1.         These regulations must be observed when a dog is prepared for exhibition and/or exhibited at any Kennel Club Licensed event.  Objections may be referred to the General Committee for disciplinary action under these Show Regulations and/or disciplinary action under Kennel Club Rule A42.

            (a) a dog found to have been exhibited in breach of these Regulations will automatically be disqualified from exhibition at the show and from any award gained thereat.

            (b) Unless the exhibitor provides a satisfactory explanation for the dog being exhibited in breach of these Regulations then he/she may be subject to further penalties of either a fine or as listed under Rule A42.

2.         (a) No substance which alters the natural colour, texture or body of the coat may be present in the dog’s coat for any purpose at any time during the show.  No substance which alters the natural colour of any external part of the dog may be present on the dog for any purpose at any time during the show.

            (b) Any other substance (other than water) which may be used in the preparation of a dog for exhibition must not be allowed to remain in the coat at the time of exhibition.

3.         No act or operation which alters the natural conformation of a dog or any part thereof may be performed except:-

            (a) Operations certified to the satisfaction of the General Committee.

            (b) The removal of dew claws of any breed.

            © Operations to prevent breeding provided that such operations are notified to the Kennel Club before neutered dogs are shown.

            Nor must anything be done calculated in the opinion of the General Committee to deceive.

4.         The General Committee without previous notice may order an examination of any dog or dogs at any show.  Any examination thus ordered will be made by a person having executive authority who shall have a written directive from the K.C. in their possession.  Samples may be taken for further examination and analysis.

5.         An individual has the right to lodge an objection to a dog only if he/she is the owner or handler of a dog competing in the same breed or class.  An objection may however, be lodged by an official of the show or any anyone so deputed by the Kennel Club.  It will be the responsibility of the individual who lodges the objection or the official (as appropriate) to substantiate the grounds for the objection.  The Kennel Club will substantiate the grounds for an objection made on its behalf.

6.         Any objection by an individual related to an infringement of these Regulations must be made in writing to the Show Secretary at his/her office before the close of the Show & the individual must produce evidence of identity at the time of lodging the complaint.