Club History



The inaugural meeting of the South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club was held on 1st June 1986 at Godstone, Surrey. The idea for a Club specifically for the South East was the brainchild of Brian Williams and many exhibitors who chatted around the show ring, and thought that perhaps a Regional Club would assist to get classes for Welsh Springers in the area and would also promote the breed locally.

Brian spent many hours contacting people around the area and interest in a Club was canvassed. Finally the inaugural meeting took place and the response was very good with 23 attending, and a further 22 sending written support; from which Officers and a Committee were formed. Rules of the Club were formulated, the name agreed and Subs paid – the Club was ‘off the ground’.

Brian wrote in an article in our 10th Anniversary Booklet .... ‘I must express my sincerest thanks to all the founder members and supporters for giving me one of my greatest thrills in seeing the Club come into life and the progress it has made over the years. I am not surprised to hear from all sorts of doggy people that the SEWSSC is one of the best organised and friendly clubs on the circuit. The support and entries at the shows etc are proof enough of that!’

The first informal Committee meeting was held in September 1986, but the Club did not then have Kennel Club recognition, this arrived in August 1987.

The first venture attempted, was a Welsh Springer Match judged by Ann Findlay, followed by a celebratory party, in December 1987. This well supported and much enjoyed event was followed by a Limited Show in January 1988. Over 60 dogs were entered under Mr Peter Chandler, BIS going to Geoff Pendleton’s, Littleton Mr Thomas. The first Open Show followed in March 1988 with a super entry of 100 dogs for judge Don Nicholls, BIS going this time to Kay and Mel Bryant’s Twm Shon Catti. The second Open Show was held in October and by that time many generous people had provided a splendid array of cups to be won. Pride of place here must go to the O’Matherne Cup for Best in Show, originally presented to the WSSC in 1933, it was won outright by the late Harold Newman (Pencelli) who wished it to be used for a club in the South should one ever be formed. We are grateful to him and everyone else who have provided the Club with such wonderful trophies for all our events over the years.

Since that first year the Club has gone from strength to strength, the venues for the shows have changed as the original ones were outgrown, and finally the Club gained Championship status, and our first Championship Show was held at The Mole Barn, Leatherhead Leisure Centre, on October 11th 1992 judged by Mrs Dodo Hunton-Morgans (dogs) and Mrs Anne Walton (bitches), BIS going to Mansel Young with Sh Ch Wainfelin Gelli Fawr.

The Club prides itself on providing ‘something for everyone’. We have held Fun Days in Ringmer, and East Hoathly, and also in Maldon in Essex, these are always well supported and thoroughly enjoyed by all our members. The ‘annual’ walk has now grown to a Spring and an Autumn Walk which are attended by around 30 Welsh Springers on each occasion. We have held Judging Seminars and now have an annual Working Test held in Kent in May.

Membership of the Club grows year by year and is renewable annually in January. Application is open to all Welsh Springer enthusiasts wherever they may live. Advice on problems, or anything regarding the Welsh Springer Spaniel is freely available to all Members at all times.

We exist for the conservation of the Welsh Springer Spaniel first and foremost, as well as the pleasure of our Members. If you are a lover of the breed PLEASE JOIN US!