What a super day I had judging the males at this Show. I was honoured to win the Ballot for 2022, this makes it so much more special; every Breed Show is a special appointment I believe, but to know that it is the Membership of the Club that I am Hon: Secretary of who have voted for me – makes it particularly special – thank you.

A big thank you to my stewards, Netty and Steve, who kept the ring moving and kept me in order as well!

Regarding the dogs, I only found one thing that concerned me and that was a few incorrect bites, the standard requires ‘a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite’ and this was missing in a few which is a great shame for our breed.

Pleased to agree with my co judge that the bitch should be awarded Reserve Best in Show and the bitch puppy, Best Puppy in Show.

Minor Puppy – 1

Clarke’s TIGERROCK TICK TICKBOOM. Lovely youngster of just 6 months. Very happy lad, who moved extremely well both ways for his age. Lovely outline, He possesses a very nice head, kind expression and clean neck into well laid shoulders, decent rib for age and good rear angulation. Lovely bone and neat, tight feet. One for the future.

Puppy – 1

As Minor Puppy

Junior – 2

1st Stone’s KIDENOAN MARK TIME FOR MERREM Pleasant head, and balanced angulation front and rear. I found him a touch long in loin but has good ribbing and is maturing nicely. Moved with style and correctly in both directions, driving well, on well boned legs.

2nd Batey’s GLENBROWS BEST OF FRIENDS. This boy needs more training for showing, and when he gets his act together he will do very well. He has a lovely head and clean neck into well laid shoulders, he needs to expand his ribs, but this will come with age, lovely rear angulation and super bone and feet. However I really could not assess him properly as he would not stand still and moved erratically. Two very nice youngsters, I will watch their futures with interest.

Yearling – 1

Stevenson’s MYMMSBROOK MATADOR WITH BLYTHWAY JW. Very smart young dog. Well presented and with sparkling teeth! He has a pleasant head and dark eyes with a melting expression, clean neck into decent shoulders and good ribbing, correct moderate angulation and lovely bone and feet. To be very picky I would like a slightly lower tail set.

Maiden -1

As Minor Puppy and Puppy.

Novice – 1

Bennett’s CERYSAN CRUSADER. Just loved this youngster for type, he is right up my street! He has lovely bone, a kind head with mischief in his eyes, good length of neck and well laid shoulders and good upper arm providing a nice forechest, he is well ribbed and short coupled, is correctly angulated in the rear and well muscled. Moved well but a tiny bit loose in front

Graduate – no entries

Post Graduate – 5

1st Gaylor & Robertson’s HENIVERUCE KING OF BREWERS. Loved the outline on this boy, and he is presented exceptionally well. He does lack a little coat underneath, but this will come and balance him better. He has good bone and neat feet and a head that I liked a lot. Clean neck into decent shoulder lay back and upper arm. Good ribbing and couplings. Well muscled and moved very well indeed in both directions.

2nd   Wright’s TAIHANG HATHORN. My surprise of the day! This youngster does not make the best of himself either standing or on the move, but I found a good head and neck with decent layback of shoulder and good upper arm, he has plenty of rib and correct couplings, plenty of bone all through. He does fly his tail which is a shame, but do work on presenting him better he is worth it.


Mid Limit – 1

1st Barkley’s CHANANGEL MR WHODAT AT CHERRYHEATH JW. A dog I have judged previously as a puppy and liked him. He has a pleasant head and excellent bone and feet.

Balanced angulation and good ribbing. I would like to see a slightly lower tail set, and although he moved correctly both ways, he does fly his tail which spoils his outline. Today he had ‘ants in his pants’!

Limit – 4

1st – Cemis’ TAIMERES TALK ABOUT ME. Liked this boy for type, very balanced with correct outline when he decides to show it. Excellent bone and feet, Kind head and good length of neck into correctly angulated shoulders, well ribbed up, correctly angulated rear and tail well set and carried well. Sadly he did not move well behind today otherwise I loved him, He is ‘very welsh’

2nd Woodhams’ GLYNELL JIFFY. I judged this dog as a wee baby and liked him then, and still do. He is a very compact dog, well boned and with neat feet. He is just beginning to show his age now with that slight greying around the head. He has good ribbing and balanced angulation moving well with plenty of drive. Perhaps a smidgen more length in the ribbing would please me.

