January 2020


Thank you to the committee for their invitation to judge this very friendly show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. I had some lovely dogs, all were presented beautifully and a credit to all owners.

BIS Stone's Stedigan All In Good Time For Merrem RL1EX ShCM

RBIS Wren's Llon Lewys At Gwynmarren

BOS Sutherland's Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony

BPIS Dormer's Trenzalore Rose Tyler

BVIS Thomas's Sh Ch Bowdonia Moment To Shine.


Veteran Dog (3)

1.Barkley's Sh Ch Cherryheath's Mr Mischief JW ShCM, 81/2 year old A happy boy with a good head, strong neck into well placed shoulders. He has good muscle tone and moved with purpose. BVD.

2. Woodhams's Tobermyn Minstrel Boy 7 ½ year old boy in good jacket, straight front, neat feet, another happy boy loving his day.

3.Caldwell & McDowell's Sh Ch Back To The Future For Cerysan JW ShCM 9 year old with a good head and profile. He is not so well muscled and moved OK.

Minor Puppy Dog and Puppy Dog (1)

1.Morphy's Caergrawnt Tulip Painter 8 months today. Loved his head which still has some work to go, nice dark eye, has a clean neck, neat feet and good bone. He has plenty of time on his side, still a raw young lad with a lot to like. A little erratic on the move but thoroughly enjoying his day. BPD.

Junior Dog (3)

1.Barkley's Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath JW A 17 month youngster up to size in excellent jacket. He is gradually coming into his own with good strength in his neck and shoulder placement good bend of stifle and moved well.

2. Primmer’s Amanshe Lone Ranger 13 month boy still a little raw and overawed but I am sure will settle in time. Liked his head and shoulder placement, needs to strengthen all through. Time on his side.

Special Yearling Dog

1.Wren's Llon Lewys At Gwynmarren. 23 months, caught my eye as he entered the ring. Lovely head and eye. He has a good strong neck, deep brisket,excellent spring of rib, he has a good well muscled loin, neat feet, mature for age, moved with purpose. Surely has even more to come. Shall watch his progress with interest. RBIS.

Graduate Dog (1)

1.Gough's Julita Rukester 3year old happy boy with good bone, lovely head and gentle expression. Maturing well, has deep brisket and good muscle tone, moved well.

2. Mercer's Amberlight Cassiopeia A slightly smaller boy than 1 but balanced, good straight front, , neat feet, maturing slowly, moved OK.

3.Nowak's Killena Enterprise Enjoying his day today. He presents a good profile with good neck and shoulder, lovely rich jacket, erratic on the move. Needs to settle.

Post Graduate Dog (6)

1.Bennett's Helgen Romeo The Lover 3year old presented in good coat Lovely clean head straight front and tight feet who moved with drive and purpose.

2. Wright's Taihang Hawthorn A 19 month boy who held his own in this class. He has good bone, tight feet, lovely head, clean strong neck flowing into well placed shoulders. Presented in good coat. He moved with purpose and drive. Time is on his side.

3. Wren's Llon Derwen Dar At Gwynmarren 3 year old boy presented in good coat, with good neck and shoulder, well let down in brisket, could benefit from more muscle tone, lacked drive and purpose in movement today.

Limit Dog (6)

1.Brown's Bowdonia Ozzie Fully mature 5 year old well balanced boy. He is compact, has a good head, strong neck, good angulation and excellent muscle tone. He moved with drive.

2. Woodham's Glynell Jiffy He has a good head and strong neck, straight front and neat feet. He is well let down in brisket, good spring of rib,. He moved OK enjoying his day.

3. Tubb's Slapestones Tidal Wave For Alsutu. Presented in excellent coat. He has noble head , clean long neck, good shoulder, slightly longer in body than some. Moved well.

Open Dog (2/3)

1.Stone's Stedigan All In God Time For Merrem RL1EX ShCM Fully mature boy, he has a super straight front, tight feet, lovely gentle expression, good head, strong neck and well placed shoulder. He has a super top line, is well muscled, a very balanced boy who moved with ease round the ring. Could not deny him. BIS.

2. Sutherland's Jacranella Solo. Another boy in excellent coat. Presents a balanced outline in good muscular condition, has good angulation. Moved well, although a little fast today.

Good Citizens Dog Scheme Dog (5)

1.Bennett's Helgen Romeo The Lover.

2.Green's Eurion Jasper 5yr well balanced boy. Good shoulder and rear angulation. He is well muscled and moved with enthusiasm and an ever wagging tail.

3. Wright's Amblelight Solar Flare. Smaller frame, liked his head, happy on the move.


Veteran Bitch (6)

A wonderful class of ladies here, all a credit to their owners and enjoying their day. 1.Thomas's Bowdonia Moment To Shine What a cracking 71/2 year old girl. She has a super head, lovely gentle expression, good strong neck, depth in brisket, excellent rear angulation, moved with drive and purpose. BVIS.

2.Sutherland's Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella. Now 11 and such a feminine girl. In good body condition, well muscled, good neck and shoulder, well let down in loin, moved well.

3. Barkley's Cherryheath Miss Chief JW. Now 12 1/2, belies her age. Such a kind expression, good straight front and rear angulation, moved well.

Puppy Bitch (2/3)

Dormer's Trenzalore Rose Tyler. 9 month young feminine lady with a lot to like. Very nice head in correct proportion, straight front and tight elbows, Good rear angulation shown to advantage on move once she settled. One to watch. BPIS.

