Thank you to the Committee for inviting me to judge, to the Caterers for the lovely lunch & to my 2 hardworking Stewards - I hope you enjoyed the Isle of Wight biscuits!  This Club always puts on a lovely friendly show and thank you to all the Exhibitors for accepting my decisions gracefully.  Ultimately I was looking for bitches that oozed femininity and males that were without doubt males.  I found wide fronts in quite a few and 1st & 2nd thigh muscles lacking in others.  Some although looking a picture on the stand failed to have that lovely front extension on the move.  All were presented clean & well groomed & all temperaments were good.

VD .2.
1. Finlay’s Cerysan Robert Roy 8 years old and this boy can still show himself off.  Has a good front with well placed shoulders, strong body with good ribbing & well built rear.  Masculine head just starting to show signs of ageing, moving very sound to complete the picture.  Pleased to award him BVIS
2. Bateys Break The Rules At Pegasett, smaller framed than 1 and looking really good for age.  Well balanced in profile with good neck & shoulders.  Lovely angulation in hindquarters but just not moving the best today.

MPD .1.
1. Elliotts Bichere Essex Skipper, Real baby at 7 mths.  Well built with good eye colour and stop, ample neck leading into straight front, nice rear angulation & moved well for one so young, has plenty of time on his side to develop.

PD .3.
1. Davis’s Julita Rutland, Quality puppy from any angle, lovely in head & expression, expressive eyes with chiselling under, nice neck into good shoulders, well ribbed with good bone, strong in loin, good rear angulation & moving very nicely.
2. Wren’s Llon Derwen Dar At Gwynmarren, preferred the winner in head but again a very nice & well presented puppy, balanced in body, good in neck & shoulders, well ribbed & with good quarters.  Moving a little wide in front today.
3. Gough’s Julita Rukester

JD .3.
1. Julita Rutland
2. Bennetts Helgen Romeo The Lover, 14mths old attractive boy, strong in head & foreface with good eye colour, correct bite.  Adequate neck into shoulders, nice angulation, moved confidently, just needs a little more coat to complete the picture.
3. Julita Rukester

SpYD .4.
1. Worth’s Sarabande Man In The Mirror (AI) This young dog surprises, was not a favourite of mine in his puppy career but as he starts to mature it is all coming together.  Masculine head with very nice expression, good eye colour with enough chiselling, super neck into good layback of shoulder, deep body with lovely red colouring, good angulation with a nice bum.  Super condition & well presented as always from this Kennel.
2. Julita Rutland
3. Glynell Jiffy

ND .2.
1. Wright’s Amblelight Solar Flare 2.1/2 years old dog slighter in build but nonetheless has an attractive head & expression, good front & tight feet, looks short in neck but better handling could improve this.  In profile looks nice & rear angulation is good.  Moved enthusiastically just carrying his tail a little proud.
2. Barkley’s Cherryheath Mr Mojito, 2 year old boy unfortunately not really enjoying his day out, head is ok just a little long in foreface but with good eye colour & correct bite, compact body with good ribbing, good bone & substance.  Giving his handler a hard time.

GD .6.(2)
1. Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo, Really liked this boy, lovely in profile with attractive masculine head & body shape.  Very nice neck into layback of shoulder, well built body with good ribs, short in loin, strong behind, tight well padded feet, moving very nicely with his handler.
2. Tubb’s Slapestones Tidal Wave For Alsutu, Glamorous boy well up to size, strong in head, kind in expression & with good eye colour.  Found him a little wide in front.  Good depth of body, well ribbed & with deep red colouring.  Moved soundly & with good front extension & drive.
3. Amblelight Solar Flare

PGD .5.
1. McCanns’s Slapestones Tidal Force, 2 years old boy just coming into his own and one that is much to my liking.   Put down to perfection and looks a picture on the stand.  Compact in appearance with a masculine head slightly domed, dark expressive eyes with correct chiselling under, square muzzle, long neck into sloping shoulders.  Forequarters well boned, straight front  with nicely padded feet.  Good ribs, loin slightly arched, beautiful flat coat in rich red colour.  Faultless movement covering the ground easily. RBD
2. Stone’s Stedigan All In Good Time For Merrem, Quite a different type to the winner of this class and on another day could change places. Solid in outline, truly masculine in head & expression, strong neck into good shoulders with good return of upper arm.  Rear quarters are so strong & so well muscled which he uses to advantage when he moves.  Close decision between 1 & 2.
3. Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

LD .7. (1)
1. Woodham’s Tobermyn Minstrel Boy.  Difficult class to judge as it presented me with several different types.  I liked this boy as overall he is a Welsh that is all male.  So well built throughout with a classic head not overdone in anyway.  Muscular neck, clean in throat, set into good shoulders, strong body & well ribbed, powerful action fore & aft.  Was happy to award him this class.
2. Tew’s Pamicks Believe You Can, Preferred the Winner in head today but this boy has ample neck, good front with tight feet & thick pads, compact body with good ribbing, lovely deep red colour.  Lacking a little in coat, used his good rear quarters to move around the ring with lively tail action.
3. Caldwell & McDowell’s Bowdonia Only The Brave For Cerysan