Open – 3

What a class, I was really spoilt for choice and it came down to my personal choice on the day. All three dogs had things that I loved about them and also things that made me look again.

1st   Wren’s LLON LEWYS AT GWYNMARREN. I have admired this boy from the ringside many times and I was not disappointed when I went over him. He is a totally welsh. Welsh, having the ratio of body that I look for. Not exaggerated in any way. Lovely head and melting expression, well set ears and clean neck into an excellent lay of shoulder and super length of upper arm, which provided him with the good forechest, keeping his feet well under his body. Great length of rib, correct in the couplings and his rear angulation matched the forehand. Perfect topline, when he did not force his head forward, as he does tend to do. He moved around the ring with style and drive. Loved him CC and later Best in Show with the agreement of my co judge.

2nd Sutherland’s JACRANELLA SOLO. Another lovely dog of similar type to my winner, but in a wee bit smaller frame to my winner. He literally has all of the attributes of my winner, and particularly went well on the move. Reserve CC.

3rd Harrison’s GLENBROWS REVOLUTION very close up to the two above.

Champion – 3(2abs)

1st Millard’s SH CH FERNDEL HIGH COMMAND AT RUBYLEA. A well deserved Champion, Beautifully presented and a good outline. Well boned and balanced angulation. Nice head and good length of neck. He moved cleanly both ways. Did feel he was not quite on top form today.

Veteran – 8

1st Brown’s BOWDONIA OZZIE VW. I have loved this boy since he was a pup. He has a lovely soft expression and excellent length of neck into smooth well laid shoulders, good topline and correctly angulated behind. Well boned and lovely straight front, good couplings. He moved like a youngster in this class and showed himself off, moving with drive. Best Veteran in Show.

2nd Barkley’s SH CH CHERRYHEATH’S MR MISCHIEF JW ShCM. This 11 year old may have lost colour, but not conformation. Not quite the lay of shoulder of my winner but well ribbed and correct angulation fore and aft with good bone. He moved well with drive but could not quite match my winner today, who is after all a fair bit younger.


Special Beginners

1st   - 1st Post Graduate.

2nd  - 1st Novice


Special Working No entries

Special Shooting – 1

Wright’s AMBLELIGHT SOLAR FLARE. 7 year old with a neat outline when he chooses to show it. He has decent angulation both front and rear. Very reluctant to move today.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme

1st Barkley’s CHERRYHEATHS MR MOJITO. What a shame this dog is castrated. He is so well balanced with a pleasing head and expression, lovely lay back of shoulder and good ribbing and strong, correctly angulated rear end. He moved the best in this class with lots of drive. I congratulate his owner on keeping his coat so well.

2nd Bennett’s HELGEN ROMEO THE LOVER. Carrying a bit of weight on his shoulders at present, but still a very nice dog with good ribbing and nice bone and feet. Lovely head with a true melting expression. Moved OK.

Judge - Julie Revil


Many thanks to the Committee for their kind invitation to judge this show and hospitality on the day.

I was pleased to find all exhibits had good dentition and temperaments were super throughout. I did note a few were short in upper arm which affected their movement somewhat.

I was in agreement with my co judge that the male, Wren’s Llon Lewys At Gwynmarren should be awarded Best In Show as he was on top form today. Likewise for the Veteran Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie VW who put up a strong performance to take Best Veteran In Show

Minor Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Holland’s Ferndel Starshine Flatcharm, headed a trio of lovely pups, at just 6 months she has a feminine head with dark eye, clean neck, ample bone with good feet. Excellent depth and forechest for age, Pleasing outline when stood and moved out with style for one so young. BPB and later BPIS in agreement with my co judge.

2nd Millard’s Ferndel Water Lily At Rubylea (AI), another quality pup, pleasing head, well angulated fore and aft, moved out true, winner just a little more mature at the moment, her time will come.

