I felt very honoured to judge at this breed championship show, which was by a very friendly and efficient committee.

I would like to thank all the exhibitors for a wonderful entry and my two super stewards Pam Blay and Sarah Pilkington for keeping the ring running smoothly.

All dogs were presented well and I had some tough decisions in some classes, one thing I would like to mention is feet, the breed standard states thick pads, quite a few had no depth, just something to watch in our breeding programmes.

Sandra Bell my co judge and I agreed on all top awards.


BIS Thomas & Uptons, SH CH  Bowdonia Seraphina JW ShCM

RBIS & BOS Grahams SH CH Taimeres Twister Round Nyliram JW ShCM

BPIS Harrisons, Glenbrows This Is Me

BVIS Barkleys SH CH Cherryheaths Mr Mischief, JW ShCM



1st Harrisons Glenbrows Temptress, 6 month bitch, very much a baby in her movement at the moment, balanced head, good angulation front and rear, ample neck, best of legs and feet, well down in hock, compact body.

2nd McIlwaine and Reynolds, Beneoveor Cant By me love, 7 months, very close up to 1, typy kind head, slightly taller at moment than 1, good forechest, lay of shoulder, neck and topline, moderate angulation front and back,

3rd Baldrys Llon Llanharran Lleuci


PB 4 1a

1st Knowles,  Menstonia Make A Wish, 9 months and needs to have hands on to appreciate her qualities, Balanced head with good eye shape giving a kind expression, ample neck leading into good lay of shoulder, well off for forechest, spring and length of rib,super leg bone, short coupled, strong rear quarters, moved out well with a wagging tail.

2nd Baldrys Llon Llanharran Lleucu, very raw baby at the moment, balanced head, kind dark eye, 3rd in mp, a lot to like about this girl, very raw baby at the moment, balanced head with dark eye and pigmentation, good neck leading to good lay of shoulder, longer cast than 1 at the moment, strong rear quarters, moved true, good feet.

3rd McIlwaine and Reynolds Benoveor Galway Girl.


JB 6 1a

1st Worths, Sarabande Dance To The Rhythm (AI)Kind well balanced head, square muzzle, expressive eye, straight front, fabulous forechest, long clean neck, good lay of shoulder, compact, good angulation front and back, moved out true in super coat and condition.

2nd Westyns, Xena Our Loyal Welsh, lovely 16 month bitch to go over, well balanced head with chiselling, great front assembly, forechest, topline, angulation front and back, good spring and length of rib, everything just flowed, moved well.

3rd Besrs, Amblelight Ophelis


YB 7

1st Wallers, Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow, just over 18 months, feminine but with substance all through, one of the best heads today, kind expressive well shaped eyes, good stop, well chiselled, strong jaw, well arched neck leading into well laid back shoulders, body to leg ratio balanced, excellent front and rear angulation, strong rear quarters, straight well boned legs and thick padded feet. Arched loin, .good tailset. moved out well driving from the rear. loved her, could not deny her the RCC in good company.

2nd Sarabande Dance To The Rythym

3rd Westyns Xene our loyal Welsh



1ST Knowles, Menstonia Make a Wish

2nd Harrisons, Glenbrows Temptress

3rd Dixons, Stedian Stars In Their Eyes



1st Knowles Menstonia Make A Wish

2nd Dixons, Stedigan Stars In Their Eyes,, Good make and shaped bitch, good length and depth of ribs, moved out well in super coat and condition.

3rd baldrys, Llon Llanharran Lleuci



1st Worths, Sarabande Dance To The Rythym (a,i,), 1st as well in junior, great to hear this class win gave her, her last points for her JW

2nd Woodwards Fire N Ice, Typy WSS head, good chiselling, strong muzzle, well off for forechest,

little loose in front today, strong well boned legs, good thick feet, deep long spring of ribs, short coupled, strong rear quarters, moderate bend of stifle, moved out with drive from the rear, with a wagging tail, super temperament.

3rd Barkleys, Cherryheaths Miss Velocity.



All first 5 places could change places on another day

1st Connellys, Ambika Tranquil Spirit For Benmorbry, Compact, Symmetrical, Not Leggy, built for endurance and work, quick and active mover displaying push and drive is the breed standards general appearance of a WSS, this bitch fits this description so well. Not the biggest and flashiest of bitches, but a sound honest typy feminine bitch, cracking feet, worthy winner of a strong class.

2nd Jones's Julita Rumours At Trosley, close up to winner, well balanced head, good stop, kind eye, good front assembly, straight front legs good feet, great depth and spring of ribs, strong rear quarters which she used well on the move, happy girl with a wagging tail.

3rd Lucket Roynons, Solva Ortlinde, slighly stronger bitch all through, well balanced head, good forechest, legs and shoulders, broad strong quarters with good second thigh, such a shame she needs a different handler on the move which makes her lose concentration,



Close decision between first 2

1st Hills Page, Llon Llysiat Hedydd, Balanced head with good chiselling, straight front, moved out well with wagging tail, needs to be gone over to appreciate her virtues

2nd Tews, Pamicks Field Of Dreams, not got her mind on the job in hand today, balanced head, good deep chest, spring and length of rib, well off for bone, balanced leg to body ratio, strong quarters, good tailset.

3rd Bowmans, Amblelight Rose


LIMIT 8 1a

1st Grahams, Ferndel Cover Story About Nyliram JW, balanced head, good chiselling, strong neck leading into good lay of shoulder, well off for forechest, good width over back to quarters, good spring and depth of rib, quick active mover.

