Firstly I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at your friendly well run show. It was a busy Bank Holiday weekend with back to back shows; which saw Bath gaining CCs and a Breed Club Open Show. Thank you to all the exhibitors who gave me an entry. It was a lovely hot day and I felt that the majority of dogs were struggling with the heat which affected their movement; resulting on places which may have been different on another day. The quality of exhibits were of a high standard; especially the bitches. I found no bad mouths & temperaments were outstanding. However there were so many with high tail carriages on the move, this ruined their overall outline and this influenced many of my decisions on the day.



Veteran (2,0)

1stBarkleys Sh Ch Cherryheaths Mr Mischief, 7 year old, one I have judged before and still in excellent condition, this young man has a naughty glint in his eye and still loves his day out, superb temperament which I wouldn't expect any less from this kennel, pleasing head with kind dark eye, good tight front & balanced throughout, could teach the younger dogs a thing or two with his powerful movement around the ring holding his tail carriage level.

2ndWoodhams Tobermyn Minstrel Boy, another 7 year old in excellent coat and condition, lovely masculine head, preferred the shoulders of the winner, carried his tail high on the move which ruined the overall picture, however he moved effortlessly around the ring.


Minor Puppy (0).

Puppy (2,0)

1stBarkleys Chanangel Mr Whodat At Cherryheath, Very mature 9 month old, kind dark eye & lovely masculine head but not overdone, he has the best of fronts with a good lay of shoulder, plenty of bone & stood on tight feet, his outline completes the perfect picture, when settled he moved with drive showing his powerful hindquarters, I liked him a lot & when he settles Im sure he has a very bright future ahead of him, BPIS.

2ndWrights Taihang Hawthorn, 10 months old and still very raw, pleasing head with dark eye, preferred the front of the winner, good muscle tone for a youngster, with nice strong hocks, carried his tail high on the move.


Junior (2,1)

1stWrights Taihang Hawthorn.


Special Yearling (1,0)

1stTaylers Julita Rhyne, a dog I have never seen before, stood alone in this class but boy is he eye-catching, I liked this rich red boy a lot, he has the best of heads & is well chiselled under his kind dark eyes, superb front and rear angulation, tight feet, in super coat & condition, lovely outgoing temperament, which showed in his steady movement; pushing from the rear, he was my find of the day & I was delighted to award him RBD.


Novice (3,0)

1stMercers Amblelight Cassiopeia, 2 year old, loved his head with kind expression, good front with tight feet, enough bone for his frame, balanced throughout, moved well keeping his tail level, would like him a bit taller. 2ndWrights Taihang Hawthorn.

3rdRoland-Shrubbs' Bichere Essex Skipper.



1stMercers Amblelight Cassiopeia.

2ndGoughs Julita Rukester, good head with enough neck, front and shoulder placement ok, balanced with good bend of stifle, did not move as well as winner and another who carried his tail high.

3rdGreens Eurion Jasper.


Post Graduate (2,0)

1stOlivers Glenbrows Royal Dragon, 2 year old in excellent coat & condition, groomed to perfection, stunning head with a soft, masculine but not coarse expression, good length of neck & clean in throat, superb front, good depth of chest & spring of rib, lovely angulation fore & aft, balanced throughout with plenty of bone, standing on catlike feet, moved with purpose & drive, the best mover of the day! which ultimately won him BD & in the challenge was delighted to award him BIS.

2ndBennetts Helgen Romeo The Lover, pleasing head, another nicely balanced dog in good coat & condition, another one I really liked but today moved a little wide in front & flew his tail.


Limit (8,0) A very hard class to judge with all different shapes and sizes, most struggled with the heat in this class. 1stBrowns Bowdonia Ozzie, rich red lad, colour just beginning to fade in the face but a lovely expression, adequate neck & shoulders, good topline & tail carriage, nice spring of rib, short in loin, good bend of stifle, tight feet, sluggish on the move which cost him in the challenge.

2ndCaldwell & McDowells Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan, liked him a lot & similar remarks to 1 but preferred the head on this boy, his front movement not quite a positive today & another high tail which ultimately cost him the class.

