tighten up and is just a little  bum high  at the moment but time will remedy this. He moved with enthusiasm and showed a lovely freedom of movement in profile. BPD

2 Barkley Jackranella Galahad of Cherryheath (ai) 8 months old and out of a bigger mould. Well off for bone and substance, deep in chest and strong over the loin. Preferred the more refined head of the winner. Moved out purposefully, just a tad close behind.


PD 1

As 1st MPD


JD 1

1 Caldwell & Levy Cerysan Limited Edition – Compact, balanced dog, appealing in head, well boned straight front, tight feet, well sprung ribs and well developed 2nd thigh, moderately angled in front and at rear, presenting an attractive picture. Moved out soundly and accurately.


YD No entries

MD 2

1 as 1st MPD

2 as 1st JD


ND 2

1 As 1st  MPD

2 As 1st  JD


GD 4

1 Stone Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem JW  Liked this boys overall balance, nothing exaggerated here. Well proportioned head, low set ears, good reach of neck, clean over shoulders and strong over the loin. Best mover in this class, driving from the rear and showing accurate footfall

2 Batey Glenbrows Best of Friends Liked this dog very much, balanced throughout, handsome head, clean in front, good depth of body and well developed hindquarters. Not as free or positive on the move as winner.

3 Primmer Amanshe Lone Ranger



1 White Mimmsbrook Malbec with Fiergan My notes say “such a happy boy” and he was! Balanced head, soft eye, good reach of neck set cleanly into shoulders. Rangier in build but still balanced in outline. Presented in good coat and once he steadied up he moved soundly

2 Primmer Amanshe Lone Ranger Longer cast dog, liked his head with his dark eyes and appealing expression. Sufficient bone and depth, in good coat. Moved well in profile, just a tad close behind.


MLD 3(1a)

1 Jones Trosley Tamoshanta Masculine head with kind expression, well off for bone, strong in neck, deep in chest and a good spring of rib. Not overdone in any way, enough front angulation matched with a moderate bend of stifle. On the move he was sound and carried his constantly wagging tail correctly

2  Gough Julita Rukester Lots to like here, well proportioned head, soft eye and correct earset. Longer cast but still balanced, well ribbed and strong in topline. Not as developed behind as winner, which was reflected in his movement.


LD 2

1 Gaylor & Robertson Heniveruce King of Brewers Eyecatching young dog, presented in gleaming coat and condition. He has a beautiful masculine head with chiselling under the eye which accentuates his dark expressive eyes. Lengthy neck, well set shoulders, well ribbed back, strength in loin and well muscled hindquarters which enabled him to move with drive and accuracy. Pleased to award him the RCC and will watch his progress with interest.

2 Wright Taihang Hawthorn Different type to winner, but still lots to like. More compact dog, pleasant head, soft expression, sufficient bone and substance. Moved soundly, but couldn’t match the enthusiasm of the winner.


OD 4

1 Wren Llon Derwen Dar at Gwynmarren Typy well presented dog, has substance and depth and is well angulated in front and behind. His head is well balanced with a  soft expression and nicely set ears, he has a good spring of rib, is strong over the loin and has a good turn of stifle which he used to advantage on the move.

2 Leach Islanza Hey Dude This well presented dog is balanced in profile, well off for bone and strong in topline and was shown in hard condition. On the move he was sound and enthusiastic, not as true in front as winner.

3 Cemis Taimeres Talk about Me


ChD 4

A brainteaser – I could have justified placing any one of these worthy champions first!

1 Worth Sh Ch Sarabande Lord of the Dance(ai) JW Immaculately presented dog, balanced and proportionate and finished with that beautiful red and sparkling white coat .He possesses a lovely head, dark eyes accentuated by the chiselling on his foreface, clean neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good spring of rib, shortcoupled and with strength in loin which enabled him to hold his topline on the move, and well set wagging tail. He moved with accuracy and fluency and although pressed hard by the limit winner, he could not be denied the CC. I was delighted to see him go BIS with the agreement of my co-judge – congratulations!

Harrison Sh Ch Glenbrows Revolution JW This handsome boy pleases in head, with good finish to muzzle,and dark eye giving that soft expression, has good bone, depth and substance and was presented in hard condition. He is well made throughout,  and his well muscled hindquarters enabled him to move well once he settled to the job in hand!

3 Wren Sh Ch Llon Lewis at Gwynmarren


VD 10 (1a)

A lovely class of veterans – many of them could easily outmove the youngsters and without exception they were a credit to their owners. Thank you for bringing them, it was an absolute pleasure to judge them.