2nd Ridges, Stagharth Now Iím Here At Saanu, kind biddable expression, another with good width across back and quarters,, straight front, well boned legs, thick padded feet, strong rear quarters, firm topline, moved well.

3rd Blackfords, Amblelights, Sunglow, very typy WSS, lovely well balanced head, good angulation front and back, good body properties, good legs, great feet, all finished off with a rich red coat.



1st Thomas & Uptons, SH CH Bowdonia Seraphina JW Sh CM, Beautiful bitch from any angle, well shaped and balanced head, kind expressive eye, strong square muzzle, good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, strong topline, arched muscular loin, straight front, best of legs and feet, deep well sprung ribs, strong rear quarters which enabled her to move around the ring true and wth drive, super coat and condition, and a wagging tail CC & BIS

2nd Thomas's Bowdoia Anastasia JW, close up to winner, proportionate head, kind biddable expression, strong square muzzle, straight front, great leg bone and feet, good width acroos chest, back and rear, deep chest, length and spring of rib, moderate angulation front and back, true with a wagging atil, in good coat and condition.

3rd Madelys, Bahri Flaming Star at Maytag, lovely make and shape of bitch, kind expressive head, moderate angulation both ends, lost out to substance of 1 and 2. happy and merry girl.



Super class, splitting hairs, thank you for giving me the honour of getting my hands on these girls.

1st Thomas' SH CH Bowdonia Moment To Shine, 6 year old, well balanced head, kind expression, dark pigmentation, super in forechest, really fills the hands, once again from this kennel best of straight legs and good thick padded feet. strong neck into well laid shoulders, firm topline, strong rear quarters, stylish mover.

2nd Cocking, Barnaby & Tullys SH CH Bushwacker Gregorys Girl At Highclare, slightly stronger made all through, which is why lost out to 1. Has beautiful flowing lines, kind expressive head with good chiselling, very good forechest, depth, length and spring of rib and angulation, strong rear quarters which she used to have free flowing strong active movement.

3rd Frosts, SH CH Bushwacker Something About Mary, pretty feminine head, good width of body, super coat and condition, strong rear quarters moved out true, best of front extension on the move, straight front legs, would just prefer thicker padded feet. Happy girl, worthy Champion.



Great class, what a pleasure to see and go over.

1st Caldwells Cerysan Purely By Chance, love this lady, 12 1\2 years going on 2 1\2, has nobody told this girl how old she is, what a star, true welshie type, happy  active and merry, kind expression, good body properties, straight legs, still the best of feet, moved out true.

2nd Caldwells, Cerysan Pocahontas, daughter to my winner, 9 years old similar remarks apply to 1. lovely kind well balanced head, good body properties, angulation front and back, moved out true coming and going. still lovely rich red coat, happy girl.

3rd Whites, Fiergen Steamy Windows, 7 year old, happy girl, good straight front, great leg bone, depth of chest, front and rear angulation, well let down hocks, moved out well from all angles, good coat and condition.



1st Wallers, Isfryn Lady Godiva at Fireglow

2nd Coopers, Isfryn Lady Grey at Gilstonia, lovely headed bitch with a soft gentle expression, good length of neck, well laid shoulders, straight well boned legs, good shaped and padded feet straight front, deep ribs, good angulation front and back, not as mature as 1 at moment, moved out true.

3rd Bests, Amblelight Ophelia



1st Coopers, Isfryn Lady Grey at Gilstonia

2nd Barkleys, Cherryheaths Miss Chief, 11 years young, old fashioned type, well balanced head kind expression, compact in body with good spring of rib, well boned straight front legs with the best shaped feet with thick pads, moderate angulation front and rear with strong quarters, well let down hocks, in super coat and condition for age.

3rd Smiths Isfryn Hocus Pocus



1st Connolys, Ambika Tranquil Spirit For Benmorbry

2nd Isfryn Hocus Pocus, from a smaller mould than some, balanced head, strong neck, good lay of shoulder, straight front and legs, great feet, short coupled , good depth spring and length of rib, firm topline, ever wagging tail.

3rd whites Fiergen Steamy Windows



1st Caldwells, , Bowdonia Bellisima For Cerysan, very typy balanced head, strong muzzle, well boned straight legs, good feet, great depth, length and spring of rib, moved out well coming and going and in profile using her strong rear quarters, in super rich red coat and condition, happy girl.

2nd Woodwards, Bowdonia Time To Dream, another very typy bitch, good straight legs and front, thick well padded feet, good spring to ribs, short coupled, moved out well although felt it had been a long day waiting for her turn, seen her sparkle and move with more enthusiasm.

3rd Watsons, Welingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark, well balanced head, dark eye, good straight front and legs, short coupled, good angulation front and rear, ever wagging tail, moved OK, strong rear quarters in good condition, unlucky in previous classes with her placings today among strong competition.









I would like to thank the Officers and Committee for inviting me to be Referee and to judging the following classes.


Brace:(4: 0: abs)


1st†††† Caldwell:††††Lovely pair of Welsh Springers, moved so well

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† together, didn't put a foot wrong.


2nd††† Woodward:Moved really well, difficult to choose between 1st and

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 2nd, I felt that Caldwell had that little extra.


3rd†††† Knowles:



Special Breeders Team:


1stThomas:These lovely Welsh Springers stood alone in the class,

†††††††††††††††††††††† but what a gorgeous trio, loved their type, shape and

†††††††††††††††††††††† construction, all moved with drive, shown in excellent coat

†††††††††††††††††††††† and condition.Delighted to see one of them went BIS.




Julie Exall