17th OCTOBER 2021

I would like to thank the committee for the honour to judge this club show, it means that I now have officiated at all 4 breed clubs which also is an honour. I had a good entry bearing in mind the situation we are all facing, my conclusion is that the breed is not as good as a few years ago, we have some close rear movement and a rangy type creeping in, I know we can only show what we have, but breeders need to take more care when studying pedigrees . Mouths were very good and some presentation could be improved slightly. Now to the actual judging.


MP (3) 1 Stevenson's "MYMMSBROOK MATADOR WITH BLYTHWAY" promising baby, balanced head with ample stop, sufficient bone for age, correct depth & ribbing stood & moved out with style BPD & BPIS. 2 Bennett's "CERYSAN CRUSADER" a good type with correct head, stood true with ample bone & good feet, lovely body properties with ribbing, moved out true & steady. 3 Caldwell's "CERYSAN COMMODORE" one that will take a time to mature but shows a lot of potential, balanced head, good front with ample bone & substance, moved true.

P (2) 1 Clarke's "TIGERROCK IM YOUR MAN" good type, balanced head, true front with ample bone, good depth & ribbing for age, a little hesitant on the move at first but given time should be ok. 2 Caldwell's "CERYSAN COMMODORE"

J (1) Clarke's "TIGERROCK MAGIC WOUBABOUT" this young chap is maturing at the right pace, lovely balanced head, good true front with depth & substance, well ribbed, strong rear, moved out true covering the ground well, should have a bright future.

Y (4,1) 1 Jones' "TROSLEY TAMOSHANTA" another youngster that is improving all the time, lovely balanced head, strong neck, good front with bone & depth, ample body for age, good rear angulation, moved very well, one to watch.  2 Hills & Page's "LLON CAMRI" good type, balanced head, stood true with bone & substance, moved true. 3 Buckwell's "KILLENA SHADOW DANCING (AI) in this frame I think there is a nice dog but he does lack confidence to bring it out which is a shame, balanced head, ample bone, good ribbing, does require more substance but I guess he stresses it off.


N (3) 1 White's "MYMMSBROOK MALBEC WITH FIERGEN" balanced head, true front with bone & depth, started to body up but does need time, lovely ribbing, moved out with confidence. 2 Clarke's "TIGERROCK IM YOUR MAN" 3 Buckwell's "KILLENA SHADOW DANCING (AI)

G (3,1) 1 White's "MYMMSBROOK MALBEC WITH FIERGEN  2 Tayler's "JULITA RHYME" balanced head, good depth, ample bone, well ribbed with substance, could stand truer in front, moved true once settled..

PG (5) good class with dogs just coming into their own, 1 Barkley's "CHANANGEL MR WHODAT AT CHERRYHEATH JW" balanced head, good bone & feet, ample depth, substance & ribbing, moved out well with free flowing action. 2 Bowd's "LENAMORE TIGER ROLL" lots to like about this youngster, he is balanced all through, with everything in the right place, good bone & substance, in good condition, moved well just needs a little more time to hit the top. 3 Wren's "LLON DERWEN DAR AT GWYNMARREN" masculine head, stood true with ample bone & substance, well ribbed, not as free on the move as 1& 2.

ML (3) 1 Knowles' "MENSTONIA MINSTREL JW" full of  quality, balanced head, stood true with lovely bone, feet & depth, strong neck, well ribbed with substance, strong rear, shown in good condition as expected from this kennel, I felt there is still  more to come, moved out well with purpose. RCC. 2 Barkley's "CHERRYHEATH MR MOJITO" another well balanced dog, good bone, feet & depth, lovely ribbing, moved out freely. 3 Gough's "JULITA RUKESTER"  nice type, a little strong in head for me, good front & depth, well ribbed, unlucky to meet 1 & 2 in good form.

L (7,2) 1 Wren's "LLON LEWYS AT GWYNMARREN" a stylish dog from all angles, stood true with good bone & depth, tight feet, lovely ribbing & substance well proportioned body, strong rear, in good condition,  moved very true & free, pushed hard for top honours. 2 Blackford's "AMBERLIGHT GALATEA" quality male at 6 yrs, good front with depth & lovely bone, balanced frame, strong in rear, moved true & steady. 3 Leach's "ISLANZA SPRINTER" this boy has matured well, good front with bone & substance, good ribs, just needs to slow down a little on the move always in a rush.

O (3) 1 Williams' "ISFRYN SPOT THE DIFFERENCE TREBETTYN" my RCC winner from last time I judged, he is from the old school which a lot of exhibitors will not know. He has matured fully at 6 yrs, loved his overall balanced outline, good true front with good bone & substance, well ribbed, strong in loin, if critical his head could take a little more stop, his movement is very precise & free with driving action using his docked tail like a rudder, in super condition. Pleased to award him the CC & later RBIS/BOS. 2 Caldwell & Mcdowell's "BOWDONIA ONLY THE BRAVE FOR CERYSAN" another 6 yr old staying the course well, free mover with good front, bone & feet, lovely ribbing & substance. 3 Johnstone's "GLENBROWS VALENTINO FOR GILPETA" balanced head, ample bone, carries a little too much weight which does not help his movement, ample coat, in good condition.

CH 1 Clarke's "SH CH FERNDEL HIGH FIDELITY WITH TIGERROCK ShCEx" at nearly 7 he is in good condition, stands & moves true, plenty of substance, moves out freely at one with handler, worthy champion.

V (3) 1 Barkley's "SH CH CHERRYHEATH MR MISCHIEF JW ShCM" at 10 yrs he is in hard & fit condition, you can take his colour away but you can't take his movement, it is very free & positive covering the ground well.  BVD / BVIS. 2 Woodhams'  "TOBERMYN MINSTREL BOY" just gone 9, in good condition, moves well in profile but a little wide in front. 3 Green's "TYWYSOG GELERT" at 12 yrs, enjoying his day, moves out spritely for age. unlucky to meet 1 & 2 on top form so had to give way to youth.


SW (2) 1Sutherland's "JACRENELLA SOLO" well put together, full of breed type, balanced all through, moves very free & true, I would like a little more all through, 2 Smith's "ISFRYN PEEPING TOM JW" a little more compact than 1, in super condition, stands & moves true,


GCDS (4) 1 Woodham's "GLYNELL JIFFY" good bone & feet, strong in rear, in full coat & super condition, moved very true & steady. 2 Caldwell & Mcdowell's "BOWDONIA ONLY THE BRAVE FOR CERYSAN" 3 Bennett's "HELGEN ROMEO THE LOVER FOR FLYBORON" balanced head, ample bone & substance, not as positive on the move as 1 & 2 tends to move sideways a little.



Tom Graham