1 Caldwell & McDowell Bowdonia Only the Brave for Cerysan  This lovely boy was as sound as a pound and presented beautifully. He is a smaller dog but still balanced and proportionate. His head is masculine and well balanced and his lovely dark, soft eyes are enhanced by the sprinkling of icing sugar on his face. He is well made throughout with no exaggeration and outmoved the rest of this lovely class to win it.

2 Blackford Amblelight Galatea a size up on winner and one you need to handle to appreciate his undoubted qualities. He has a well proportioned head, strength in neck and topline, balanced angulation and moved out straight with drive from the rear.

3 Barkley Sh Ch Cherryheath Mr Mischief JW ShCM VW


SpBeginnersD  4

1 as 1st PGD

2 As  2nd PGD

3 Levy Cerysan Commodore


SpWorking  1

1 Sutherland Ch Jacranella Solo  Compact, proportionate and unexaggerated  dog, attractive in head, good length of neck, well boned and ribbed, clean front and well angled rear, in good hard condition. Moved out soundly, covering the ground with accuracy and drive.


SpShootingD  1

1 Wright Amblelight Solar Flare  Liked the head and soft expression of this niely presented boy, he has enough bone, decent ribs and moderate angles in front and behind. Moved out with enthusiasm, could have been tidier in front.


GCDSD  5(1a)

1 Barkley Cherryheath Mr Mojito  Soundly made throughout with plenty of bone and . substance. He has a lovely head and the frosting adds to the attraction, deep through the chest and ribs, and strong in loin with well muscled hindquarters. Excelled in movement.

2 Leach Islanza Sprinter  Longer cast dog, well ribbed with balanced angles, good in upper arm and has a good turn of stifle. Moved out well in profile but a little close behind going away.

3 Wright Taihang Hawthorn


Paddy Catling (Judge)     


Bitch Critique


Thank you to the Club Members and the Committee for the invitation to judge the bitches at this show. To me it is always an honour to judge a club show. The venue was easy to find and this new venue was nice, light and airy. An improvement on the dungeon! Home made refreshments were a bonus from the hard working Committee. My two efficient lady stewards made the ring run seamless and timely all afternoon. Good stewards make judges lives easier and my thanks to both of mine. Entries at general championship shows seem to have taken a nose dive so it was good to see that this club show with breed judges had an excellent entry of quality dogs and bitches. Thank you to all the exhibitors for our entry.

MPB 4 (1)

1 Harrison Glenbrows Harmony, A lovely feminine puppy just 7 months old, she oozes potential. Lovely head leading into good neck set on well laid shoulders. Already a nice depth of body and with good second thigh on good short hocks. Moving happily with drive from good strong quarters. BPB

2 Sutherland Jacranella Graceful (ai), another nice puppy slightly larger in frame than one. Nice head, neck into good shoulders. Strong quarters and drive. Well boned legs on  good feet

3 Primmer Amanshe Enchanted Spirit


PB 2 (1)

1 Graham Nyliram The Witness, Nice all round puppy with pleasing head. Good neck and shoulders.  Short coupled with rib. Will improve with maturity, has the frame and the movement


JB  5

I held this class for a few minutes for the exhibitors to reassure their dogs due to an incident outside the ring. Please ensure any dogs you have sat with you round the ring are not likely to have a pop at another and are quiet. This can ruin a young dogs career, next time it may be yours

1 Harrison Glenbrows Wish, this one filled the eye. Lovely head with stop and depth muzzle, kind dark eye. Good strong neck into good shoulders.  Short coupled with rib and nice depth brisket. Strong quarters on short hocks and nice feet. Lovely rich red in good coat

2 Worth Sarabande Kisses of Fire (ai), something happening outside the ring which just upset her confidence today, she will get that back. Standing has nice outline, good bone, feet. Short coupled body and good coat. Movement today was worried through no fault of her own

3 Graham Nyliram the Suspect JW


YB 3

1 Millard Ferndel Water Lily at Rubylea (ai), has lovely outline so the frame is there for her to mature into, which she will. Nice head with good depth muzzle and defined stop. Good neck and shoulder and forechest. Good bone and feet. Moved well and free

2 Blackford Amblelight Adhara JW, lovely typical Welsh with good head with depth muzzle and stop. Strong short coupled body with good depth brisket. Short hocks moved with drive

3 Naunton Trenzalore’s Princess Leia


MB  3 (1)