3rdJanes Cwmbeili Gwilym.


Open (2,1)

1stEllis & Pilkingtons Shannara Total Eclipse ShCM, a super tempered happy 4 year

old in the best of coats, lovely head & expression, good length of neck & well balanced throughout with good angles, correct rise over the loin, nice bend of stifle, tight feet, lovely tail carriage on the move, for me today he carried a tad too much weight over the shoulders which caused him to move a little wide in front, having said that he is a lovely quality boy.


Special Beginners (3,0)

1stTaylers Julita Rhyne.

2ndBennetts Helgen Romeo The Lover.

3rdGoughs Julita Rukester.


Good Citizens Dog Scheme (3,0)

1stTubbs Slapestones Tidal Wave For Alsutu, this 4 year old has a lovely outline with good angulation fore & aft, pleasant head with kind expression, good bone & stood on lovely tight feet, presented in good coat & condition, best mover of the class.

2ndGreens Eurion Jasper, well up for size, plenty of bone, moved ok.

3rdWrights Amblelight Solar Flare.







Veteran (6,1)

1stEllis Glenbrows Fascination With Shannara, this 7 year old young lady gets better with age, lovely feminine head, super reach of neck leading into a lovely front assembly, tight elbows, good spring of rib, good bone, presented in beautiful coat & condition, handled to advantage & the best mover of the class; showing her lovely reach & drive as she powered around the ring, just love her, RBB & BVIS.

2ndRoland-Shrubbs' Ypagneul Coco At Bichere, 7 years on the day, pretty head, liked her overall balance which could be enhanced further with better trimming, not her usual movement.

3rd Ch Julita Rezanella Of Jacranella.


Minor Puppy (1,0)

1stSalts Islanza Organza, very fine 8 month baby & very raw, pretty head, front angulation ok, good bend of stifle, happy outgoing nature, moved ok but for me Id like a little more bone.


Puppy (0).


Junior (2,0)

1stBaldrys Llon Llanharren Lleuci, immaculately presented 15 month old with so much to like about her, kindest of heads & expression, broken coated with a lovely depth of red, correct length of neck, good shoulder placement, lovely length of back with correct rise over the loin, good tail carriage, nice bend of stifle & with good second thigh, moved so well for a youngster, caught my eye as soon as she entered the ring, one to watch for the future.

2ndPrimmers Amanshe Mermaids Tears, pretty head, good angles throughout, happy little mover who just needs time.


Special Yearling (1,0)

1stBaldrys Llon Llanharren Lleuci.


Novice (1,0)

1stRowland-Shrubbs' Bichere Painted Lady, pretty headed 2 year old, nice dark eye, adequate front & rear angulation, in good coat & moved ok, for me shes a little lean & needs more weight.


Graduate (3,0)

1stWallers Isfryn Godiva At Fireglow, the prettiest of heads & such a kind expression, super bone & presented in excellent coat & condition, liked her overall balance & correct steady movement.

2ndCoopers Isfryn Lady Grey Of Gilstonia, not as mature as 1 but similar comments apply, preferred the head of the winner.



Post Graduate (4,1)

1stJones Julita Rumours At Trosley, one I watched from the ringside & on further inspection was

not disappointed, she is lovely to go over & just flows, beautiful melting expression with the kindest of eyes, lovely angles fore & aft, good spring of rib, lovely tail carriage, best of feet, put down in good hard condition, lovely coat & today she pulled out all the stops with her movement to win BB, just lost out to the dog for Top honours of the day as the heat got the better of her, delighted to award her RBIS, one to watch for the future. 2ndCaldwells Hillpark Queen Bee For Cerysan, lovely nature on this girl & unlucky to meet 1, similar remarks apply but she still needs time.

3rdHills- Pages' LLon Llysiaur Hedydd.


Limit (4,1)

1stBarkleys Cherryheaths Miss Velocity JW, one I have judged before & still like, slightly bigger bitch than 2, lovely head & earset, ample bone, good front assembly, correct bend of stifle & lovely depth of thigh, didn't move as well in the challenge.

