Message from the Chairman and Committee

After much deliberating the committee of the S.E.W.S.S.C. has unanimously decided to cancel the 2 remaining club events of this year.The club walk will not take place in September and the October championship show is cancelled too. We do not believe that we could guarantee current COVID-19 regulations and in the case of the show we are uncertain of the availability of the venue.

We have been very busy drawing up exciting plans for 2021 and these will include a May championship show to replace the lost October championship show. The Kennel Club is allowing breed clubs to apply for a second championship show in 2021 if, like us, they have had to cancel in 2020. So 2021 will be busy for the club with 2 Ch.shows in May and October. All other events, including the 2 Open shows, are in the planning stage and I will put further details on here once they become available.

We are hoping to produce an Autumn Newsletter 2020 and if you have any stories of you and your dogs in lockdown,I am sure our editor, Janice Lansley, would love to hear from you.

Keep safe,

Steve Pick, Chairman SEWSSC on behalf of the committee.