Spring Walk 2007......


We all gathered in beautiful sunshine at lunch time around the Cricketers pub - some ate pub grub in the pub garden, others picnicked at the edge of the cricket pitch.


At about 1.30pm everyone assembled for the mandatory pre-walk photo call (by my count there were 23/24 Welshies ready for their walkies - they kept moving, hence only a rough count).  The usual pep talk was given and we moved off along the lane, past the duck pond and the entrance to the golf club and up to the A30.  Fortunately the traffic was kind enough to stop and let us across. Just a short walk past some cottages, then up the alley-way to the common.


Fortunately the ground on the heath was dry and the dogs all enjoyed scampering around and getting to know each other.  There is always one, of course, who has to disappear - my Freja was first this time unfortunately, (well, the ducks on the pool just over there HAD to be put up and if no one else was going to do it, then Freja just had to!) - and so the first wet dog of the walk.


The walk continued along a sparsely wooded track which was pretty boggy in the dip and the shade - lots more wet (and muddy) dogs. There were more opportunities to get wet crossing a small stream and across another low lying area, where there are duck-boards for walkers and deep muddy puddles for dogs.  Not long after this, we came to the river, which was crossed by a foot bridge and into a field occupied by a bull, some heifers and calves !  The warning notice said “Beware Bull” (but most of us had already noticed him - he was BIG). Fortunately he was also docile. With all dogs on leads we walked carefully across the field on the footpath and all the cattle did was

look.  Phew!


From there it was just a short walk to the pony paddocks (no excitement walking through there) and to the river again where there was much splashing, some swimming and a brief rest before the final leg of the walk.


Once back in the village of Hartley Wintney, it was on to the Methodist Church Hall for tea and cakes (thank you everyone who brought along a donation of food).  We must also not forget to thank Thelma Cox for arranging for us to use the hall for our tea (even though there was another event going on in the Church).


All in all a very pleasant way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon - thank you everyone for coming.


                                                                                                                                                                                       Ruth Waller