1 Harrison Glenbrows Harmony

2 Graham Nyliram the Witness


NB 2

1 Graham Nyliram the Witness

2 Naunton Trenzalore’s Oncoming Storm, nice all round with good deep brisket and spring rib. Well boned short hocks, moved with drive and enthusiasm


GB 2

1 Blackford Amblelight Adhara JW,

2 Tew Pamicks Dream with Me, nice in outline still needs to mature and drop in body to complete the picture. Nice head and expression, good neck into shoulders. Good on the move with enthusiasm



1 Cooper Gilstonia Snow Moon, very nice all round Welsh, lovely feminine head and expression, defined stop and good depth muzzle.  Strong neck in to shoulders, good forefront. Short coupled with good spring rib and deep brisket. Strong well muscled quarters, good second thigh, moved with purpose and ease round the ring Res CC

2 Ritchie & Graham Renascent Bleaberry at Slapestones JW (imp USA),  another quality bitch slightly stronger. Nice head, neck into good shoulders. strong body with spring rib and deep brisket.

3 Baldry Llon Llanharran Lleuci



1 Cooper Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia, lovely head, stop, depth muzzle well set ears. Strong neck in shoulders. Strong short coupled body, good depth brisket. Good muscle moved with drive

2 Primmer Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears, Typey bitch with good bone and nice feet. Good rib and depth body. A tad overweight today but moved well with drive

3 Ferguson Julita Raindance at Teaselwood


LB 4 (1)

1 Waller Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow, lovely all round typey Welsh. Lovely head and kind dark eye, lovely expression. Strong neck , compact short coupled body with rib and deep brisket. Strong muscled quarters moved with drive

2 Graham Nyliram Moth Catcher JW, nice all round bitch, she’s not the finished article yet and will mature more. Nice head and dark eye, short coupled body with good bone and short hocks, moved well

3 Blackford Amblelight Porcia


OB 5

1 Harrison Sh Ch Glenbrows Hope, heading a quality class, nice all round with feminine head and dark eye soft expression. Good neck and shoulder. Good spring rib and deep good coat and condition moved well

2 Sutherland Jacranella Serenade,  different type to one but lovely all round typical Welshie. Nice head and neck into shoulders, short coupled with good spring rib and strong quarters with muscle

3 Woodward Hinxwood Fire and Ice


CB 4

1 Graham Sh Ch Nyliram Telling Tales JW ShCEx OSW, heading a strong class of worthy champions. Lovely all round typical Welshie bitch, nothing over done, feminine and typey. Lovely head and expression dark eye. Strong neck on to short coupled body with good spring rib and depth brisket. Strong quarters and deep second thigh on to short hocks, strong quarters helped her move effortlessly round the ring with drive which got her the CC, Res BIS and BOS

2 Harrison Sh Ch Glenbrows Paramour, another nice bitch in an excellent class. Nice head, dark eye. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Good body, rib, nice quarters

3 Worth Am Gch/Sh Ch Sarabande Sweet Nothings (ai) (re-imp)


VB 8 (1)

An excellent class of quality, all in excellent condition and enjoying their day in the spotlight. A credit to their owners for keeping them this way. This class could also out move many of their younger contemporaries. 

1 Ritchie Sh Ch Saraband Eternity at Slapestones (ai) JW, heading an excellent class of veterans. Lovely feminine head, dark eye, good stop and depth muzzle. Strong neck onto good shoulders with good forechest. Short coupled with good spring ribs and depth body. Strong quarters, good bone and feet. Moved with enthusiasm covering the ground. BV

2  Worth Am Gch/Sh Ch Sarabande Sweet Nothings (ai) (re-import), another lovely bitch with good bone and feet, short coupled body with rib and depth,  strong quarters and good feet. Moved well

3 Jones Sh Ch Julita Rumours at Trolsey



1 Cooper Gilstonia Snow Moon

2 Primmer Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears

3 Baldry Llon Llanharran Lleuci



1 Cooper Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia


SSB -  No Entries


GC 5 (2)

1 Caldwell Hillpark Queen Bee for Cerysan Aw(B), 4th in a strong veteran class. Lovely type of Welsh. Nice head, kind eye, short coupled with good depth. Strong quarters and second thigh, good feet, moved well

2 Barkley Cherryheath’s Miss Velocity JW, nice type welsh, nice head, kind eye. Strong body and quarters. In good coat

3 Baldry Llon Llanharran Lleuci


C Knowles