3rd Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace

Puppy Bitch (3)

1st Millard’s Ferndel Water Lily At (AI),

2nd Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara well shaped head, ample depth and ribbing, moved steadily, just a little strong all through for me

3rd Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace

Junior Bitch (1)

Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara

Yearling Bitch (4)

1st Walton, Coffin & Patterson Hillpark Carys Gold, pleasing head, true front, compact body with ample depth and ribbing. Moved positively and soundly with correct topline and tail carriage

2nd Tigerrock Lit De Roses, lots to like about this young girl, head still developing, just tends to lose outline on the stack but moved out well

3rd Lockie’s Benoveor Gwirgariad

Maiden Bitch(3,1 wdn)

1st Walton, Coffin & Patterson Hillpark Carys Gold

2nd Casey’s Tigerrock Amazing Grace very promising pup, pleasing head and expression, and by this class had got her act together on the move

Novice Bitch (2,1)

1stLockie’s Benoveor Gwirgariad lovely head and expression, good bone and tidy feet, going through a leggy stage and needs to develop in body, moved out okay.

Graduate Bitch(1)

1st Ferguson’s Julita Raindance Teaselwood,stood alone but worthy winner, liked her for type, feminine head with kind expression, adequate neck and good shoulders, ample bone, balanced throughout, moved true in front but a shade close behind.

Post Graduate Bitch (4)

1st Baldry’ Llon Llanharran leuci, up to size but appealed to me for her overall construction, lovely head and expression, moved out soundly

2nd Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon, lovely head and expression and liked her for type and balance, not as positive on the move as winner today

3rd Primmer’s Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears

Mid Limit Bitch (3,1)

1stCooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia, pleasing head, correct shoulders, ample bone and compact body, has strength all through but retains her femininity, shown in good condition. Moved steadily

2nd2 Jackson’s Catjack Everpreciousone heavier build than winner but of pleasing type. Lovely head and expression, would prefer tighter feet, moved okay with ever wagging tail.

Limit Bitch (4)

1stTain’s Taimere’s Mistrel, super breed type, loved her head and expression, strong bone and tight feet, well ribbed with short loin, balanced throughout, she excels in front and rear construction which shows in her sound, positive movement. In lovely coat and condition. CC (her 3rd) RBIS on agreement with my co judge

2nd McIlwain Reynolds Benoveor Can’t Buy Me Love, pleasing bitch with lovely head and dark eye, well made all through, not as positive in rear movement as winner today

3rd Waller’s Isfryn Fireglow

Open Bitch(3)

1stHarrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Rhapsody JW, well presented youngster, nicely balanced, lovely bone and feet, moved well from short hocks pushed hard for top honours

2nd Lancett’s Cwmbeili Madlen, like her for breed type, pleasing head, well boned with good feet, not as free on the move today and plays her handler up when on the stack

3rdSutherland’s Jacranella Serenade

Champion Bitch (2)

1stClarke’s Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electrick With Tigerrock JW well presented with pleasing head, clean neck and shoulders, lovely bone and feet, good depth and ribbing, scored here on her positive front movement, covered the ring with ease RCC

2nd Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Paramour one I have admired from the ringside and has a lovely feminine head and kind expression. Ample body and ribbing, well boned but preferred front and feet of winner. Shown in lovely coat and condition.

Veteran Bitch (3,2)

1st Jackson’s Catjack Dearieme at 10 years old was in good overall condition, pleasing head with straight front, well bodied. Moved out well with such a happy disposition.

Special Begineers Bitch (5)

1st Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci

2nd Casey’s Tigerrock Lit De Roses

3rd Primmer’s Amanshe Mermaid’s Tears

Special Working Bitch (1)

1stCooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia

Good Citizen Bitch (5,1)

1st Baldry’s Llon Llanharran Lleuci

2ndWaller’s Isfryn Lady Godiva At Fireglow, of good overall make and shape, moved okay just preferred expression of winner

3rd Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon




1st Mrs Cooper’s well matched pair, these bitches moved as one, so I was not surprised to see that they were mother and daughter, lovely type of WSS who were a credit to their owner

2nd Mr & Mrs Leach’s pair of dogs, very similar in type & showed & moved well to take 2nd here. Moved as one & both are very typical & put down so well

3rd Mr & Mrs Woodhams’ males

4th Mrs Bennett’s males.


1st Mesdames McIlwaine & Reynolds’ 3 related WSS who moved & showed well, definitely of a good type & put down to the minute. Won in strong competition

2nd Tigerock’s roly-poly babies who just made me smile, they tried so hard for their handler, they show lots of promise & with maturity I am sure will do well;

3rd Amberlight.