OD .2.
1. Worth’s Sarabande Perfect Storm (AI)  This 4 years old is now in his prime, first class presentation as always by this Kennel, in super coat & condition.  Such a well balanced head with good eye colour & expression.  He is strong in neck & shoulders with good upper arm angulation, straight front with well padded feet, well ribbed & with slightly arched loin.  Strong rear quarters which he uses oh so well.  At one with his handler.  Well deserving of his RBIS

2. Philipson’s Menstonia Marksman.  Another nice dog built on solid lines, classic head, strong neck, correct shoulder placement, plenty of width & depth of body, good quarters, moved ok.

SpBeginners D. .3. (1)
1. Amblelight Solar Flare
2. Helgen Romeo The Lover

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog .5.
1. Barkley’s Sh.Ch. Cherryheath Mr Mischief. Well made all through with good body proportions, masculine head now starting to look his age.  He is well ribbed with good bone & feet, not quite so positive in movement today.
2. Slapetones Tidal Wave For Altsu
3. Eurion Jasper

VB .2.
1. Thomas’s Sh.Ch. Bowdonia Sweet Dreams . Lovely girl 8 yrs & only just showing slight signs of greying.  Quality bitch & in excellent condition.  Good front, good depth to ribcage, sound on the move keeping her topline
2. Sutherland’s Ch. Julita Rezanella of Jacranella.  Another quality bitch just moving close behind today.  Feminine in head with lovely expression, well built body with strong rear quarters & in good coat

MPB .3.
Lovely class of raw babies, all 3 could change places on another day.
1. Caldwell’s Hallmark Queen Bee For Cerysan.  Well behaved for one so young.  Nice type with pretty head, correct body proportions & well angulated rear.  Good front & tight feet moving loose in front but has time on her side.  Pleased to award her this class.
2. Hankins Haltonian Juliet With Woodelrond.  7 mths old & being a little pickle for her owner.  Good outline overall with well angulated front & rear.  Pleasing head & expression, moved ok when settled.
3. Roland-Shrubb’s Bichere Painted Lady

PB .5.
1. Jones’s Julita Rumours At Trosley.  Very pretty girl at first glance.  Good head, dark eye, pleasing in expression & balance.  Good depth & spring of rib.  Moved out well & happily.
2. Hallmark Queen Bee For Cerysan
3. Haltonian Juliet With Woodelrond

JB .3.
1. Tew’s Pamicks Field Of Dreams.  Quality young lady looking a picture on the stand.  Feminine head, dark eyes & oh so soft an expression, best of neck & shoulders, good bone throughout & presenting a balanced picture & in good coat.  Moving a little wide in front but well deserving of her first place.
2. Julita Rumours At Trosley
3. Solva Matrinka

SpYB. .2.
1. Luckett-Roynon’s Solva Ortlinde  Much preferred this girl to her kennel mate.  Compact body with good topline, well off for bone & substance.  Head of good proportions with lovely eye & chiselling under.  Found her to be clean in neck & shoulders.  she moved out confidently using her tail to good effect.
2. Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean At Hinxwood.  Quite liked this girl too & was splitting hairs with the winner.  Finer in face & body than 1& lacking furnishings to complete the picture but overall presenting a balanced outline.  Liked her head & eye & again clean in neck & shoulders and she moved happily & soundly.

NB .1.
1. Haltonian Juliet With Woodelrond

GB .6.(1)
1. Solva Ortlinde
2. Charles’s Stagarth A Kind Of Magic. Sweet head on this girl with good neck & lay of shoulder.  Good chest with plenty of depth.  Well ribbed with excellent front & rear angulation.  Nit picking would have preferred tighter feet but didn’t detract from the overall picture.  Moved out soundly & with drive
3. Sutherland’s Jacranella Sonata

PGB .2.
1. Sutherland’s Jacranella Serenade.  This bitch for me has the edge over her sister.  A little stronger in head & expression, good body proportions which presented a balanced outline.  She is deep in chest with a straight front & tight well padded feet.  Well ribbed & with good angulation fore & aft, she moved soundly using her tail to advantage.
2. Ridge’s Stagarth Now Im Here At Saanu.  I have judged this bitch before & pleased to see how well she has developed since then. Pretty in head & expression with good eye colour.  Found her a little short in neck but nonetheless presented a pretty picture when standing.  Compact body, good bone & feet, sound & happy on the move.Lovely headed bitch with clean neck & shoulders.  Expression soft & feminine, body well ribbed with good fore chest , legs & feet.  Rear quarters well muscled with good angles.  Lovely deep red colour & strode out with purpose.  
3. Watson’s Wellingerhill Garden Tiger of Hillpark