2ndSutherlands Jacranella Sonata, very feminine, good front & rear angles, lovely bend of stifle, not the coat condition of 1 & carrying a tad too much weight, despite giving her handler a hard time she moved well.

3rdWatsons Welingerhill Garden Tiger Of Hillpark.


Open (1,0)

1stSutherlands Jacranella Serenade, 4 year old, stood alone but a worthy winner, another very pretty feminine girl in super coat & condition, she has lovely balance which shows in her outline, moved well.


Special Beginners (0)


Good Citizens Dog Scheme (6,1)

1stSutherlands Sh Ch Jacranella Symphony, stunning head & super outline, good bone, good length of neck leading into a lovely front assembly, good spring of rib, correct bend of stifle, tightest of feet, lovely hard condition & moved well, very worthy of her title.

2ndCaldwells Bowdonia Bellissima For Cerysan, another pretty kind headed girl but looking a bit heavy around the neck & shoulders today, balanced throughout & has some lovely qualities, moved well.

3rdCharles Stagarth A Kind OfMagic.




Special Working Dog or Bitch (5,1)

1stSunderlands Jacranella Solo, this lad has come on since I last judged him & is carrying just the

right amount of weight, soft expression, he has good angles throughout, presented in good coat & condition, moved well away & back, best mover in the class, would prefer a little more length on the leg though.

2ndCoopers Isfryn Lady Grey Of Gilstonia.

3rdGroots NL/CIE Ch Isfryn On The Spot.


Special New Members Dog or Bitch (0)


Brace (2,0)


2ndRowland- Shrubbs'.


Judge Vicky McIlwaine (nee Reynolds)





Special Classes


I would like to thank the committee of the South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club for inviting me to judge the Specials of the May 2019 Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the show despite the very warm weather. My delicious lunch fortified me for the job!

I was spoilt for choice in the classes, & the dogs could easily change places on another day.

Many thanks as well to the exhibitors for providing me with lovely dogs.

Delighted that my 1st in Special PG went on to win Reserve Best in Show.


Class A. Junior Dog or Bitch:

1. Baldrys Llon Llanharran Lleuci, this 15 month old rangy bitch stood alone in her class. Lovely disposition, good head with well defined stop & occiput well placed ears into pleasant long sloping neck. Well balanced front & body. Nice elbows into well feathered fore legs.

Tail well set, nicely developing loin. Good catlike feet. Moved well & with confidence around the ring. Well presented. Needs time.


Class B. Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1. Joness Julita Rumours at Troisley

This bitch struck me as soon as she walked into the ring. Lovely kind expression which she displayed with great jollity. Pretty feminine head, good strong neck into nicely sloping shoulders.

Very good catlike feet, on well boned legs. Well sprung ribs, deep brisket. Nice bend of stifle & well muscled second thigh.

Moved very well on such a hot day.

I was pleased to see she was awarded BB & RBIS.

2nd. Coopers Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia Very merry bitch who was playing up her handler today. Good head, nice lay of shoulders into powerful compact body. Excellent catlike feet, good bone, nice turn of stifle , good second thigh. Not as mature as 1.

Powerful mover capable of a good days work.


Class C. Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

1. Barkleys ShCh Cherryheaths Mr Mischief JW ShCM I have always admired this gentleman. He does not disappoint.

A strong well muscled dog. Good masculine head, well defined stop.

Occiput leading into strong neck. Excellent lay of shoulders, strong fore chest. Pleasing length of body with nice tail set which he carries happily round the ring. Excellent angulation in stifle with well let down hocks.

Best catlike feet of the day.

Moved with real drive around the ring.

2nd. Browns Bowdonia Ozzie Masculine dog of good proportions. Pleasing head with lovely small vine like ears, happy expression with strong neck into good lay of shoulders. Deep brisket & strong through loin. Good width of thigh. I would prefer a bit less weight. Moved nicely.


Carol Maytag Madeley