2. Naunton's Trenzalore Oncoming Storm. Litter sister to 1. Could change places another day. Good head and clean neck, neat feet, still raw, good angulation, moved well. Shall watch these two with interest.

Special Yearling Bitch (2)

1.Baldry's Llon Llanharran Lleuci. Litter sister to winner of Sp Y dog. A lot to like here. Has similar attributes, good head, clean neck and well placed shoulder, excellent rear angulation, maturing slowly, muscling up well. Moved well. One to watch.

Graduate Bitch (2)

1.Ferguson's Taihang Scherezade At Teaselwood. 2 1/2 years old. She is a nice compact lady , maturing well. Good neck , straight front, dropped in brisket and is in good condition and moved well.

2. Baldry's Llon Llanharran Lleuici.

Post Graduate Bitch (1/3)

1.Waller's Isfryn Lady Godiva At Fireflow JW 2 1/2 years old now, maturing well. She has a lovely head, strong clean neck flowing into good shoulders, tight neat feet, She presents a compact profile , has good muscle tone and moves well.

Limit Bitch (8)

1.Woodward's Hinxwood Fire and Ice. A lovely compact girl, with a good head, clean, strong neck, tight elbows and good rear angulation. She is in excellent coat. Moved with drive.

2. Caldwell’s Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan. Another compact young lady who is well muscled, has good neck and shoulder. Moved OK.

3. Barkley's Cherryheath Miss Velocity JW. 5 year old mature lady a little taller than first two but in good proportion. She is well muscled but moved a little erratically today.

Open Bitch (5)

A super class of very different types, all a credit to their owners.

1.Sh Ch Julita Rumours At Trosley . She has now come into her own. Good head, strong neck, good bone and forechest , loved her profile, still needs to drop a little in loin but this will come with maturity. Moved with purpose.

2. Sutherland's Jacranella Serenade Different type to 1 . Presents a compact profile. Good strength in neck, firm topline with good angulation, moved well.

3. Thomas's Bowdonia Anastasia JW ShCM Another lovely girl. Splitting hairs with all 3 here. Good head, lovely gentle expression, neat feet , mature lady. Not as positive in movement today.

Special Beginners Bitch (1/2)

1.Baldry's Llon Llanharran Lleuci

Good Citizens Dog Scheme Bitch (6)

1.Sutherland's Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony . Presented in excellent coat, well balanced, fully mature. Lovely tight feet, strong neck and good shoulder placement, excellent muscle tone, moved to advantage. BOS.

2. Caldwell's Bowdonia Bellisima For Cerysan. Another lovely compact lady, has well laid shoulder, in good condition, good rear angulation, moved well.

3. Ferguson's Taihang Scherezade At Teaselwood.

Special Working Dog or Bitch (3)

1.Barkley's Cherryheath Mr Mojito 4 year lad with a good head and neck, well let down brisket, excellent rear angulation, in good muscular condition, moved and covered ground well.

2. Green's Eurion Jasper.

3. White's Fiergen Steamy Windows 9 year old lady belying her age, good head, slightly finer bone than some, loving her day out, moved OK.

Special New Members Dog or Bitch

1.Woodham's Trenzalore Rose Tyler.

Judge Linda Thorogood


Thank you to everyone involved for the opportunity to judge the Special Awards at your friendly Show and I really appreciated the experience. I had quality dogs to go over and very pleased to see how fit, happy and healthy they all were. Thank you to the exhibitors for their entry and for their sporting acceptance of my decisions and to Stewards Tori and Helen for their efficient help on the day.

Sp. Jun D/B (5.2a)

1. Barkley’s CHANANGEL MR WHODAT AT CHERRYHEATH JW. Lovely head of good proportions, kindly expression with dark eyes, chiselling beneath, low set ears, well off for bone, straight front, well padded feet,. Compact in body, level topline, strong, slightly arched loin, muscular rear quarters with moderate bend of stifle, good tail set, moves positively at one with his handler.

2. Primmer’s AMANSHE LONE RANGER. Young dog with head of good proportions, hazel eyes, long neck, still to grow on in body but its all there. Strong rear quarters, in good coat, moves quite well.

3. Morphy’s CAERGRAWNT TULIP PAINTER. 8 month puppy with time on his side, handled well.

Sp Post Grad D/B (6.1a)

1. Waller’s ISFRYN LADY GODIVA AT FIREGLOW JW. Neat compact bitch with beautiful head and expression, soft appealing eyes, straight front, long muscular neck, good depth of chest, well sprung ribs, strong short loin, level topline, well developed quarters with good width of thigh, lovely quality coat, moves with drive.

2. Wright’s TAIHANG HAWTHORN. 18 month dog, slight dome to head, defined stop, dark eye, low set ears, straight front, moderate spring of rib, compact body, good width of thigh, moves well.,.


Sp Open D/B (6)

1. Woodham’s GLYNELL JIFFY. Mature dog, with head of good proportions, soft expression, straight front, long clean neck, strong muzzle, shoulders well laid, deep chest, strong compact body, slightly arched loin, good tail set, well developed rear quarters, with moderate bend of stifle, well muscled throughout with good bone overall, thick waterproof coat in good condition, moves well.

2. Sutherland’s SH CH JACRANELLA SYMPHONY. Very feminine with lovely head, kindly expression, chiselling beneath eyes. Medium length of muzzle. Good front assembly into well laid shoulders, level topline, strong body, good bend of stifle straight flat coat well feathered, moves very well. A quality bitch, I preferred the dog on the day.


Sheila Appleby JUDGE