LB .5.
1. Thomas & Upton’s Bowdonia Seraphina, Lovely headed bitch with clean neck & shoulders, expression soft & feminine, body well ribbed, good fore chest, legs & feet, rear quarters well muscled & with good angulation, lovely deep red colour, strode out with purpose RBB
2. Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony, for me not quite the head of her sister but much of the same attributes apply, clean in neck & shoulders, body well ribbed, good in chest with well boned legs & tight feet, correct angles fore & aft which enabled her to move effortlessly around the ring.
3. Watson’s Wellingerhill Garden tiger of Hillpark

OB .5.
1. Leary’s Sh.Ch. Menstonia Minty At Haslemount.  Have judged this bitch before & admired her ringside on several occasions.  Now 4 years old she has only improved with age.  Classic & oh so feminine head with lovely expression & kind dark eyes.  Well balanced with nice neck & shoulders, deep well ribbed body with good bone & feet.  nothing overdone in any way.  Excellent breed type & quality bitch from any angle.  Sound positive movement won her this class with ease.  BB & BIS
2. Thomas’s Bowdonia Anastasia, Another quality bitch 2 years old and one which
impressed.  Super head with kind dark eyes & chiselling under, neck & shoulders good, straight front, well ribbed with depth to her ribcage.  Good quarters which she used to move out with drive & purpose.  Again lovely presentation.
3. Caldwell’s Bowdonia Bellisima for Cerysan

Sp.Beginners B. 2.
1. Stagarth A Kind Of Magic
2. Haltonian Juliet with Woodelrond

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch .3.(1)
1. Julita Rumours At Trosley
2. Wellinghill Garden Tiger Of Hillpark

Working dog/bitch .3.
I will critique 1st & 2nd together as they are owned by the same exhibitor.  ‘Working Dog’ is what the class called for & I can see that both these ‘little bums’ are capable of busying themselves in the field all day long.  Enough coat that they would be capable of going in & out of dense undergrowth without problem, both well muscled throughout & able to do a hard days graft! 1st is Smith’s Isfryn Hocus Pocus who ultimately for me is the better of the two, more balanced & with better head & completing the picture in finer clothes than her kennel mate. 2nd is Isfryn Lickety Split, not so together as her kennel mate but so well muscled & well built all through, she earned her second place easily, 2 fabulous ‘working girls’!
3rd. Barkley’s Cherryheath Miss Chief JW

Sp. New Members .1.
1. Bichere Essex Skipper

Brace .6.
What a fabulous class & what great control these exhibitors had over their charges.  I didn’t move them too much as by now the heat in the room was a little uncomfortable but all were well deserving of a place.
1. Woodham’s Brace. so well controlled, never put a foot wrong, 2 great looking Welshies
2. Roland-Shrubb’s Brace.  Looking a picture together, well done!
3. Sutherland’s Brace

Pat Salt (Judge)

Special Awards


Firstly, I would like to thank the South Eastern Welsh Springer spaniel club for their hospitality and giving me the opportunity to judge at such a prestigious show. The quality of my entries was extremely high and as a result my decisions were made very difficult and some great dogs went unplaced. I would like to thank the exhibitors for their entries and accepting my placings with great sportsmanship.

Special award Junior dog or bitch-

1st- Jones Julita Rumours at Trosley

Very feminine well put together bitch. Good head with beautiful expression and ample chiselling. Long neck leading to well laid back shoulders. Chest well filled with good return of upper arm. Strong hindquarters which allowed for powerful profile action on the move. Should have a bright future.  

2nd Tew’s Pamick’s Field of Dreams

Another very promising bitch who really pushed for first place. Many of the same qualities of the winner. Presents a balanced compact outline. Nice ground covering action on the move. However preferred front movement and head of winner.

Special award post graduate dog or bitch-

1st- Brown’s Bowdonia Ozzie

A dog I have admired from the ringside for some time and on examination he does not disappoint. Masculine head with nice dark eye. Nice long neck into sloping shoulders. Strong and muscular fore and hindquarters. Ample bend of stifle into well let down hocks. Effortless profile action with clean fore and aft movement. Just needs to develop in chest to complete the picture.

2nd Sutherland’s Jacranella Solo

Good head with lovely expression. Deep set and well filled brisket. Well boned and muscular fore and hindquarters. Moved well. Just felt the winner presented a more balanced body to leg ratio.

Special award open dog or bitch-

1st Thomas’ Bowdonia Anastasia JW

Another great example of the breed which I have come to expect from this kennel. A feminine bitch with a beautiful head and expression. Lovely dark eye. Strong and muscular neck into well laid back shoulders. Sufficient return of upper arm and bend of stifle which give her a very balanced outline. Excellent ground covering action on the move.

2nd Sutherland’s Jacranella Symphony

Very pretty bitch with much of the same qualities as the winner which made the decision very tough. Presents a very balanced and compact outline. Good angles fore and aft. Deep in chest with well sprung ribs. Loin muscular and slightly arched. Just not as enthusiastic on the move as I would have liked.

Ashleigh Frost