You could probably say that our Bournemouth Camping this year was a mixed bag weatherwise.  It was beautiful sunshine when we all arrived and set up – about 21 units this year – and luckily it remained fine and warm for the Murder Mystery and supper on the Saturday evening, but the rains came overnight on Tuesday night and the units who had stayed on awoke to about 3 inches of rain in the awnings – with the exception of Janice who miraculously remained comparatively dry – the downside being that this meant we all congregated in her awning in the evenings from then on as ours were unusable!  Gordon had a river running through his awning and decided to move his caravan, lots of ‘sploshing’ around carrying various pieces of equipment to his new ‘abode’ in the pouring rain! Following this day the weather remained mostly fine(ish) but we never did get the chance to dry out properly, this did not reduce the enjoyment of good company and excellent ‘games’ afternoons and boozy evenings for those determined souls who remained for the whole week! We WILL be back next year – we are suckers for punishment it seems!  Thanks once again Sandra for all your work to ensure that we all had a great time, it is much appreciated.